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"I Had an Abortion" [Mega-Barf]

'Honey, You Repel Me': AdviceFor Couples in a Sexless Marriage

'With my own body I would stop him'

10 days, nothing to show


America's Re-education Camps

Are children deliberately 'dumbed down' in school? {YES!!!}

Are you being watched online?

Beijing 'front' companies spying on U.S.

Best Colleges in the US

Bush Says Will Honor Vow to Cut Nuclear Weapons

Bush Should Fire Colin Powell

Bush to Slash the US Nuclear Arsenal (by 2/3's)Unilateral Insanity! (Russia&China's Nukes Increase)

Choosing a college

Classical Vs. Modern Education

Clinton's Determined Drive For More Power

Complete County by County Election 2004 Map - FR Imput Needed

Deliberately dumbing us down (Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt's, "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America"i

Expert: Terrorists Seek ‘Mass Casualties’ of ‘Unprecedented Scale’

Federal Court Holds Social Worker Bound by Fourth Amendment

Film Company to Bring "Atlas Shrugged" to the Screen

Firewall Question - (win ME) - Explorer wants to connect to net? Why?

Firewall Questions

How the Schools Shortchange Boys - In the newly feminized classroom, boys tune out.

Iran Group Canvasses for Suicide Bombers

It is Time to Declare War

John Kamm's Third Way (China)

Most scientific papers are probably wrong

New test can diagnose Alzheimer's

Patton: The Speech (Caution Adult Language) (Thread II)

Pentagon Plans on Dismantling All MX Missiles

Personal News from my Best Friend presently in Camp Anaconda

Question? How Did Schools Get Where They Are Today?

Regarding Freeper Obit. TrappedInLiberalHell and Depression

Rush Limbaugh: Radical Environmentalism Attacks American Values (One of Rush's Best Ever!)


Simplified Antibiotic recommendations for prevention of Anthrax/ Biological Warfare bugs

Space Shuttle Columbia Will Be Visible In San Francisco Area (6AM Pacific)

Statement of Andy Kerr, Senior Counselor on Klamath Falls

TEXT: Bush Calls For Nuclear Cuts, Missile Defense Development

The challenge of distilling Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged"

Tightening the screws

Who Lost China's Internet?