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Since Jan 31, 1998

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I've been a Freeper since 1996 (not 1998) back when Matt Drudge used to maintain a Free Republic link on his web page. Both FR and Drudge transformed the way I received my news; Drudge continues to be my homepage and FR is one of the primary sites I consult for my news each day. I feel somewhat privileged to have know about about Drudge and FR before they were on the internet map.

I'm also a trained aerospace engineer (meaning, Yes, I'm an actual rocket scientist) with 25 years working in the defense industry. I haven't any military background but I've spent a lifetime working for and dedicating my life to our nation's freedom, security, and military preparedness. I founded my company in 2008 and have been enjoying the freedom of being an entrepreneur ever since.

I live with my wife and three children in North County San Diego; we have been here 16 years and find that San Diego is the last decent part of California that is on a coastline. San Francisco, Los Angeles, and all of coastal Northern California from SF to Oregon can fall into the ocean for all I care.

The first ten years of our marriage were in Northern California's Bay Area, and as tradtional Christians my wife and I felt more and more out of touch. Moving to San Diego was the best decision we ever made.

That's advice to you Freepers who don't like the traffic or politics of your current home. Choose your future home and find a way to get there.

My oldest is a junior in college at present, in Northern California. My middle child, my son, is headed off to college in Autumn 2013 in the Southeast. My youngest is in 8th grade.

In my spare time I love to go offroading in my Jeep Wrangler. The trails and jeep roads in San Diego county and elsewhere in Southern California are fantastic. Those whom are further interested can consult my blog:

Posing with my jeep, carrying a full load, headed into the Santa Rosa Mountains, October 2012