Titan Magroyne
Since Jun 18, 2004

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IIRC, there is another FReeper who uses the name 'Titan' as part of their handle. No relation. I am sure we would both appreciate it if folks would not get us confused. :o)

Female, mid-30s, atheist in the Bible Belt (no doubt a point of great shame to my mother), single, proudly owned by a mutt named Olive, Xena the black lab and an attitudinous (Is there any other kind?) kitty named Pearl.

USMC 2811 (Telephone/Switchboard Repairman) 86-90

Proud as hell of the young Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Coasties and Civvies who support them.

Surprised at just how Conservative I have become since 9/11, as I was not very political-minded prior to that.

Embarrassed that the Clintons served (themselves) as the Representatives of this country for 8 years and continue to garner media adulation every time they open their mouths and/or zippers. Thank you to Jim Rob and all Freepers for making this the place that it is. This is where I've been lurking for news, my only regular source, for 1 or 2 years now.

While I put off registering due to certain philosophical differences, I finally felt compelled to make my lurking official now that I'm already posting at another political forum under this handle. Please bear with me while I learn. Thank you for reading and may your God be with you.