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Since Nov 12, 2002

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Risk surrounds almost anything worth having......

Original Graphic Art "Clover Bone" (for my friend Jef)

My first group (circa 1979)

The SISU kid

My silence was meant as a shield, not a weapon
To break it now would only wound you more
By not wanting to hurt you
I’ve failed in both responsibilities

The longing in my heart
Is equaled only by the confusion in my head
Neither one subsides long enough
To let me make sense of either

Your wants and needs are genuine
Your love is true and bold
The blame falls squarely on me
And I may have indeed figured out

That what you need is Home

You need home, I need alone
You need me, I need to be set free
You will persist, exhausting all avenues
I will resist, as cherry red turns to blue

Time will tell, our story will unfold
Like the artists’ hands, our love to mold
A passion fired in the kiln
Glazed by desire
Filled with the fruits

As you find home
And I’m left suspended in purgatory

Love knows no reason
Love knows no lies
Love has no season
Love has no eyes,
Yet, Love is not blind,
Love sees but does not mind

The SISU kid

I sit watching the second hand
silently lap the minutes by
forging the hours that cool into a day
as a foundation of weeks are laid

Set upon them columns of months
as the trestles of years support
the passage of my life

The Loco set into motion on a predestined track

The only way to alter the path, is to derail

The SISU kid out on patrol

Piloting the 49' CLOUD IX

Sunset on the Harbor

What I consider my backyard & playground

Quid Rides?
Mutato Nomine,
de te fabula narratur....

Think For Yourself.
Convictions Cause Convicts.
The Conclusion You Jump To May Be Your Own.
The Pun is Mightier then the Sword.
Truth: If its not one thing its another.
Reality: It all depends on how you look at it.
The Enlightened take things Lightly.
No Two Equals are the Same.
Tis an ill wind that blows no minds.
Is the thought of a Unicorn a Real Thought?
Curb Your Dogma.
Remember, there are true sides to every story.
There is no Spork.

My Favorite FReepers,
in NO particular ODOR (if you find yourself on this list it is because you posted something that either;
1)made me laugh
B) smile & ponder the relevance of my own existence
4) blush, think, sigh, dream, wet my britches
or E) all of the above:
Allegra; AnOldCowhand; ApplegateRanch; Beagle8U; Berlin_Freeper; BerthaDee; carlr; chulaivn66; Conspiracy Guy; Clemenza; cyborg; cyclotic; dblshot; Deaf Smith; diverteach; DogByte6RER; Dog Gone; Erasmus; EX52D; exile; ExpatGator; feinswinesuksass; Graybeard58; gridlock; hattend; Hi Heels; HitmanNY; Howlin; Huntress; InvisibleChurch; Joe 6-pack; ken5050; longtermmemmory; Lazamataz; Lurker; Maximus of Texas; MikeinIraq; Miss Behave; motormouth; Mr. K; najida; Oberon; PaulaB; pissant; P-40; Rakkasan1; rbookward; Redcloak; RepoGirl; Roscoe Karns; r-q-tek86; rzeznikj at stout; safeasthebanks; salamander; savedbygrace; silverleaf; Skooz; Slings and Arrows; Slip18; Snardius; teenyelliott; TheBigB; TheKidster; The_Victor; thoughtomator; Xenalyte

Dashing Dasher;Fierce Allegiance; missyme;mother22;PatrickHenry;peacebaby; stnkewon;thag;

Live a balanced life- learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some

Retired taglines:

Imagination saved us from extinction
You may someday be killed by your own firearm, but they should have to beat you to death with it because it's out of ammo
You can't beat the disease by treating the symptom
I have seen the future (but I signed a nondisclosure)
I ain't as good as I once was, But I'm as good, once, as I ever was
Think of me what you will, I've found a little void to fill
Defiantly coloring outside the lines since 1964
If you need to ask, you don't deserve to know
No man is an Island, but at times we can all be sandbars
Two wrongs don’t make a right…..but three lefts do
Don’t worry about it all ending today, It’s already tomorrow across the International Date Line
Every now and then you gotta be the swizzle stick in the cocktail of life
When dogma enters the brain, all intellectual activity ceases
Sometimes it seems like I’m the only one in the landing party NOT wearing a red uniform
All I ever really needed to know, I learned at band camp
When you eliminate the Father, you’ll find Big Brother waiting in the wings
We're all on this sphere to revel together in the bond of our collective lunacy
A kite flies highest agianst the wind, but it's always connected to a string


Held hostage thru the blackmail of my own virtue
In the silence of sleepless nights
And the agony of endless days
I languish to possess something
That is so near, yet somehow beyond my reach

No longer shall I sacrifice
justice to mercy
independence to unity
reason to faith
wealth to need
self-esteem to self-denial
happiness to duty

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