Since Jun 27, 2002

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Born in '48

Viet Vet 68-70, received ARCOM, honorable discharge.

Spent about 10 years after Viet-Nam as a Soldier of Fortune (fancy way of saying a bum)


Self employed in my own business for 16 years. Got tired of gov regs and no longer employ anyone but myself.

Favorite books I've studied (non religious) The Art of War, Sun Tzu; The Prince, Machiavelli; The Big Book.

Favorite books I've studied (religious) Seth Speaks, Bhagavad Gita, Urantia Book, A Course in Miracles, and, at long last, The Bible (where I finaly found the Truth.)

Single parent of 1 young child.

Strongly believe in the value of the individual.

Totally reject Marxs' social force views. Partialy agree with some of his economic obsrevations (see his essay 'On the Primitive Accumulation of Capital') Reject all of his conclusions.

Reject the validity of the school of thought arising from Marxs' conclusions (sociology)

Totally reject all things Freudian. Have strong reservations about other Psychological/Pshchiatric theories. Find Skinner to be slightly interesting, although limited by lack of undrstanding of human nature.

Favorite Movies (for the underlying future vision) Freejack. Brasil.

My inspiration for daily living; Rev 18:4 Phi 4:13

Hobbies: Computers ,bicycling ,rock climbing, firearms, Amatuer machining, mechanics, electronics (simple stuff), high energy physics (applications, not theory), chemistry, stamp collecting, alternative health. All in moderation and any one or combination may be active at any given time.

Hobbies I intend to take up someday: Skydiving, hang gliding, Base Jumping, caving.

Education: See lines 2 and 3.