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?This Is the FBI?Can We Talk??

A Satirical Political Beliefs Assessment Test

Aliens Cause Global Warming

Are They Right? (How two Brits view the state of American conservatism)

Boat owners say they were fearful during Coast Guard search

Brazoria County goes to court over speed limits

Design and the Anthropic Principle

ELECTION 2004: Arizona

Fighting Political Correctness, our next Issue?

How Did We Get a Federal Curriculum?

HUMOR BREAK - Cows and Politics..........

HUMOR BREAK - Cows and Politics

Libs: Clinton More Popular Than Reagan

Living the outlaw life: Freeing your inner outlaw

Mom Takes Fall, Serves Detention for Daughter ("School discipline. Parental rights")

NJ teen unlocks iPhone from AT&T network

Our orphaned Constitution

People over 35 should be dead.

Plymouth father is arrested for using belt on son, 12

Reading the New York Times; an exercise in masochism


Ronald Reagan Dies at 93

Supreme Court: people convicted of crime overseas can still own gun

The Audacity to Be Black and Conservative

The Five Worst CEOs of 2007

The Gipper and the HedgehogHow an "amiable dunce" outsmarted the world.

The Road to Victory Begins Now: Conservative Goals for the Next Four Years

The Service: Moving Tributes to A Friend and Mentor

Two Cows (Humor)

U.S. Navy Photo of the Day: Goodbye, F-14 Tomcat. We miss you. Thank you for defending the U.S.A.

Uncle Sam wants you... to explain this $50 cash deposit

Use of roadblocks means a loss of civil liberties

Why Limit Government?