Since Mar 5, 2015

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I am a staunch supporter of POTUS Trump, He rightfully won the 2020 election but fraud was approved by the uniparty. The need to drain the aged out of Congress and install Constitution loving Americans is paramount to saving our republic. How this is done in my opinion will be troublesome and millions of people will either lose their family members in a relationship sense or worse. Our country is at the abyss, we have abortion up to birth in one state, soon to be others. We have a Congress that is not interested in the vested interest of the country or its citizens, even the rinos were against Potus Trump from day one and have also shown they do not work for us anymore. We have media bias on all fronts, fake news on all fronts and a populous that believes everything coming from those media and social media platforms. We have corrupted our education system and are pumping out brainwashed socialists without any consequences for those pushing a leftist agenda.

We have attacks on our 1st and 2nd amendment rights on a daily basis along with a Justice Department that is rogue and using SS tactics to enforce their agenda.

Our country no longer has a viable, secure election system. There is but one remedy to this mess or our country will be unrecognizable and no longer the country I wanted my kids to grow up and contribute to.

Civil war is being waged on a different battlefield and the right has not figured out how to combat that war of the keyboard. The only chance we have is the remote possibility that the left starts to use violence and we need to retaliate.

Jesus is watching these events and hopefully, come judgment day we will all be forgiven our sins and enter Heaven to be with the Father. God Bless America and God Bless you all.