Since Sep 14, 2000

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Just to let every one know my reserve duty is not (now finished) LOL

44 years of age British citizen/subject

Liberal by nature Conservative by Experience

sometimes would like to smack three kinds out of some here who annoy me. I find the most intelligent American freepers are Military or ex Military, they dont have such a narrow view on life because they have got out there and experienced it.

More a the glass if half full type of chap rather than a the glass is half empty

Ex military over 20 years in uniform both regular and reservist, experienced in fighting Terrorists/Insurgents in North Ireland, a nameless country in Africa, also was involved in Bosnia 1993/4. And again in Kosovo, and lastly Iraq

19th Regiment Royal Artillery based in Dortmund during the fun days of the Cold War

29 Commando Regiment plymouth also during the Cold War tasked for Norway also part of ACE.

Reserve duty as part of the TA

Software Developer

Interests politics foreign affairs, Balkans and the Middle East.

I have served in many theatres including North Ireland, Africa , and the Balkans and recently Iraq.

Mel Gibsons film the patriot was a pile of cr*p, loved it when the British officer while wounded run Mel Gibsons all American priggish son through with a sword.