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2004: Oh, that big 1982 Siberian explosion? [William Safire]

Add this page to your FreeRepublic bookmarks (thanks Swordmaker);title=FReepers%3A%20SunkenCiv

America: A Message From The Other Side

America: Administration pushed for language protecting AIG bonuses, Dodd Throws Obama under The Bus;page=101

America: Election 2004: The Vote of Orthodox Jews in the US Election

America: Election 2008: 'blog (I started it)

America: Election 2008: Academic Accountability

America: Election 2008: Anti-intellectual Diatribe from 1999

America: Election 2008: Barack Obama (the real one)

America: Election 2008: Continuing Degeneration of FR by Malcolm Garris (we're all Communist Nazis!)

America: Election 2008: Defeat Hillary Clinton 'blog (I started it)

America: Election 2008: Dhimmicrats' Long and Shameful History of Bigotry and Racism

America: Election 2008: Great Post by WideAwake

America: Election 2008: Hillary_Clinton_Forum_409 -- Supporting Hillary Clinton Since 1995

America: Election 2008: In 2008, Will It Be Mormon in America? [Mitt Romney]

America: Election 2008: Joe Wilson, Cindy Sheehan, Ray McGovern hate the Jews

America: Election 2008: Liberalism Defined, Debunked, & Lampooned! (thanks opineapple)

America: Election 2008: Libertarians are CINOs (thanks, truth_seeker)

America: Election 2008: Minor Parties Should Not Be Supported

America: Election 2008: Minor Political Parties (I started it)

America: Election 2008: National Budget Simulation

America: Election 2008: Pitchfork Pat Buchanan defends foreign aid for Hamas

America: Election 2008: Real Libertarians

America: Election 2008: What’s Holding Blacks Back?

America: Election 2008: Why I'm reversing course on John McCain -- Sept 9, 2008 -- Jim Robinson

America: Election 2008: Winds of Political Change… You Almost Never Feel Them Coming (I started it)

America: Election 2008: Zogby Research Indicates Earth Is Flat

America: History: Autumn 1942 -- Guadalcanal

America: History: Battle of Trenton, December 25, 1776 (thanks XRdsRev)

America: History: Election 1964: Democratic Debacle -- 1964 convention, repercussions (I started it)

America: History: Election 2000: Pitchfork Pat Pans Perot; Picks Paranoid Party Prexy Push

America: History: Election 2000: Roger Ebert on the 2000 Election (I started it)

America: History: Election 2004: "30+ year old proof" against Bush is a fraud

America: History: Election 2004: RatherGate and the corrupt Kerry campaign

America: History: Election 2006: Mandy Grunwald’s Involvement in Rove/Plame Controversy (Vanity)

America: History: JFK's fatal head wound -- The truth for those who want to know (very graphic)

America: History: Peace for our time -- Alistair Cooke

America: History: Rosenbergs were guilty

America: History: Wager between Julian Simon and Paul Ehrlich (I started it)

America: predator Scott Ritter's multistoried past

Archaeologists carry out first dig at tomb linked to King Arthur (my take on capital etc)

Astronomy: Lonesome in Massachussets explains the Earth-Moon Barycenter!

Blogs: Disagreeable Conservative Curmudgeon (a.k.a. "nowitall")

Blogs: Dummie Funnies

Blogs: Free Republic Blog Directory

Blogs: FreeDominion (Canada)

Blogs: Grouchy Old Cripple

Blogs: Grouchy Old Cripple (2002)

Blogs: Impulse Blogs

Blogs: James P Hogan BBS

Blogs: Little Green Footballs

Blogs: Meghan McCain

Blogs: Moonbattery

Blogs: MyDD -- Direct Democracy for People-Powered Politics (Hillary Shillery)

Blogs: Nomad

Blogs: Pipeline News

Blogs: Put NRA-ILA information on your Website or Blog!

Blogs: Right Wing Nuthouse

Blogs: Right Wing Professor

Blogs: Scott Alfter

Blogs: Secret Diary of Steve Jobs

Blogs: The Conservative Dragon

Blogs: The Cosmic Tusk -- Abrupt climate change induced by comets and asteroids during human history

Blogs: X-Planets (extrasolar planets, and the various planets X)

Blogs: X-Planets (post a reply)

Blogs: YID With LID

Carbon 13, Carbon 12: 'Snowball Earth' theory melted

Catastrophism: An old topic with lots of V in it

Catastrophism: Argument for the Cometary Origin of the Biosphere (I started it)

Catastrophism: Astronomers unravel a mystery of the Dark Ages

Catastrophism: Buffy raises questions on Solar System origins (I started it)

Catastrophism: Catastrophic event preceded Dark Ages -- scientist

Catastrophism: Celestial Collision (I started it)

Catastrophism: Civ's remarks on Martian dynamism, impacts, water

Catastrophism: Clube and Napier reply to LaViolette

Catastrophism: Cosmic Hole-in-One Captured Over Antarctica (I started it)

Catastrophism: Early volcano victims discovered (I started it)

Catastrophism: Electric Arcs in Planetary Science (thanks Swordmaker!)

Catastrophism: Eltanin Impact Crater (I started it)

Catastrophism: Eruptions 'blog

Catastrophism: Forests Frozen In Time (I started it)

Catastrophism: Giant asteroid rocked Antarctica (I started it)

Catastrophism: Hazard of Near-Earth Asteroid Impacts on Earth (I started it)

Catastrophism: Huge Idiocy Posted at FreeRepublic

Catastrophism: Ice-Core Evidence Challenges 1620 BC date for the Santorini Eruption (I started it)

Catastrophism: Impact Event in 3114 BC? The beginning of a Turbulent Millennium

Catastrophism: In the shadow of the Moon (I started it)

Catastrophism: It Came from Outer Space? (I started it)

Catastrophism: June 1975 Meteoroid Storm, Encke, and Other Taurid Complex Objects (I started it)

Catastrophism: Lake Michigan Impact in 1919 (I posted it)

Catastrophism: Long-Destroyed Fifth Planet May Have Caused Lunar Cataclysm (Fred Nerks' post)

Catastrophism: Loss of Musk Ox Genetic Diversity at Pleistocene-Holocene Transition (I started it)

Catastrophism: Mass Extinctions -- the New Catastrophism in the History of Life (I started it)

Catastrophism: Moon over Chicxulub (I started it)

Catastrophism: Mutton Island or Enniskerry, Clare Co, Ireland, 9th century (I started it)

Catastrophism: New evidence for the Moon's soft middle (I started it)

Catastrophism: Niue 'flattened' by tsunami-type waves [blast from the past] (I started it)

Catastrophism: PaleoMap Project

Catastrophism: Peekskill Fireball -- October 9, 1992 (I started it)

Catastrophism: Powerful Quake Shakes Seabed Near Vanuatu (I started it)

Catastrophism: Professor Says Mayan Calendar Does Not Portend Earth's Doom (2012AD)

Catastrophism: Reality of Ancient Catastrophism

Catastrophism: Red Planet's Ancient Equator Located (I started it)

Catastrophism: Reworked Images Reveal Hot Venus

Catastrophism: Road to Saturn by Dwardu Cardona (thanks Junior)

Catastrophism: Samothrace anecdote from Ryan and Pitman

Catastrophism: Shocked Quartz from Chesapeake Asteroid (I started it)

Catastrophism: Small Asteroid Passes Between Satellites and Earth (I started it)

Catastrophism: Small Comets and Our Origins (I started it)

Catastrophism: Spitzer Sees the Aftermath of a Planetary Collision (I started it)

Catastrophism: the 'blog (I started it)

Catastrophism: Tracking Myth to Geological Reality

Catastrophism: When the Days Were Shorter (I started it)

Civ: 2006 calendar

Civ: 2007 calendar

Civ: Books, Magazines, Movies, Music

Civ: Enemies List (I started it)

Civ: Freemail me

Civ: he signs up for the UFO list!

Civ: My Amazon page

Civ: My Posts

Civ: Secret Handshake

Civ: Why I Don't Participate in Cr/Evo Bloodbaths

Civ: Why I now feel special -- my "Dhimmicrats" term has now been quoted

Civ: World a Century from Now (I started it)

Civ: zzz: Mars Exploration Rover Mission, Spirit Lands (my first FR post 1/03/2004)

Civil War: Confronting Civil War Revisionism: Why The South Went To War

Civil War: Robert E. Lee Letter to Wife on Slavery (1856)

Civil War: Robert E. Lee on Slavery (1856)

Civil War: Secession timeline etc.

Civil War: South fought the Civil War to Defend Slavery

Climate: 8,200 yBP Lakes Agassiz and Ojibway (I started it)

Climate: Another Global Warming Theory Discredited

Climate: Case Against Scientifically Honest Bjorn Lomborg Dismissed

Climate: Eco-heretic Bjorn Lomborg beset by hate campaign

Climate: Effective vs Honest (thanks StopGlobalWhining)

Climate: Frosty Blast of Reality for the 'Global Warming' Crowd

Climate: Illarionov Attacks Britain, Vows to Bury Kyoto

Climate: Lake Mead Water Levels (thanks to Paul Lutus)

Climate: Last 100 years warmest since 9th century, say British researchers (I started it)

Climate: Link to paper on 100K climate cycles

Climate: Making the desert bloom--or making the wells go dry (I started it)

Climate: McIntyre & McKitrick

Climate: Petroleum Will Not Run Out Before We Burn Up

Climate: Rhythmic Submarine Volcanos And El El Niños (I started it)

Climate: Ross-Lempriere benchmark

Climate: Science Wars -- We need to free science from the Commissars who now control it (thnx JohnH)

Climate: Scientist demolishes The Melbourne Age on 'global warming'

Climate: Vigilanteman discusses Qattara Depression (Why melting polar ice is not a threat)

Comment #03

Comment #05

Comment #10

Cryptobiology: Bigfoot body imprint reportedly uncovered (an oldie)

Cryptobiology: Mysterious amphibious human-like creature spotted in the Caspian Sea (I started it)

Cryptobiology: She's a believer in the skunk ape (thanks ex-)

Education: Dog-cooking, tree-taking school-burner may lose job

Election 1860: the Great Hanging

Election 2012: I'm officially endorsing Newt Gingrich for President today (JimRob)

Election 2016: Drew Johnson (fired from the Washington Times for confirming the #CruzSexScandal)

Election 2016: Rand Paul to Meet Top Romney Donors in Boston

Election 20xx: President Bush: "Let's Roll" Speech (2001)

Election 2xxx: American Jewish vote (SJackson)

Elsewhere: Rush Limbaugh archive (thanks Carriage Hill, added 1/19/2023)

Energy: Coal-to-liquid solution for energy woes

Energy: Fill your car up with aluminum? ("Hydrogen is a pipe dream." thanks AntiKev)

Energy: flat tax, import-export tax

Energy: Fossil Fuels Made without Fossils

Energy: Fuel Cell Primer (thanks for the link Restorer)

Energy: Heavy-Metal Nuclear Power (I started it)

Energy: Here is what the acolytes of solar power don't want you to know... (thanks Boot Hill)

Energy: How to Cut Oil Imports by Two Million Barrels a Week

Energy: Methane Ice -eating worms on ocean floor (thanks, Fred Nerks!)

Energy: New Mystery of Water (I started it)

Energy: non-renewability of corn-based ethanol (my post)

Energy: OPEC’s Weapon of Mass Inaction

Energy: Truth About Oil (I started it)

Energy: Tumbleweeds good for uranium clean-up [DU contaminated soil cleansed, plants harvested]

Energy: Vast Energy Resource Locked Below Ocean Floor (gas hydrates -- thanks Ernest_at_the_Beach)

Energy: Windmills in the Sky (I started it)

Faith & Philosophy: Day by Day, by Chris Muir

Faith & Philosophy: Death of Jesus and "The Jews"

Faith & Philosophy: Dizzy Dean Quotes

Faith & Philosophy: Immaculate Conception (thanks SafiSoft)

Faith & Philosophy: Jesus in the Talmud (malakhi's replies)

Faith & Philosophy: Jesus' Teaching on God's Law

Faith & Philosophy: Legacy of Eric Hoffer (thanks JohnHuang2)

Faith & Philosophy: Mr. Silverback in 'Nothing to Hold On To: "America Alone"'

Faith & Philosophy: Papal Succession, Pope John Paul II (African cardinal to succeed the Pope?)

Faith & Philosophy: Perceiving Beauty (I started it)

Faith & Philosophy: Pope Declares Orthodox and Protestant Non-Churches

Faith & Philosophy: Regarding "anti-Catholicism" on FreeRepublic (thanks Admin Moderator)

Faith & Philosophy: Roman Catholic Irony by Arthur McGowan

Faith & Philosophy: What are the most influential books you have ever read?

Faith & Philosophy: Who Killed Jesus?

Fiction: "Inherit the Stars" by James Hogan cited (thanks lawdave)

Fiction: Dave Attell (Last.FM)

Fiction: Dave Attell (MySpace)

Fiction: Edgar Rice Burroughs [1875 - 1950] (thanks cripplecreek)

Fiction: Favorite Science Fiction Movies

Fiction: First timer takes bad sex award (my entry)

Fiction: George Orwell "1984"

Fiction: Isaac Asimov's 'Nightfall'

Fiction: The Chromium Fence by Philip K. Dick (1954)

Fiction: Those About To Die by Daniel P. Mannix

FReepers: (a mystery to me, showed up in an image search)

FReepers: 2ndDivisionVet

FReepers: A.J.Armitage

FReepers: A.J.Armitage

FReepers: afraidfortherepublic

FReepers: AlexMarko (lots of EU topics)

FReepers: All (Since Nov 9, 2001) in case you thought as I did that it meant "all"

FReepers: Alouette (offsite 'blog)

FReepers: AndrewWalden;brevity=full;options=no-change

FReepers: Artemis Webb (re: Ron Paul)

FReepers: ASA Vet gives me noogies over mayonnaise

FReepers: Berosus (Raseneb / Charles K / Zalmoxis)

FReepers: Berosus (Raseneb / Charles K / Zalmoxis)

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FReepers: BlueLancer posts about Inherit the Stars

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FReepers: Buckhead, a FReeper champion

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FReepers: Chet 99 gets whacked

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FReepers: Clemenza explains it all

FReepers: Congressman Billybob, a FReeper champion

FReepers: Constitutional Amendment Booklet (OneWingedShark's)

FReepers: Cornpone

FReepers: Count of Monte Logan

FReepers: Dajjal

FReepers: Do not dub me shapka broham: Oh, now I understand. That clears up everything.

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FReepers: Doctor Stochastic links to Radiometric Dating, A Christian Perspective

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FReepers: former FReeper Coyoteman's list of C14 resources

FReepers: Fred Nerks

FReepers: Fred Nerks "The Life of Muhammad (The flight of the moonbats.)" (thanks FN)

FReepers: Fred Nerks linked to Grand Canyon discussion

FReepers: Free Republic Memorial Wall

FReepers: freebilly, part of the Artificial Cloud Generation

FReepers: Fso 301 Jobs at CACI International Inc

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FReepers: Larry Schweikart (Patriot's History of the United States)

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FReepers: Yollopoliuhqui (Yahoo)

FReepers: Zarf (thanks! to Zarf for posting that NatLamp oldie!)

Genes: Man Offers $10K for Pedro Mountain Mummy (I started it)

Genes: New RNA polymerase discovered in plants (I started it)

GGG: "King's" villas cause outrage [Caria, in modern Turkey]

GGG: - Birth of Gods, Graves, Glyphs eyewitness accounts

GGG: - Discussion about a separate History list (thanks Blam)

GGG: - FairOpinion takes over the list

GGG: - Send 'Civ FReemail about the Gods, Graves, Glyphs ping list or weekly digest ping list;subj=Re%3A%20Gods%20Graves%20Glyphs;to=SunkenCiv

GGG: A New Topic -- click to post one (thanks SwordMaker!);keywords=GodsGravesGlyphs;topics=history,%20science,%20travel

GGG: Africa: 100-Mile-Long Wall in Africa [Sungbo's Eredo] (I started it)

GGG: Africa: Prehistoric skeletons found in cave near Oujda, eastern Morocco (I started it)

GGG: Americas: Ancient Site in Newfoundland Offers Clues to Vikings in America

GGG: Americas: Antiquity of Man in America (I started it)

GGG: Americas: Atlantis [euphemism] in Rock Lake Wisconsin (I started it)

GGG: Americas: Birdman Tablet Discovered in Monks Mound [Cahokia] (I started it)

GGG: Americas: Bison in Illinois earlier (I started it)

GGG: Americas: Camisea Pipeline Unearths Ancient Peru Relics (I started it)

GGG: Americas: Cotton domestication (thanks, Renfield!)

GGG: Americas: Dating Early Man in the Americas (I started it)

GGG: Americas: Did hardy Ice Age hunters find the West?

GGG: Americas: Did the First Americans Come From, Er, Australia? (I started it)

GGG: Americas: Did the Vikings Stay? Vatican Files May Offer Clues (1)

GGG: Americas: Did the Vikings Stay? Vatican Files May Offer Clues (2)

GGG: Americas: Egg Island theory -- Where Did Columbus Make Landfall? (I started it)

GGG: Americas: Evidence of humans in North America 50,000 years ago (I started it)

GGG: Americas: Explorers Rediscover Incan City Near Machu Picchu (I started it)

GGG: Americas: Fig Island has remarkable examples of shell rings (I started it)

GGG: Americas: First Americans - Homo Erectus in America (I started it)

GGG: Americas: First Americans by James M. Adovasio with Jake Page reviewed (I started it)

GGG: Americas: Foreign Contact With Hawai'i Before Captain Cook (I started it)

GGG: Americas: Houses may cover ancient grounds (I started it, thanks Radix)

GGG: Americas: Kansas Dig May Have Found Early Campsite (I started it)

GGG: Americas: King George's Madness Linked to Arsenic (I started it)

GGG: Americas: Men's DNA supports recent settlement of the Americas (I started it)

GGG: Americas: Myth of the Hunter-Gatherer (I started it)

GGG: Americas: NAGPRA and scientists (I started it)

GGG: Americas: Peopling Of The Americas -- Late Date for Siberian Site Challenges Bering Pathway

GGG: Americas: Polynesian Connection (I started it)

GGG: Americas: Prehistory of Kansas is not what you thought (I started it)

GGG: Americas: Retracing the footprints of time (I started it)

GGG: Americas: Romans in Brazil During the Second or Third Century? (I started it)

GGG: Americas: Science Trumps Ritual in Mystery Skeleton Row [Kennewick Man]

GGG: Americas: Seaport Museum Artifacts Ship Out (I started it)

GGG: Americas: Sifting for Clues at W.Md. Dig (I started it)

GGG: Americas: Skeleton in Armor (I started it)

GGG: Americas: Solutrean Solution--Did Some Ancient Americans Come from Europe? (I started it)

GGG: Americas: Strand of Ancient Yarn Suggests Early European Presence in Canada (I started it)

GGG: Americas: Venona decodes (thanks LibLoather)

GGG: Americas: When did the horse get to America? (I started it)

GGG: Anatolia: A Talk With Colin Renfrew (I started it)

GGG: Anatolia: Ancient Cypriots fed olive oil to furnaces-study (I started it)

GGG: Anatolia: Catal Huyuk (I started it)

GGG: Anatolia: In Search of the Real Troy (I started it)

GGG: Anatolia: King Midas' Modern Mourners (I started it)

GGG: Anatolia: Kommagene, The Forgotten Kingdom (I started it)

GGG: Anatolia: Lycia Where Greek language has left its mark (I started it)

GGG: Anatolia: Lycian Influence To The Indian Cave Temples (I started it)

GGG: Anatolia: Unlocking the Power of Myth (I started it)

GGG: Anatolia: Was There a Trojan War? (I started it)

GGG: Asia: 9000 Years Old Oriental Wine Found (I started it)

GGG: Asia: Ancient Chinese may have worn necklaces 20,000 years ago (I started it)

GGG: Asia: Ancient faces brought to life (I started it, Thanks, Blam!)

GGG: Asia: Cambodian archaeological sites being decimated: archaeologists (I started it)

GGG: Asia: Nearly 3,000-year-old ancient state found in north China province (I started it)

GGG: Asia: Scientists unearth bronze casting centre -- Vietnam (I started it, Thanks, Blam!)

GGG: Asia: South Kazakhstan clay tablet, 1st-6th C AD (I started it)

GGG: Atlantis: Exploring The Ocean Basins With Satellite Altimeter Data (I started it)

GGG: Atlantis: Mysterious Deep Water Sonar Images Off Western Cuba (update)

GGG: Australia: Australian Pyramids (I started it)

GGG: Australia: Mahogany Ship, Phoenician Coin (I started it)

GGG: Britain: Ancient coin worth a pretty penny (I started it)

GGG: China: Excavation of tomb ruled out [Mausoleum of Qinshihuang] (I started it)

GGG: Egypt: Abydos Royal Enclosures (I started it)

GGG: Egypt: Ancient Egyptian treasure shown 16 years after discovery (I started it)

GGG: Egypt: Bubastis stone (I started it)

GGG: Egypt: Burial complex of Mentuhotep II (I started it)

GGG: Egypt: Colossal find -- Ramses II statue at Akhmim (I started it)

GGG: Egypt: Djedefre (I started it)

GGG: Egypt: Dynasty 0 -- Egyptian colonies in Canaan (I started it)

GGG: Egypt: Egypt discovers ancient tomb (I started it)

GGG: Egypt: Egyptomania (I started it)

GGG: Egypt: Glassmakers key to Egypt's status (I started it)

GGG: Egypt: Great Pyramid may still contain Khufu's intact pharaonic tomb (thanks Constitution Day)

GGG: Egypt: Group Statue of Ka-nefer and His Family [record price set for ancient sculpture]

GGG: Egypt: Hyksos art and architecture in the Sinai (I started it)

GGG: Egypt: Khufu's Tomb Chamber in the Great Pyramid

GGG: Egypt: King Tut Exhibit Could Prove to Be Gold Mine (I started it)

GGG: Egypt: King Tut slain by sword in the knee (I started it, thanks DaveLoneRanger)

GGG: Egypt: Mysterious Inscription on the Great Pyramid (I started it)

GGG: Egypt: Mystery of the Cocaine Mummies (I started it)

GGG: Egypt: New Chronology -- David Rohl (thanks Scythian)

GGG: Egypt: On Proving Ancient Megalith Construction by Jim Solley

GGG: Egypt: Pharaohs and Kings / Test of Time -- David Rohl (thanks Scythian)

GGG: Egypt: Pharaohs and Kings 2001 (wayback machine)

GGG: Egypt: Quality of Life in the Desert? High Living in Rome's Distant Quarries (I started it)

GGG: Egypt: Quest for the tomb of Amenhotep I (I started it)

GGG: Egypt: Ramesses II Suffered From Arthritis (I started it)

GGG: Egypt: Rare Nubian King Statues Uncovered in Sudan (I started it)

GGG: Egypt: Remains of ancient Egyptian seafaring ships discovered (I started it)

GGG: Egypt: Researchers to look into Victorian historical 'truths' (I started it)

GGG: Egypt: Shipwreck at Assarca Island, Eritrea (I started it)

GGG: Egypt: Smenkhkhare, the Hittite Pharaoh (I started it)

GGG: Egypt: Swallowed by the Sands (I started it)

GGG: Egypt: Tamil Trade (I started it)

GGG: Egypt: Theban Mapping Project / Valley of the Kings etc (I started it)

GGG: Egypt: Treasures of Tanis (I started it)

GGG: Egypt: Tutankhamun -- Anatomy of an Excavation (thanks Romana)

GGG: Egypt: US dig uncovers King Tut's neighbours (I started it)

GGG: Egypt: Voyage around the Erythraean Sea (I started it)

GGG: Egypt: Who Destroyed Megiddo? Was It David Or Shishak?

GGG: Epigraphy: Papyrus Reveals Ancient Stories / Artemidorus (I started it)

GGG: Etruscans: Engineering and Agricultural Achievements, Ancient City of Spina (I started it)

GGG: Etruscans: Reopening the Case of the Mute Civilization (I started it)

GGG: Etruscans: Where Did The Etruscans Come From? (I started it)

GGG: Europe: 3,000 yr old Ireland [smashing all the lies of the Evolutionists!!!] ;')

GGG: Europe: 3000-year-old settlement found in Switzerland (I started it)

GGG: Europe: Ancient Germans weren't so fair (I started it)

GGG: Europe: Archaeologists unearth Celtic burial site (I started it)

GGG: Europe: Basque Country horses (I started it)

GGG: Europe: Basques in the European Y-chromosome diversity landscape (I started it)

GGG: Europe: British Have Changed Little Since Ice Age, Gene Study Says (I started it)

GGG: Europe: Buddha statue from 6th c found in Viking hoard in Helgo, Sweden (I started it)

GGG: Europe: Ferriby boats -- 1600BC (I started it)

GGG: Europe: From Hand-drag to Jumbo: A Millennium of Dredging (I started it)

GGG: Europe: Golden treasures from Cornwall's past (I started it)

GGG: Europe: Gozo's unique archaeological treasures to return home (I started it)

GGG: Europe: Greek Temple Unearthed By UC Archeologists in Albania (I started it)

GGG: Europe: Lady Eleanor Talbot (I started it)

GGG: Europe: Malta's Magnificent Hypogeum (I started it)

GGG: Europe: Man in Salt, Salzwelten, Hallstatt, Austria (I started it)

GGG: Europe: Man's best friend stands test of time, study says (I started it)

GGG: Europe: Mandible, Sierra de Atapuerca, Spain, Homo Antecessor, 800K years old (I started it)

GGG: Europe: Most Paleolithic cave art the work of teens, not shamans (I started it)

GGG: Europe: Neolithic Europeans Made Cheese, Yogurt (I started it)

GGG: Europe: Neolithic France (I started it)

GGG: Europe: Neolithic site wins reprieve from diggers (I started it)

GGG: Europe: New Dating For Wat's Dyke (I started it)

GGG: Europe: Oldest Bridge in Ireland (I started it)

GGG: Europe: Sacred Precincts -- A Tartessian Sanctuary in Ancient Spain (I started it)

GGG: Europe: Sardinia's prehistoric towers (I started it)

GGG: Europe: Secrets of Ancient Iceland, Mount Hekla (I started it)

GGG: Europe: Siberian Graveyard's Secret (More Redheads)

GGG: Europe: Swedish bog man murdered - 700 years ago (I started it)

GGG: Europe: Tall Tales / Medieval people weren't shorter (I started it)

GGG: Europe: Tarxien Temples: past, present and future (I started it)

GGG: Europe: Viking burial ground dispels myth of longship marauders (I started it)

GGG: Europe: Visigoth in Kent? (I started it)

GGG: Genes: Cross-cultural estimation of the human generation interval... (I started it)

GGG: Genes: Decoding of Mammoth Genome Might Lead to Resurrection (I started it)

GGG: Genes: Earliest Animals Had Human-like Genes (thanks Pharmboy)

GGG: Genes: Ears of plenty / the story of wheat / man's staple food (I started it)

GGG: Genes: Genesis correctly predicts Y-Chromosome pattern

GGG: Genes: Genome Sequencing Projects

GGG: Genes: Ode to the Code (I started it)

GGG: Genes: Origin of M1 mitochondrial DNA haplotype (I started it)

GGG: Genes: Split Between English and Scots Older Than Thought (I started it)

GGG: Genes: Triumphalism in Science (I started it)

GGG: Greece: Anatolian tree-ring studies are untrustworthy (I started it)

GGG: Greece: Antikythera Mechanism (I started it)

GGG: Greece: Argonaut Epos and Bronze Age Economic History (I started it)

GGG: Greece: City in the Clouds -- Sagalassos, ancient city in Turkey (I started it)

GGG: Greece: Cyclops Myth Spurred by

GGG: Greece: Cyrenaica Archaeological Project (I started it)

GGG: Greece: Deepest Wreck (I started it)

GGG: Greece: Franchthi Excavations: 17,000 Years of Greek Prehistory (I started it)

GGG: Greece: Greek treasures unearthed -- Minoans, Linear A, Linear B (I started it)

GGG: Greece: Helen of Troy: Goddess, Princess, Whore (I started it)

GGG: Greece: Helike, ancient Greek city swallowed by the sea (I started it)

GGG: Greece: Herodotus' History

GGG: Greece: Herodotus' History (I started it)

GGG: Greece: Khirokitia (I started it)

GGG: Greece: Kourion -- Monuments Of The City (I started it)

GGG: Greece: Porticello Wreck -- A 5th Century B.C. Merchantman in Italy (I started it)

GGG: Greece: Prehistoric settlements found in Greece (I started it)

GGG: Greece: Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea, Int'l Trade and the Late Bronze Age Aegean (I started it)

GGG: Greece: Sensational Finding at Samoil Fortress (I started it)

GGG: Greece: Specialists Identify Bulgaria-Found Thracian King's Body (I started it)

GGG: Greece: Vast and Deadly Fleets May Yield Secrets at Last (I started it)

GGG: Greece: Was There A Trojan War? (I started it)

GGG: Greece: Xenophon's Retreat (I started it)

GGG: India: Kadakkarapally Boat -- An Ancient Sailing Barge in India (I started it)

GGG: India: Ruins of Harrappan city found in Haryana (I started it)

GGG: Iran: Oldest Temple and Brazier of the Iron Age Discovered in Qom (I started it)

GGG: Ireland: Was Ollamh Fodhla King David of Israel? [No. Next!]

GGG: JasonC's great take on Malthusian agitprop

GGG: Jerusalem: Calvin to show Petra exhibit (I started it)

GGG: Jerusalem: Dynasty 0 -- Egyptian colonies in Canaan (I started it)

GGG: Jerusalem: Ethnic Groups in Philistia (I started it)

GGG: Jerusalem: Finds or Fakes?

GGG: Jerusalem: Geologist rebuts claim of forged Jesus inscription on ossuary

GGG: Jerusalem: King Hezekiah's Water System (I started it)

GGG: Jerusalem: Mesopotamian Climate Change (8,000 Years Ago)

GGG: Jerusalem: New Archaeological Site in Jerusalem's Old City (I started it)

GGG: Jerusalem: New Chronology -- David Rohl (thanks Scythian)

GGG: Jerusalem: Revision of Ancient History -- A Perspective

GGG: Jerusalem: Who Destroyed Megiddo? Was It David Or Shishak?

GGG: Language: Ancient Scripts, A to Z

GGG: Language: Ancient writing found in Turkmenistan (I started it)

GGG: Language: Arzawa (I started it)

GGG: Language: Correct Dating of The Linear B Tablets (I started it)

GGG: Language: Dorians / Achaeans -- their origin? (I started it)

GGG: Language: Fake Latin Demo

GGG: Language: Inscription in Carian and Greek (I started it)

GGG: Language: Jiroft Inscription, Oldest Evidence of Written Language (I started it)

GGG: Language: Latin 1 -- the Easy Way (I started it)

GGG: Language: Latin Course Stage 6 -- Pompeii Slave Girl (I started it)

GGG: Language: Macro-Etymology: Paleosigns [writing 20,000 years ago?] (I started it)

GGG: Language: Nestorian Tablet in China (I started it)

GGG: Language: Non-Attic Characters (I started it)

GGG: Language: Ogham alphabet (I started it)

GGG: Language: Omniglot, a guide to written language

GGG: Language: Original Draconian Laws may be Revealed by New Machine (X-ray fluorescence imaging)

GGG: Language: Phaistos Disk (I started it)

GGG: Language: Quarry, Setting and Team Marks -- The Carian Connection (I started it)

GGG: Language: Semerano, The Scholar Feared By The Academy, Awarded (I started it)

GGG: Language: Status drives extinction of languages (I started it)

GGG: Language: Studies of Amazonian languages challenge linguistic theories (I started it)

GGG: Matt Ridley, Genome, blood types and diseases

GGG: Medved Actually Believes This (#62)

GGG: Modern: CT tells mummy's secret: Preservation no accident (I started it)

GGG: Modern: Warren G. Harding Was Black (I started it)

GGG: Modern: Yankee Air Museum Fire (update)

GGG: Near East: Ancient fire temple found in Sabzevar (I started it)

GGG: Near East: Armenian Archaeologists Find Large Settlement Of Early Bronze Age (I started it)

GGG: Near East: Did the Urartians failed to overcome harsh winter conditions? (I started it)

GGG: Near East: Dilmun seals inscribed with Indus Valley inscription (I started it)

GGG: Near East: Discovery of the First Prostrate Figure Burial in Burnt City (I started it)

GGG: Near East: Statue of Goddess Anahita can be only modern cast (I started it)

GGG: Near East: Tombs of Mede Priests Found in Qom Province (I started it)

GGG: Near East: Turquoise-like Stones Unearthed in Burnt City, Iran (I started it)

GGG: Origins: Ancient Humans in Europe Controversy (I started it)

GGG: Origins: Author says prehistoric humans were a lot like us [Jean Auel] (I started it)

GGG: Origins: Big Chill Killed Off The Neanderthals

GGG: Origins: Chinese Fossil Provides Clearer Picture of Pleistocene Humans (I started it)

GGG: Origins: Early volcano victims discovered (I started it)

GGG: Origins: Earth Story -- Plants arrived early [Panspermia]

GGG: Origins: Evidence for the Orangutan Relationship (I started it)

GGG: Origins: Evolution through the Back Door (thanks Alamo-Girl)

GGG: Origins: Find all arguments on all sides specious, but this made me laugh really hard

GGG: Origins: First Americans - Homo Erectus in America (I started it)

GGG: Origins: First Mariners (I started it)

GGG: Origins: Freeper Views

GGG: Origins: Hidden History of Men -- thanks Blam (I started it)

GGG: Origins: Humans march to a faster genetic 'drummer' than primates, UC Riverside research says

GGG: Origins: Humans vs. Neanderthals: Game Over Earlier (I started it)

GGG: Origins: Neandertal Forefathers

GGG: Origins: Neanderthal Extinction Pieced Together

GGG: Origins: Neanderthal femur from France (I started it)

GGG: Origins: Neanderthals and modern man shared a cave (I started it)

GGG: Origins: Out-of-Place Artifacts or Out-of-Whack Chronology (I started it)

GGG: Origins: Schizophrenia 'price for speech?' (I started it)

GGG: Origins: Scientists discover Neolithic wine-making (I started it)

GGG: Origins: Spears Spawned Ancient Group Violence? (I started it)

GGG: Origins: Threads of old -- thanks Blam (I started it)

GGG: Origins: Were the dinosaurs done in by fungus? (I started it)

GGG: Phaistos Disk translation by Barry Fell

GGG: Phoenicians: Archaeology Team Helps Find Oldest Deep-Sea Shipwrecks (I started it)

GGG: Phoenicians: Quest for the Phoenicians -- National Geographic special (I started it)

GGG: Resources: Ancient Egypt Magazine

GGG: Resources: Anthropology in the News

GGG: Resources: ArchaeoBlog

GGG: Resources: Archaeological News

GGG: Resources: Archaeology magazine (headlines)

GGG: Resources: Biblical Archaeology Review and Archaeology Odyssey

GGG: Resources: Biblical Archaeology Review archive CD-ROM (for Mac; a PC version is available)

GGG: Resources: Birth of the Military History Ping List (thanks indcons)

GGG: Resources: Dienekes' Anthropology Blog

GGG: Resources: E.F. Legner's "archeology" index page

GGG: Resources: Gene Expression blog

GGG: Resources: Google News on Ancient Egypt

GGG: Resources: index of maps of ancient Greek world

GGG: Resources: Initiative for Cuneiform Encoding

GGG: Resources: Marilyn vos Savant is Wrong! by Herb Weiner

GGG: Resources: Megalithic Sites, also outside Europe (thanks Sonofron!)

GGG: Resources: Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary Project

GGG: Resources: rare, old, hard-to-find archaeology titles

GGG: Resources: Rogue Classicism

GGG: Resources: Rune Fonts (a nice index to downloads and whatnot)

GGG: Resources: Tabula Peutingeriana, a Roman Road Map (thanks WSGilcrest)

GGG: Resources: The Anomalist

GGG: Resources: Yahoo Anthrop- and Archaeology (thanks Shermy)

GGG: Resources: Yuri Kuchinsky's

GGG: Rome: Ancient Roman temple found (I started it)

GGG: Rome: Archaeologist's dig reveals solution to ancient riddle of lost Roman town (I started it)

GGG: Rome: Bernheze Roman Bronze Hoard from the Netherlands (I started it)

GGG: Rome: Big new Roman find in city (I started it)

GGG: Rome: Britain is likely to lose magnificent Roman tombstone (I started it)

GGG: Rome: Claudius' Naumachia on Fucine Lake (I started it)

GGG: Rome: Domitii Mark -- Rome's Greatest Brickmakers Identified (I started it)

GGG: Rome: Emperor Aurelian -- Lucius Domitius Aurelianus (I started it)

GGG: Rome: Enthusiast uses Google to reveal Roman ruins (I started it)

GGG: Rome: Eusebius' Onomasticon -- Geographical Knowledge in Byzantine Palestine (I started it)

GGG: Rome: Greek Farmer Finds 2,000-Year-Old Monument (I started it)

GGG: Rome: How did Trajan succeed in subduing Parthia where Mark Antony failed? (I started it)

GGG: Rome: Italian archeologists on trail of ancient warships (I started it)

GGG: Rome: Laocoon and His Son (I started it)

GGG: Rome: Majdel Tarshish -- Roman Remains 50 km from Beirut (I started it)

GGG: Rome: Major excavation for Roman relic (I started it)

GGG: Rome: Mindell has role in ancient shipwreck discovery (I started it)

GGG: Rome: new HBO series (I started it)

GGG: Rome: On the outskirts of Rome, an ancient city rivals Pompeii (I started it)

GGG: Rome: Pannonian gladiators (I started it)

GGG: Rome: Quality of Life in the Desert? High Living in Rome's Distant Quarries (I started it)

GGG: Rome: Rare coin find stuns historians (I started it)

GGG: Rome: Rescuing a Roman Mosaic (I started it)

GGG: Rome: Roman 'motorway' secrets unveiled (I started it)

GGG: Rome: Roman Chariots Unearthed in Thrace (I started it)

GGG: Rome: Roman roads in Britain (I started it)

GGG: Rome: Roman ruins to remain under rainwater canal (I started it)

GGG: Rome: Roman shipwrecks From the wine-dark sea (I started it)

GGG: Rome: Romans in China? (I started it)

GGG: Rome: Romans in Ireland (I started it)

GGG: Rome: Salvaging Caligula [Nemi Ships, Caligula, and Mussolini] (thanks FastCoyote)

GGG: Rome: Sofia Perched on Huge Ancient Amphitheatre (I started it)

GGG: Rome: Unearthing the Treasures of the Mediterranean (I started it)

GGG: Rome: Villa Medici and 'Mount Parnassus' recover their former glory (I started it)

GGG: so-called Sea Peoples, Pereset explained

Health: Drug Lingo - What does 420 mean?

Health: Eating Fruits, Vegetables Won't Reduce Cancer Risk (I started it)

Health: Gardening (with pics)

Health: HIV vaccine breakthrough reported (I started it)

Health: Kary Mullis' comments about HIV / AIDS

Health: Masturbation -- Prevention of Prostate Cancer?

Health: PETA's Dirty Secret

Health: Puzzling Origins of AIDS (I started it)

Health: Resources: Folding@Home (downloads)

Health: Resources: Folding@Home (FR team)

Health: Scientists Reverse Paralysis in Dogs (I started it)

Health: Thimerosal neurotoxicity is associated with glutathione depletion (thanks Coleus)

Health: Top 20 home remedies, a witches' brew of elixirs and potions that work! (thanks Coleus)

Help: Can't Find It? The update to information for freepers

Help: Caption or Upload Photo to FR (thanks Hal9000)

Help: Colorful Free Republic Daily Site Statistics

Help: Conversion of Various Weights, Measures, Areas, etc.

Help: Copyright, fair use, posting to FR, etc

Help: Eating our own -- Time to make a new start in Free Republic.

Help: Email the Congress etc (Boston Terror Plot Suspect in Custody)

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Help: Excerpting Articles the Update (thanks Sourcery)

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Help: Have You Filled Out Your FR Profile Yet? #3

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Help: HTML Cheatsheet

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Help: Wise Words from Jim Robinson (and thanks to him)

Humor: Cats That Look Like Hitler

Humor: Mammoth Hair Color

Inside the Great Pyramid (volume formula for top half)

Islam: Anti-Mullah

Islam: Arafat and King Fahd symbols of world peace?

Islam: Cat Stevens on Salman Rushdie ("Singer Cat Stevens Says Awarded Libel Damages")

Islam: Church to remove Moor-slayer saint

Islam: Hamas victory to have *what* impact on Israel's election (2006)?

Islam: In Era After Arafat, Islamic Militants Are Edging Into Power (I started it)

Islam: Islam Faces a New Era (I started it)

Islam: Israel's delighted leaders

Islam: Palestine Media Watch

Islam: Palestinians made millions selling cheap cement for Fence (I started it)

Islam: Pitchfork Pat Buchanan defends foreign aid for Hamas

Islam: Politically incorrect facts about The Crusades

Islam: Real History of the Crusades

Islam: Real History of the Crusades (2nd thread, msg 24)

Islam: Saddam's infiltration of Jordan (old style topic)

Islam: Testing Egypt, Mubarak Rival Is Sent to Jail (I started it)

Islam: Turkey warns of terror wave if EU membership is rejected

Islam: Voters reverse Islamists' rise in Pakistani politics (I started it)

Israel, Iran, India, Pakistan (my op-ed)

Israel: [Arab squatters] 'made millions' selling cheap cement for barrier they bitterly oppose

JimRob: A public apology to Jim Robinson (his response)

JimRob: Purpose of FR and why we can never support Mitt Romney

JimRob: Statement by the founder of Free Republic

JimRob: Why I'm reversing course on John McCain

Keyword: Gods, Graves, Glyphs

Keyword: Gods, Graves, Glyphs (alpha order)

Keyword: Gods, Graves, Glyphs (old version)

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Keyword: MacUserList

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Mac: 10.2.8 update

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Mac: Allume Systems (formerly Aladdin) d/l area (PC)

Mac: bus error at startup caused by Enternet broadband extension

Mac: Computer Questions: Ethernet, Spyware, Viruses

Mac: Convert Pics to HTML Tables while you wait (also for PC, or anything really)

Mac: How ATA security functions jeopardize your HD data

Mac: Mac anti-rip code surfaces on Sony BMG CD (thanks postaldave for the Windows hint)

Mac: Macintosh / Apple blog (I started it)

Mac: Macs A Key Part Of Controversial Anti-Bush Ads

Mac: Microsoft topics on FR

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Mac: Need advice for a used mac ibook

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Mac: Why Prescription Coverage Is Soooo Needed (#1)

Mac: Why Prescription Coverage Is Soooo Needed (#2)

Mac: Why Prescription Coverage Is Soooo Needed (#3)

Magazines: American Spectator, from R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.

Music: Ariane Lydon

Music: Jem Moore, hammered dulcimer etc

Music: That'd be a good name for a band

Obit: John Mack 1929-2004

Obituary: Jim Horne (NTSA!), a Familiar Face in Ads From the 1950s, Dies at 91

Open Letter On Why I Got Zotted

Personals: 30-Year-Old Grandpa [originally "Family life inspires Kutcher role "] (I started it)

Personals: Can't afford real fakes? Bra offers illusion of gel-filled sacs (thanks Pissant)

Personals: Conservative Match

Personals: Get Your Guy [sic] to Heel (Book to ignore alert)

Personals: Girls Just Want to Be Mean

Personals: Her Bra Belongs To Daddy

Personals: How bad is Chuck Norris! (thanks skaterboy)

Personals: Lennon's amazing tape of lust for mum

Personals: Mexican Women flocking to Holland

Personals: Oh, Fine, You're Right. I'm Passive-Aggressive (thanks martinfierro)

Personals: Sensitive? Step Aside - Study Finds Women on the Pill Prefer Macho Men

Personals: Teacher wed girl in pagan ritual (I started it)

Personals: Wedding guests eat victim (I started it)

Personals: What Japanese Women Want -- A Western Husband

Personals: Why men are attracted to subordinate women

Personals: Why White Men Prefer Asian Women

Personals: Why Women Should Love Fat Men

Physics: "Bosenova" -- Implosion and explosion of a Bose-Einstein condensate (I started it)

Physics: Anti-Gravity Beam Claimed (transluminal propulsion?)

Physics: Artificial Gravity Generator Based on Ceramic Superconductor

Physics: Discovery Of Electrostatic Spin Topples Century-old Theory (thanks forsnax5)

Physics: Ehrenberg–Siday–Aharonov–Bohm Effect (thanks Kevmo)

Physics: Fairie Dust Acronym (thanks medved)

Physics: Gravity Probe B [Is Earth In A Vortex Of Space-Time?]

Physics: Is the Sun really hot? (thanks Super Secret Agent)

Physics: Keyword: Fusion

Physics: Keyword: Podkletnov

Physics: Laser Cooling (I started it)

Physics: Magnetic effects seen in water

Physics: Meet the Indian who took on Stephen Hawking (thanks CarrotAndStick)

Physics: Nanotubes 'don't like' to climb steps

Physics: Philo T. Farnsworth's Fusor experiments (I started it)

Physics: Physicists Announce Possible Violation of Standard Model of Particle Physics

Physics: Predictions on Deep Impact mission (thanks SwordMaker!)

Physics: Putting Light to Work [Nano vibrator / Zipper cavity]

Physics: RejectedElements.gif

Physics: Sansbury Experiment (thanks to medved, who was banned in 2002)

Physics: Scientific maverick's theory on Earth's core up for a test (I started it)

Physics: Speed of Gravity Results 'Incorrect,' Physicist Says (thanks NukeMan)

Physics: String Theory Omnibus on FR (original topic by Dead)

Physics: Time may amend physics laws such as speed of light

Physics: Time, Mechanics and Zeno Undergo Major Revision (thanks Nebullis)

Physics: US No. 1 in Space Warfare (Podkletnov)

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Ping Lists: List of Ping Lists and Their Keepers

Ping Lists: List of Ping Lists and Their Keepers #2 (thanks Asphault)

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Ping Lists: List of Ping Lists and Their Keepers #4 (thanks cgk)

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Ping Lists: List of Ping Lists and Their Keepers #6 (thanks cgk)

Ping Lists: List of Ping Lists and Their Keepers #8 (thanks cgk)

Ping Lists: Old Time Bump List

Ping Lists: Ping List Envy -- How big is your Ping List? (thanks PJ-Comix, and Farmfriend)

Ping Lists: SeaMole's Concise List (thanks SeaMole!)

Politics: China: Attacks on Chinese police rising (I started it)

Politics: Europe: Boycott French Products (message 49, Johnny Depp / Ira Einhorn) NEW LIST

Politics: Europe: Church to remove Moor-slayer saint

Politics: Europe: European Union at the Glance

Politics: Europe: Greek Cypriots reject the solution in Cyprus

Politics: Europe: Malta raises alarm over illegal immigration (I started it)

Politics: Europe: Schroeder, SDP, Greens, Going Down To Defeat (I started it)

Politics: Gulag the Bear (thanks, you of the weird name, Do Not Dub Me Shapka Broham -- I think)

Politics: Israel: Hamas victory to have *what* impact on Israel's election (2006)?

Politics: Israel: Oil, Politics, Israel, US (my title; post #13)

Politics: Israel: Sharon names his new party 'Forward' (Kadima)

Politics: Liberal Institute Interview with Robert Spencer

Politics: Why Is Libertarianism Wrong?

Prediction: (my rejoinder) How Trump Won Re-election in 2020

Prediction: 2056: Looking Backward from a Trump Future

Prediction: Cameron will schedule the UK EU referendum (Oldham West by-election)

Prediction: Piss Christie will endorse the Demagogic Party nominee at the 2024 convention

Prediction: Solar Minimum and CMEs (2018-2019)

Prediction: Will NATO's Turkey join Russia, or Muslim Militants...?

Predictions: 1987 Time Capsule of Predictions on 2012 by Sci-Fi Authors

Predictions: America's Coming Financial Vortex; 6 Predictions for 2009-2012

Predictions: Brexit fallout

Predictions: Cecilia Sarkozy: a French first lady in cowboy boots?

Predictions: Election 2006, Election 2008

Predictions: McCain, Giuliani Top GOP Favorable Ratings (Michigan Poll)

Predictions: Popular Mechanics: 110 Predictions For the Next 110 Years

Predictions: Post your Predictions for 2004

Predictions: Post your Predictions for 2007

Predictions: Post your Predictions for 2009

Predictions: Post your Predictions for 2009

Predictions: Predictions for 2008

Predictions: Predictions for 2014

Predictions: Sterling plunges against dollar ( British Pound )

Predictions: The Coming Oil Crash: Why Oil Prices Will Drop

Predictions: The year 2034, your predictions?

Predictions: World a Century from Now (I started it)

Predictions: World a Year from Now ["Post your predictions for 2006"]

Q&A: How to Get Banned

Resources: 50 Strange Buildings of the World (thanks AdmSmith)

Resources: Comedian Rodney Dangerfield's One-Liners

Resources: Conservative sites

Resources: Digital Blasphemy

Resources: Fallacies of Distraction by Stephen Downes

Resources: free audiobooks from the public domain (volunteer to record one)

Resources: Glenn Beck Twitter page

Resources: Grand Rapids Public Library

Resources: Grand Rapids Public Museum

Resources: HAL9000's Links to News Sources (on GooglePages)

Resources: Internal Revenue Code [26 USC] as of 2004, in HTML (thanks Turret Gunner A20)

Resources: John Derbyshire

Resources: Junior's 15th edition, Ultimate C vs E

Resources: Media Myth Busters

Resources: Message from Jim regarding the War on Terror

Resources: Michael Yon Online

Resources: movie and TV scripts

Resources: The Right Side of Life -- State Initiatives (thanks ForGod'sSake)

Resources: TrueBlueFreedom (interface sucks)

Resources: - News Americans Need (thanks ETL)

Resources: Victor Davis Hanson's Private Papers

Resources: Volume of a Sphere (and more)

Resources: Wordsmyth

Resources: WorldCat Find a Copy of a Book

Resources: Zoho

Space: Asteroids: 2004 MN4 / 99942 Apophis -- Earth Impact Risk Summary

Space: Asteroids: Asteroid May Hit Earth in 2029

Space: Asteroids: First Neptune Trojan Discovered (I started it)

Space: Asteroids: NEO Close Approaches

Space: Comets: History's Greatest Comet Hunter Discovers 1,000th Comet (I started it)

Space: Comets: Novel way to look for comets beyond Neptune (I started it)

Space: Jupiter: Jupiter's Metallic Hydrogen

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Space: Keyword: Space

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Sports: Predictions: Detroit Lions 2008 ["I don't expect them to win even ONE game"]

Sports: Predictions: Detroit Lions for 2006 and 2007 (I must have been crazy)

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Streaming Media: YouTube Downloader Online

Streaming Media: Youtube Video Downloader

SunkenCiv: History books write the winners.

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Ukraine -- Biden's and Putin's joint dismemberment

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War On Terror: Pan_Yan shows the rise in KIAs since Obama