Since Sep 7, 2005

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I’m a Colorado Transplant. Since the first term of Moonbeam Brown, Colorado has infiltrated by liberal California and finally became untenable for me. The long winters didn’t do much to help either. I really love both the climate and the people in Arkansas. I can’t recommend it if you are the least bit wildlife adverse or mind the occasional tornado or ice storm. If it bites, stings, or is poisonous, it probably lives under your house. Every day I meet some new kind of mammal, bird, lizard, snake or insect. The adventure is half the fun.

I only brought one rule with me when I came down here. The rule was that I would never try to tell the locals, “That’s not how we did it where I came from.” I figure that if we did it so well there, why the hell am I here. The Kalefornians never liked that response much.