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My Opus ---------------------------------

When I joined FR in 2017, it was much different than it was today. While there always were a few folks on the fringe of things, and while I am continually amazed at how many dumb people are on here, the FR of old had many more people who offered solutions, had courage to fight, and who didn't scream about how all was lost. FR wasn't a den of despair and surrender.

Instead, there were thoughtful posts, intelligent commentary and most importantly, solutions for the future. Slowly, over time, it changed. The posters with solutions migrated from FR as the forum morphed into an echo chamber of rage-porn, conspiracy theorists and defeatists who look to the past rather than the future. Over time, the forums has become littered with blogs, conspiracy nuts, posts from the Grifter Pundit, American Stinker, Bumble, SuckStack and various nutcase Qtards who don't have a clue as to what reality looks like.

In contrast to the thoughtful, reasoned, conservative posters, FR has been taken over by idiots from the trailer park moron class like this lunatic. We have people screeching about random pro-se litigants who file nonsensical pleadings.

We have people who make wild claims about the "DEEPZ STAEZ", server farms in Germany, Italian spy satellites, Kraken, magic quo warranto proceedings and whatever nut jobs on Alex Jones or the criminal Steve Bannon can dream up.

We have idiots who call every single death that happens a vaccine death, even when the people who died were unvaccinated (Stephan Bonner) or committed Suicide (Victoria Lee). (Isn't this precisely what the government did with COVID deaths? Isn't it amazing at how you seem to adopt whatever the left is doing?)

We have cowards who make bets and then welch, run and lie when it is time to pay up.

And we have people openly calling for violence, insurrection and civil war. (I've been passing those posts on to the FBI tip line.)

This post hits the nail on the head for what FR has become.

Where did it all go so wrong? What happened? I think the answer to that is clear. Conservativism gradually gave way to populism and populism is incompatible with freedom and traditional conservative values.

Much of that blame lies with the cult of personality associated with former President Trump. To be frank, when he ran in 2016, I didn't think that he had a chance, but unlike the defeatist swine who now infest FR, I went out and voted for him, donated to his campaign, and was thrilled on election night when he achieved what at the time, seemed impossible. While I was really voting against Hillary instead of for Trump, I did my duty. After he delivered on his promises with SCOTUS, he earned my vote in 2020. However, since that time, he has lost it and it is clear that it is time for him to go.

Trump lost. He lost to a bumbling, basement dwelling incompetent old man, solely because his cult of personality turned off too many suburban moderates and the wealthy, educated class. He lost because populism turns off folks on both the left and the right and it leaves nothing but a deranged minority who increasingly head down the path toward open fascism. He lost because his view of self is bigger than that of country or conservativism.

He lost because he couldn't stop catering to the populists when he needed to bring on traditional conservatives and independents who just wanted sanity to return. He lost because he continually lied and said whatever people wanted to hear, reality be damned.

He lost because people were invested in blaming all of their problems on whatever boogeyman the Grifter Pundit or other assorted alt-right clowns invented for them while draining them of their welfare money. It's easy to blame "cheating" or "Soros" or "Dominion" or "fraud" for what happened in 2018, 2020 and 2022. That doesn't require any self-reflection, re-evaluation or fixing what is broken.

In short, it's the coward's way of handling things. It's sad to see FR metamorphosis from the having a real influence on national elections (Buckhead, here is looking at you) to nothing more than a den of cowards, defeatists and kooks who simply log on to see the latest in rage porn, from headlines that are designed to bring in clicks from people too stupid and lazy to read the story.

It's become clear to me that there is no place for me here, as FR is part of the problem rather than part of the solution. As the few remaining with some intact sanity continue to leave, FR will continue further down its path of being irrelevant. Thankfully, the educated, intelligent and traditional conservatives will also continue purge the populists from our ranks, and FR and its conspiracy fools will be relegated to the dust bin of history.

The path forward has been charted. In 2022, Ron DeSantis won a historic victory in Florida. All around the country, traditional experienced Republican Conservatives won resounding victories, while Trump's populists went down in spectacular defeat.

Trump's cult of personality directly contributed to the loss of several House Seats and two Senate seats. Primarying JHB for Joe Frickin Kent who lost a +13 Trump district. (223) Bringing in carpet bagger Bo Hines in NC-13 (224) pushing Sarah "You Betcha" Palin in AK (225) running a barely old enough teeny bopper in NH-2 (226) pushing a stolen Valor Clown in Ohio-9 because he worshipped the orange god (227) and running a beauty queen in OH-13 (228).

Add in the very effective gerrymanders in NC, PA, NV, and OH coupled with the dumbest of the dumbs staying home because they've been fed "IZ ALLS RIGGED" lies since 2020, makes you long for what could have been. In the Senate, Trump's narcissism kept Sununu and Hogan from putting NH and MD in play, while pushing losers in AZ, PA and GA kept us from getting at least 55 seats.

Traditional Conservatives like Ron DeSantis, Kimberly Yee, and Brian Kemp had no problems winning on the same tickets. It was the cult of personality worshippers who lost. Remember when Trump said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose any voters? While that is mostly true at FR, it certainly isn't true for the greater population. While the Trump cult members would still lick his boots no matter what he does, he cannot ever win a national election, now or in the future.

His supporters are becoming more insufferable than he is. ( Whether you like it or not, third party will ALWAYS be an option if Trump managed to con enough people again in the primary.)

Moronic losers like the ones that have infested FR are the precise reason that we didn't do as well as we could have in 2022, but despite them, their betters in FL, CA, NY and OR went out and flipped the House, (you all can thank your betters for it over the next two years) and ensured that Biden will be a lame duck during his last two years as President. Despite all of your rage, Kevin McCarthy is the speaker. Your powerless rage, mind-numbing stupidity and conspiracy minded fascism has done nothing.

For the future though, it's time for a new champion, it's time for a return to Conservativism, and it's time for me to leave FR.

Don't bother Pming me, or pinging me. I won't see it. I've already scrambled my password, and I don't have access to my throw away email account to recover it, so after I hit the log out button for the final time, that will be it for me on this cesspool.

Oh, and for the morons who think screen names mean anything, I have a hint for you, It's easy to assume a screen name from someone else, and you should NEVER use the same screen name on more than one website. Too many morons seem to think screennames are real life. LOL! I personally have a habit of taking on screen names of people who have caught my ire on other websites in the past, even if they have nothing to do with me IRL. I think a few of the more insane posters here will be making their appearances on other websites in the near future. :-)

IN 2024, we will bring back a return to traditional conservativism, despite the Qtard populists who wish to drag us down the road to fascism. Your betters don't need you.