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After a loooong hiatus, I'm back at it! I stopped checking around the whole immigration debacle, and I'm hoping heads have cooled off here.

I call Grand Rapids home.

I can only access the 'net for a few hours a day, so if I don't respond to you quickly, that's why.

A General Note on Arguments:
I try not to dismiss arguments based on anyone's personal views. However, I do ask that your arguments be backed up by facts. I will not accept supporting facts from sources like WorldNetDaily or NewMax unless they are supported by other sources.

I try to stay out of any thread dealing with immigration. The majority of posters in those thread aren't open to any debate on this issue. In my humble opinion, enforcement-only is not a good approach. Probably about the only thing that will make the border totally safe would be to make the 50 miles on the other side totally uninhabitable. Therefore, other alternatives to ways to curtail illegal immigration should be explored, and not simply dismissed out of hand.

Also, if I post something you disagree with, explain why and provide reasons. Do not simply post something along the lines of "OMFG U BUSHBOT!" I try to become as informed as possible before posting my opinions, and there are few things I find more offensive then somebody saying I hold these opinions because someone else told me to.

I also feel obliged to mention that Roy Moore is no hero and shouldn't be elected/appointed to anything. He basically gave a higher court the finger when it told him to do something. While the ruling was flawed in my opinion, the rule of law still applies to everyone in this country.


(By the way, kudos to anyone who knows why I end each post with the letters "MGY")
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