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For the curious: Why Sudetenland?

I chose the name Sudetenland because The Sudetenland stands as a symbol of what happens when appeasement of a tyrant is allowed to stand as foreign policy for a free, democratic nation.

The Sudetenland was part of Czechoslovakia before it was annexed by Hitler. It was the first area seized by Hitler's 3rd Reich and was ceded to Germany and Adolf Hitler by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and French Prime Minister Édouard Daladier in September Czechoslovakian was present at these negotiations.

This was the first of Neville Chamberlain's efforts to negotiate a "Peace for our time."
Editor and publisher of The Houston Conservative

BS in Biology 1975, minors in Geography and Chemistry LSU-Shreveport;
minor in Math, University of Houston.

Lived in Shreveport-La, Houston-Tx, Florham Park-NJ, Algiers-La,
now back in Houston since 1976.

While I was travelling for work, I spent a lot of time in:
Collinsville and Wood River, Illinois-loved it there;
Norco and LaPlace, Louisiana-great food;
Torrence and Wilmington, California-nice weather;
Martinez and Concord, California-north to the beautiful wine country;
Anacortes and Mount Vernon, Washington-one of my favorite places ever;
and Odessa, Texas-not so nice place, very dusty.

First vote cast-Richard Milhous Nixon, 1972. Never once regretted it.
I’ve been a Conservative since before I knew what a Conservative was.