Since Sep 8, 2001

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FReeper since the Summer of '98. I re-signed up with my more appropriate handle on September 8th, 2001. 'Types_with_Fist' IS a take on 'Stands with a Fist' from the movie "Dances with Wolves." The name is more of a take on my passion about certain things, rather than a deep love of the movie (although I DO enjoy that film).

… Son of God first, American second, a loving and devoted husband and father of three always.

An old fart who remembers much of the past I hope we are not "condemned to repeat."

The greatest Americans, IMHO...John Adams, George Patton, Ronald Reagan, to name but a few. I wish John Wayne were still around to take out the bad guys.

I believe in constructive debate without name-calling or denigrating insults (although I am guilty of slipping on occassion in the face of this treatment). I hope you that you enjoy this amazing forum as I do.