Since Oct 11, 2007

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Vocabulary and Detestations

Big Media: Coalescence of all media into one global anti-American cabal since enactment of the Telecommunications Act of 1996

Fraud(Co): Everything about Barack Hussein Obama must be assumed to be a lie; The Fraud was never eligible to be POTUS; All members of the 2009-2017 US House of Representatives’ All who call Jerusalem “al qudz”

Hussein Head: #neverTrump freeper who believes that the Fraud never told a lie unless absolutely necessary, and is “probabkly a US citizen”

FReak: Hussein Head at Free Republic who generally agrees with whatever Big Media excretes, especially if not DIRECTLY related to politics

Hussein Head: Believes that not only is the Fraud eligible for POTUS, but so is Rafael Edward Cruz, and sons and daughters of foreign terrorists and US spouses, and “NBC is an outdated concept”

FR Fascists and Bullies: Boomer, DoodleDawg, Darth Vader, Hot Tobasco, lodi90, Mrs. Don-o, NautiNurse, Responsibility2nd, Syncro, teeman8r, TexasGator, more listed as they attack and expose themselves