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VVAW, FBI files and John Kerry, What I have found

1. “On September 30, 1971, Robert Malone, Chief of Police, University of Nevada, advised Kerry’s speech at the University was sponsored by the Associated Students of the University of Nevada, and that he was paid $1,200.00, including expenses for his appearance.” Kerry is paid for VVAW speeches, pg 25

2. VVAW pickets restaurant because owner refuses to serve long haired, barefoot and dirty veterans in his place of business. It is also noted that the organization encourages the use of narcotics. VVAW pickets restaurant, pg 28-29

3. VVAW distributes literature at an event that is used to collect intelligence on military tactics and methods in Vietnam. Considering the fact that the VVAW has meetings with the North Vietnam Communists and VVAW members travel to Moscow and Hanoi, this is a very serious matter. VVAW collects military intelligence concerning US tactics and methods in Vietnam War. Pg. 51-57

4. Joseph Urgo, Second Vice-President of VVAW is in North Vietnam August 13, 1971. VP of VVAW in North Vietnam, pg. 92

5. VVAW attorney was in North Vietnam on November 22,1970 and returned with letters from US POW’s. VVAW went to NV, pg. 96

6. Throughout this section of the FBI documents is a constant link between the VVAW’s activities and Communist groups or Communist front groups in the USA. Communist groups, pg. 86

7. VVAW shows a Communist propaganda film “entitled, ‘Evil Hour’, which depicted the effects of United States military actions on children in Vietnam..” Propaganda movie, pg. 101

8. Randy Floyd, President of the VVAW at the University of Texas. to speak in Oslo Norway concerning US war crimes in Vietnam. War crimes Oslo, Norway, pg. 115-116

9. FBI document reveals that, “all members of the VVAW who had traveled to Finland, Moscow, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), England…..” One of the VVAW members that traveled to Moscow had pictures attached to their mid-section of alleged atrocities in Indo-China, pg. 117-118

10. Speakers at a VVAW rally include Socialist/Communists advocating anti American propaganda. Communist groups speakers, pg. 132-139

11. Again the VVAW is using a Communist front organization of the Communist Party USA, in a rally, the YWLL. Communist groups, pg. 142

12. In reading the FBI files concerning John F. Kerry and the VVAW I find several instances where the VVAW is receiving money, directions, and non-monetary support from Communist Organizations in the USA, Europe, Soviet Union, France and Southeast Asia, as well as other countries. So, John Kerry worked for Communist Organizations attempting to overthrow the Government of the United States of America.

13. FBI Documents indicate that while John Kerry was with the VVAW, VVAW leaders met with KGB agents in the US. “VVAW collusion with foreign spies? “The Diplomatic List published by U.S. Department of State, in 1971 listed Grigoriy Sergeyvich Milhaylovskiy as an assistant Military Attache, Embassy of the U.S.S.R., Washington, D.C.”

14. Vietnam Veterans Against the War, John Kerry, FBI files Section 8 (Oct-Nov 1971)

15. Do the FBI Files concerning the VVAW (Kerry’s antiwar group) indicate a plot to assassinate Pres. Nixon?

16. John Kerry caused a fracture in VVAW for his own selfish goals (FBI Files reveal)

17. Kerry, Watergate: DNC Links Caused Break-in? (Kerry lied! Still with the VVAW after February 1972)

18. Lets watch the film of John Kerry and VVAW members throwing combat medals over the fence

19. Treat as Yellow – John Kerry’s VVAW coordinating with the North Vietnam Communist Government when US forces are under attack

20. VVAW leader meets with Communists to discuss tactics in the US antiwar movement. Kerry’s group!

21. Prior to “Dewey Canyon III” Mike Thelan East Coast Coordinator for the VVAW tells a gathering of possible attendants that the VVAW’s official position is not to encourage anyone to commit acts of violence, but that VVAW activists are not “discouraging someone from “doing it”. VVAW activists are not “discouraging someone from committing acts of violence, pg 4

22. FBI files indicate that “VVAW is under active investigation in view of indications of communist and other subversive infiltration”. indications of communist and other subversive infiltration, pg 24

23. Speaker at VVAW antiwar rally Carl Moore makes following statements, “President Nixon is a red baiting Fascist” and “the real problem is Capitalism. All power to the oppressed”. Speaker Carl Moore, pg 30

24. On stage to speak but did not speak at antiwar rally is one “Stanley “The Deacon” Alexander, member of Communist Party USA. Communist Party USA, pg 32

25. Tom Hayden speaking at antiwar rally uses the language of Jihad claiming “that Daniel Ellsberg and Anthony Russo are real Martyars”. Language of Jihad, pg 36

26. One speaker at the rally called for the “elimination of the penal system”. Penal system, pg 37

27. Speaker claims at the rally that, “ the ideal form of government is socialism as it exists in Cuba.” ideal form of government is socialism, pg 38

28. Speeches were given at rally advocating the release of Angela Davis, a self-admitted member of the Communist Party, and facing murder and kidnapping charges. The United Committee to Free Angela Davis founded by CPUSA, (Communist Party USA). Also note at bottom of page the desire to “increase welfare payments. CPUSA, pg 39

29. The VVAW has the SDS and the YSA, Young Socialist Alliance at demonstration. SDS and YSA working with VVAW, pg 69

30. Again we find the VVAW working hand in hand with Communists and Communist front groups. VVAW works with Communists, pg 75-80

31. Membership in the VVAW placed at about 8,500 members nationally. How many Vietnam vets were in the US at this time? And because they did not speak out against the VVAW we all know what happened. VVAW membership numbers, pg 81

32. Read the FBI report concerning a speech given by John Kerry at the University of Nevada, September 30, 1971. Kerry states in this speech, “My ten years of political consciousness in America is very wrapped up in gravestones……the men of Attica and the other 53,000 brothers in Vietnam?. John Kerry speech, pg 86-87

33. An antiwar group (CPPTC) working with the VVAW had also traveled to Hanoi in late 1970 to meet with Communists. People to people peace treaty with North Vietnam, pg 104

34. More support from Communist groups for the VVAW. Communist support, top of pg 111

35. We ask why Senator John Kerry votes against defense and intelligence spending, here may be the answer. page 142, item 2

36. The Black Militant Group in Cairo Illinois that the VVAW has been supplying with food, clothing and guns attacks the local police. Armed Negros Attack Police, these several pages are a must read. Note that in the November 1971 VVAW meeting it is discussed that VVAW supplied the weapons to this Black Militant GroupBlack Militant Group attacks police, pgs 168 – 171The first article you can’t read but follow to the next two articles.

37. VVAW stated goals are to number 9. “To affirm that the membership is not only concerned with ending the war, but changing the domestic, social, political, and economic institutions that have caused and permitted the continuance of war”. The Socialist/Communist agenda, pg 181, item 9

38. VVAW paper identifies John Kerry as “National Spokesman for VVAW. John Kerry Identified as national spokesman, pg 183

39. VVAW collusion with foreign spies? “The Diplomatic List published by U.S. Department of State, in 1971 listed Grigoriy Sergeyvich Milhaylovskiy as an assistant Military Attache, Embassy of the U.S.S>R., Washington, D.C.” VVAW meets with Soviet KGB spy, pg 184-185

40. Back to the future, read John Kerry’s statement to a news paper concerning the Vietnam War, I’ll bet it sounds familiar. “”We are here because we, above all others, have earned the right to criticize the was in South-east Asia. We are here to say that it is not patriotism to ask Americans to die for a mistake and that it is not Patriotic to allow a President to talk about not being the first President to lose a war…..”. Kerry’s speech than sounds like Kerry’s speech now, pg 247

41. Read in the FBI files where John Kerry states, “Ho Chi Minh is the George Washington of Vietnam. Ho studied the United States Constitution and wants to install the same provisions into the Government of Vietnam,” Kerry speaks, pg 248

Is John Kerry a War Criminal and a Traitor?

Consider the following.

After the Tet Offensive of 1968, the Viet Cong were decimated, the North Vietnam Communists were beaten, but with the Socialist leaning press in America and the VVAW’s antiwar protests the North Vietnamese Communists decided to hold on. John Kerry did not join VVAW until after his return from Vietnam in early 1969, and until then VVAW didn’t have very many members (8,500) and were not very successful at getting heard. The FBI reports that VVAW was nearly inactive until the Moratoriums in the fall of 1969. See pg 90 So, the press and the antiwar movement in America prevented the North Vietnamese Communists from surrendering.

This meant that instead of a US victory in South Vietnam and freedom for the South Vietnamese we had about 10,000 more US deaths from the time John Kerry came on board with the VVAW until the end of the war. America’s POW's were being tortured while listening to tapes of John "Traitor" Kerry calling them baby killers. America’s brave soldiers were dieing in the jungles of Vietnam and John Kerry was calling them war criminals.

The VVAW, an antiwar group, founded in the spring of 1967, which Kerry was one of the national leaders of, was receiving directions from the North Vietnamese Communist Government. VVAW in contact with in contact with NV Communist Government

The directions were on how the VVAW should protest the Vietnam War.

The interaction became so depraved, that the North Vietnamese Communist contacted the VVAW via a phone call and advised the VVAW that they were getting ready to start an attack on US troops and that the VVAW was to be prepared to increase the protests against the increase in bombing that the NV Communists were sure would happen. This put our men in further danger because of John Kerry and VVAW actions. VVAW gets directions from the North Vietnamese Communists

Al Hubbard, a leader of the VVAW briefed the NV, Soviets and other communist countries concerning “Electronic Battlefield Vietnam” as to tactics, methods and equipment which put US troops at extreme risk. Link to EBV

John Kerry had no concern for the lives of his fellow soldiers in Vietnam or the POW's, John Kerry only cared about himself and his ambition to become POTUS, whatever the cost.

How many deaths of United States servicemen does John Kerry have on his hands?

How many families has John Kerry's behavior as a VVAW leader and a traitor to his country caused untold pain and suffering to?

How many unnecessary tears have been cried because John Kerry betrayed our trust to help a Communist government?

Does John Kerry still have ties to Communists in America?

John Kerry was an officer in the US Navy during his protests of the Vietnam War, having not received his discharge until 1978.

Why didn't John Kerry speak out just one time against the war crimes of his "Comrades in Arms the North Vietnamese Communists"?

Steven J. Pitkin says about his Winter Soldier testimony. “John Kerry and other leaders of that event pressured me to testify about American war crimes, despite my repeated statements that I could not honestly do so. One event leader strongly implied that I would not be provided transportation back to my home in Baltimore, Maryland, if I failed to comply. Kerry and other leaders of the event instructed me to publicly state that I had witnessed incidents of rape, brutality, atrocities and racism, knowing that such statements would necessarily be untrue.”

I've also been wondering why Kerry never reported the atrocities he supposedly witnessed while in Vietnam. Maybe because Kerry may have never witnessed any atrocities while he was in Vietnam. The VVAW leaders were meeting with the North Vietnamese Communist Government, leaders of the Communist Party in Moscow, and possibly the KGB, leaders of the Communist Party International in Paris, leaders of the Communist Party USA, and last but not least the group of Communists in South Vietnam that backed the North Vietnamese Communists.

These Communist groups were directing the VVAW leaders as to what they wanted them to do, when they wanted them to do it, and that is what the VVAW did.

So in a nutshell, when the world communist leaders told Kerry and his VVAW group what to do, that is what they did, no questions asked.

Then there is this posted by Freeper Quilla!

In the last few weeks several political insiders have forgotten themselves and referred to TWA Flight 800, the airliner, which exploded in July of 1996 just east of New York City, as a terrorist incident. But only one has done it twice.

That person is Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts. Appearing on "Larry King Live" on Sept. 11 of this year, Kerry suggested that TWA Flight 800 was brought down by a terrorist act. The second admission took place on Sept. 24 on "Hardball" with Chris Matthews. On this occasion, Kerry casually recited a number of terrorist attacks against the United States, among them TWA "Flight 800." Like Larry King before him, Chris Matthews either did not catch the remark or chose to let it pass.

And that there is this posted by Freeper Fedora:

According to Newsweek magazine, Kerry met with Liu Chaohying, a Hong Kong businesswoman who wanted to have her company listed on the U.S. Stock Exchange. Kerry lobbied on her behalf by helping to organize a meeting between Liu Chaohying and a senior Securities and Exchange (SEC) official.

In return, Kerry accepted a $10,000 contribution in the form of a Beverly Hills Fundraise on Sept 9, 1996, less than a month before the election, Newsweek reported.

It would later be established that Liu Chaohying was not simply a profit-motivated businesswoman, but rather a lieutenant colonel in the Communist China's Peoples Liberation Army.

Newsweek reported that more than $28,000 in illegal contributions were funneled into the campaign of then President Bill Clinton and Kerry, and that "the contributions came out of $300,00 in overseas wire transfers sent on orders from the chief of the Chinese military intelligence - and routed through a Hong Kong bank account controlled by Liu Chaohying."

The Los Angeles Times reported that Senator Kerry sent 28 letters on behalf of San Diego defense contractor Parthassarthi "Bob" Majumder between 1996 and 1999 in order to "free up federal funds" for a guided missile system designed by Majumder. In return, court documents show, Majumder induced his employees to contribute approximately $25,000 to Senator Kerry's campaign, while paying them proceeds from the government tracts in return