Since Apr 8, 1998

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Married, no children, born and raised in Texas. Still a resident of that great state. I worked as an insurance investigator for many years. Now in early retirement (very early) I am able to do the things I really like. I taught myself computer graphic design and computer art. I also spend a great deal of time painting, I especially like to paint New England style folk art and animals and birds. I am also learning to use an air brush. I am happy to be a homemaker now and spend a lot time making our home in the green and rolling chalk hills of Texas warm and cozy. Of course I am a political junkie too. And I like doing Catholic apologetics. p>

Favorite Movies: The Godfather I&II, Empire of the Sun, The Last Emperor, Barry Lyndon, Amadeus, Giant, Zulu, Alien, Matrix, The Others, Gigi and The King and I.

Favorite Music: Classical, Celtic, boys choirs, music of the middle ages, anything by John Williams. Least favorite: Jazz, Metal.

Favorite Books: The Passion of the Western Mind, The Egyptian, Watership Down, Father Elijah, Dune.