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Conservative female Native MDer! In Central and on the "younger" side, no less! Who'da thought?

Lutheran with a good deal of Catholic influence (and sympathy).

Child of the '80s, and that includes the "Reagan era" part of it! I like the "new" phraseology - proud part of "Generation Reagan"! (I walked by his casket in the Rotunda June 10, 2004.)

I used to work as a mechanical engineer, but now am a full-time mother of a young boy. He's in school so trying again to get back to engineering. For now, I am a tutor at college.

I'm a person who can't get enough of a lot of things; intellectually restless, I guess. I enjoy soaking up information and discussing it is nice, too. I love things like cars (old preferred), horse-racing, dogs (German Shepherds by far), grave sites, American Revolution & federal era, military history and American history, technological history, history generally (can you tell by now), coins, old movies, music of almost all kinds (except rap/heavy metal and that pretentious fringe stuff). I'm interested in *a lot* of things, at least topically if not in-depth (e.g, my horse-racing data collection). Sometime I actually forget things I really like because there's too much sometimes. Not to mention the fact I like to talk politics, but preferably w/my conservative comrades. My temper is pretty hot and I've lost patience w/liberal thinking - or rather, hearing the same arguments and having to make the same arguments!

Not-so-intellectual things I like: dancing, bowling, biking, billiards would like to try more.

Easier to say what I don't like/care for: couldn't care less about art (altho I appreciate *real* art; I do like to draw), don't like any silly pretentious senseless-danger activities (rock-climbing, bungee-jumping, the like), never drink (thinking of taking up smoking just to upset the liberals), couldn't care less about Italian and don't like Mexican/Chinese food (OK, I'm steak&pototoe American and the most exotic for me is MD crabs and barbecue!), and really couldn't care less about foreign cars; I'll take big American cars any day, esp. when they're handsome. ;-) As already mentioned I don't like heavy metal/punk/rap, that type of "music", as a rule.

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Former President of the Coalition to Protect MD Burial Sites; see the site .

Acid-reflux disease (GERD) 2006, ulcerative colitis 2006, plantar fasciosis/itis 2009 (my fault). Appendiceal tumor (gigantic) removal with hemicolectomy 2013; pulmonary embolism resulting 2013-2014. Breast cancer 2016, 2021.

Sister had Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC - rare, aggressive, and hard to diagnose!). God bless her. RIP Sept 2012 aged 52.

Our wonderful father RIP 11/28/19 (Thanksgiving overnight).

Taglines: Do people think federal-run health care will work better than state-run DMVs? Technological progress cannot be legislated. Common sense is an uncommon virtue. I miss the days I never knew. White liberals: proving white supremacy is a myth.