Since Oct 11, 2007

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Vocabulary and Detestations

Big Media: Coalescence of all media into one global anti-American cabal since enactment of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 (for the Children) to allow single ownership of more than ten media outlets.

Cruzbot: Supporter at Free Republic of ineligible Rafael Cruz for POTUS

Fraud(Co): Everything published about Barack Hussein Obama must be presumed to be a lie. He was never eligible to be POTUS; All who supported and worked for the Fraud, including the entire 2009-2017 US House of Representatives; All who call Jerusalem "al qudz".

FReak: Hussein Head at Free Republic who generally agrees with whatever Big Media excretes, especially when seemingly not directly related to politics.

Hussein Head: Supporter of the Fraud who believes he never told a lie except perhaps when absolutely necessary, that he is “probably a US citizen”, “Kamala Harris is eligible for POTUS”, and/or “the Electoral College is an outdated concept”.

#neverTrumper: Cruzbots and FReaks who believe almost any other 2016 Republican POTUS candidate would have been more “consistently conservative” than Donald Trump

Celebrity #neverTrumpers who pretend to be conservative: Ben Gleck (his supporters prefer Glenn Beck), Megyn Kelly

FReaks who will not allow #neverTrump Megyn Kelly to be insulted, and will bully me if I do: bigbob, Brown Deer, Elsie, stickpirate

FR Fascists and Bullies: Boomer, DoodleDawg, Darth Vader, Hot Tobasco, lodi90, Mrs. Don-o, NautiNurse, Responsibility2nd, Syncro, teeman8r, TexasGator, USFRIENDINVICTORIA, more listed as they attack and expose themselves