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'Tax on a Tax' Slams Middle Class

(Lower) Lauer Hates Laura

*** FReeper Photo Album ***

****Bush's approval rating rebounds****

America is on the way back to ZOT!

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Back to the 80s: Get thee to a DeLorean!!

Ballparks Filled With Flags, Tributes and Tears as Baseball Resumes After Attacks

Best Albums of the 80's

Best Colleges in the US

Bias Photo

Bill Kristol's Paranoia

Bonilla under fire in House race

Britney approves of Bush! (sorta)

Buffalo Goes Snow-Free in November

Bush comes back to return Marine's salute

Bush Team Feared ENRON Aid

Bush Tells Europe It Is Time To Repay Debt To America

BYU "Released" From BCS Bowl Consideration

Calling all Texas Freepers - VOTE IN RUNOFF TODAY! Help needed to defeat a RINO

CNN Chief Courts GOP - (LAUGH BREAK!!)

CNN News Anchor: Bush Admin Bigs Choosing Fox over CNN

CNN'S PLAN B: Isaacson to Ignore Murdoch’s Hungry Foxes

Congressman Ortiz forces Navy to award $12 million contract to minority firm (Only two bids)

Congressman Ortiz forces Navy to award $12 million contract to minority firm (Only two bids)

Democrats Dream Of Gains in Texas (Will the RAT Dream Team beat the GOP in 2002 ?)

Democrats Search for Election Issue - [To no avail]

Do You Own a Truck..?

Doctors close offices in protest

Don't Mess With Texas

Don't Throw Out Those Videotapes - Converting VHS Tapes to CDs, DVDs Involves More Crash Than Burn


Fifth Edition of the Lexicon of FreeRepublic * * A helpful FR dictionary for newcomers * *

Former Texas attorney general, Dan Morales, makes surprise entry into governor's race

Fox News Channel Said Unbalanced

Fox News Channel Said Unbalanced

Fox Overcomes CNN

FOX vs. CNN (Which has smarter and better looking girls)

Free Republic and Jim Robinson's Finances

Freeper Help: I want to buy a truck.

Freeper Lingo Thread (the history and meening of 'Freepisms' including pictures)


Girly-Man Weathercaster Freaks On Air When Cockroach Crawls Across His Leg

Global Crossing

Global Crossing

God Bless the USA! This one is for you Vets and are new Prez!!!!

GOP’s front office wooing ex-Redskin star Darrell Green

Gov. Davis Asks Bush to Waive Clean Air Rules in California

hillary and Arafat

How we can crush the RATs for the next decade

HTML Sandbox


I plan to buy a new car in 2001. Let's see "made in USA" or not?

Is Queen Sheila Jackson Lee White Trash?

Lance Armstrong Honored at White House

Laredo: Flagpole touted as tallest in U.S. to be dedicated today

Map of Republican America

Media Criticism of Bush Abounds

Military finds refreshing change with new commander in chief

Millionaires for the estate tax


Mr. President, Meet the Price of Darkness [Ozzy Osbourne]

Of Thee I Sing.

Pat Cadell - Old School Democrat

Perry, Sanchez to debate tonight

President Bush signed law that has daughters in trouble

PRODUCT REVIEW: Say goodbye to annoying pop-up ads

Protesting Your Property Taxes in Texas

Pssst! Want to Do Away With Your Period?

Questions raised about Sanchez military record in TX

Rise of Fox puts CNN in strange No. 2 role

Ron Kirk winning in Texas

Ron Kirk winning in Texas

Ronald Reagan's "A Time For Choosing"

Rush will be interviewing Benjamin Netanyahu later on his show about terrorism

Saturday Morning Cartoons Are Dying Off

Some Investors Protest Clinton's Speech at Florida Conference W/phone calls from customers irate

South Texas Could Be Bush's Vieques Answer

Spaninsh Debate

Stocks Slide Again Friday, Giving DOW Worst-Ever Weekly Point Drop

Texas 45 OU 12. Sooners are Deeply Saddened

Texas Democrats Vote in Primary

Texas Doctors Close Offices, Picket to Protest Skyrocketing Malpractice Claims

Texas-Mexico water war boils over

The CROSSFIRE is it a Bust?

The Donkey in the Living Room (The Democrats want to steal the election. Why isn't that news? )

The Most Biased Name in News - Fox News Channel's extraordinary right-wing tilt (GAG)

The Press in Time of War: How things have changed since September 11 (Fred Barnes)

This is Texas

TV Is For The Good Looking (Rush's Take On Weather Channel Info Babes And HDTV Perfection Alert)

TX Republican Proposes State Property Tax


What the Liberals fear, and why they hate Bush so.



Why Didn't The White House Challenge Joe Wilson Head On?

Why does the GOP Keep Lott ?

Why the Press Irks the GOP (And Conservatives)

Why White Men Prefer Asian Women

Working Hard, Doing Less, Less than Excited about Bush's Tax Plan (BARF & Laugh Alert Big Time!)