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WELDON'S SPECIAL ORDER ON "ABLE DANGER" ~~ The truth behind Sept 11, 2001.....

"Able Danger" & 9/11 Foreknowledge

"Waas" up?! Where are those 20,000 CIA documents?

#SethRich COMPLETE TIMELINE - All the facts in one place

16 SHTF Barter Items to Stockpile

2005: The Splintering of the Democratic Party

9/11 Coverup Commission

A Pattern of Contempt for Security

A View From the Right: The Post and Me

Able Danger, 9-11 Report, Gorelick, and so much more...

Able Danger: Zaid's Rebuttal To The AP

Biden Nods as Breitweiser Claims Tenet, FBI Agents Merit Death as Much as Moussaoui

Book Review - Liberal Fascism

Bush's Brain Author Central Figure in Rather-Gate

CIA Leak, Mary McCarthy Link Roundup


Clinton: In treason's shadow

Coal in Your Car’s Tank

Complete Primer: PRC Penetration of U.S. Security

Connecting the Saddam-Osama Dots: Contacts between al Qaeda and Saddam's Iraq are beyond dispute

Defend Civilization Itself

Dinesh D'Souza: Reagan won the Cold War

Do You Want to Live Forever?

Document: Saddam Regime Training and Using Foreign Arab Terrorists As Suicide Bombers. (Translation)

Downside Legacy on Missile Defense, ABM, etc

Downside Legacy on THE RECOUNT to 12/2/00 (Caution: Large)

Dr. Corsi (Unfit for Command) To Reveal Democrats Connection to The Terror Masters of Iran!

Excellent No-Charge Linux Books – Learn About Linux – For Beginners

Final Update: Streaming Video/Audio Links

FLASHBACK: Front Page Headlines -- May 4, 1999 -- Day FR Treason Ad Ran in WashTimes

Fox News Streaming 9/11 Coverage

Freeper Alamo-Girl's Downside Legacy (DSL) Site Receives an Upgrade

Haditha- Horror... or Hoax?

Hillary has No Campaign Rallies Scheduled on her Calendar! What’s Wrong with Her?

History of FR

House Floor Statement by Rep Weldon. June 27,2005( Ignored by the MSM ) Full Trancript, Long read

How Chinagate Led To 9-11

How to delete everything Google knows about you

How to Understand Scientific Studies and Epidemiology

Inventing An Epidemic

Iraq and WTC Bombing -- Original Articles 1993, 1994

Iraq-al Qaeda link comes in focus

Islam, a Religion of Peace®? Some links...

Islam, a Religion of Peace®? Some links...

JournoList: 65 Names Confirmed (so far ...)

Just a reminder: Free Republic is a conservative site

Krauthammer "Democratic Realism" (Must read and bookmark!)

Learn about "The Wall" - MUST MUST READ - Weldon/Atta

Liars-- and Sleaze, Incorporated... ( my files on the clintons and friends )

Links to Obama's Muslim ties

Logic and Rhetoric: Misadventure in the Search for Truth at Free Republic

Margaret Sanger Freeped! Registered's Image of Margaret Sanger Now #5 on Google

Mark Steyn: A war for civilisation

Mark Steyn: Facing Down Iran

Michelle Obama’s Black Separatist Background: What Does It Mean for All Americans?

Missing the Big Story: The CIA's War with the White House

More Connections Between Saddam and Osama

More Details for the Obama Files by John Batchelor

More info on Mohammed Atta and Iraqi Consul in Prague

Mullahs' Threat Not Sinking In

Not Me, but YOU People are shell-shocked!!

Outline of Clinton Scandals

Patronizing Propaganda

Pentagon Blocks Testimony at Senate Hearing on Terrorist (Able Danger Hearing)

Perpetuating The Big Lie: Steven Brockerman debunks the catastrophic global-warming myth

Phony War

Polar scientists on thin ice -- The Deniers Part IV

Prophet Of Doom

Quick - google Dietrich Snell. Explains a lot about AttaGate.

Ramzi Yousef, Oklahoma City, and Al Qaeda: Linked in Documents?

Rather-Gate: List of Events UPDATED

Real-life 'X-Files'? CIA posts trove of UFO documents

Report: Who Are Iraq's New Leaders? What Do They Want? ~~

Saddam and Osama Bin Laden Worked Together for Over a Decade

Saddam Regime Document: Iraqi Intelligence met with Bin Laden in 1995 (Translation)

Saddam WMD: Findings and Analysis Based on Captured Iraqi Documents (Part I)


Saddam, the ATM of Al Qaeda

Social Security by the Numbers (from a mutual fund's newsletter)


Spygate - or how the US intelligence tried to depose a duly elected president (huge graphic)

The "Actual" 2nd Amendment - How our Founders expected it to be read and used.

The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities

The Agenda of Islam - A War Between Civilizations

The Bush "Guard memos" are forgeries!

The Clinton Intel Record<br>Deeper failures revealed.


The collaboration of Iraq and al Qaeda.

The Cost of Life (Clinton/Gore Sellout of Security for Campaign Contributions) **FR EXCLUSIVE**

The Cost of Life (Clinton/Gore Sellout of Security for Campaign Contributions) **FR EXCLUSIVE** #2

The Facts about Bush and the National Guard - The Democratic charges fall apart.

The game has not changed, we face the same enemy, same challenges. The Beast never dies!

The Iraq Documents

The Middle Eastern (Iraq) Connection to Oklahoma City (1995 Official Congressional Prior Warning)

The mystery of the French hostages

The OKC Bombing Roundup--

The Phony Plame “Outing” Story

The Psychoanalytic Roots of Islamic Terrorism

The Suicide Bombers Among Us

The Theory of Comparative Advantage

The War Against World War IV

Twisting the Al-Qaida Connection [Iraq]

Wahhabi Islam: General Overview

War in the Absence of Strategic Clarity


Washington Wrap (Smears for Fears: How Kerry's Boat just keeps sinking)

WEB RESOURCES FOR FReepers: Amazing lists of useful links

Weldon: Pentagon just trying to cover its backside (Full text of congressman's floor speech)

What I Saw At The Coup

What must be done now (Sir Jeremy Greenstock on Iraq: MUST READ FOR OVERALL STRATEGY)


Will the West survive?

Wilsongate: Motive, Means, and Opportunity


World War IV: The nature of the war we face

Would like freeper help

Zionism in Crisis