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Should We Repeal the Law of Supply and Demand?

I did breakfast early this morning at McDonalds near a large ATLANTA institution construction site with hundreds of workers on a cold Saturday morning. McDonalds was crowded with them. The women behind the counter were obviously family of some of the construction workers, all macho. All construction workers were Hispanic. Almost all were Mexican. Many were obviously recent immigrants. A significant number were teenagers. Some appeared to be as young as 14. The teenagers might qualify as Dreamers. (I have experience since 1962 developing this skill of recognizing them.

Were these young teenagers here on Saturday morning on a take your son to work day? Or do they work here 6 days a week? I did not ask. Mostly I eaves dropped on their conversations in Spanish.

Construction is booming in the US (except Illinois and a few isolated places). There is a shortage of people qualified to be construction workers. The number one requirement is to come to work on time, be sober with no hangover, not high on pot or other drugs, and willing to do what needs to be done. That criteria excludes some unemployed people, and some employed people who would like the higher pay scale that construction has over fast food. In Atlanta, go to a fast food place where non-Hispanics are employed. Watch how the employees arrive to work and smoke a joint, or take a drink while in their car before coming in to work. Watch how they go to their car on break and smoke a joint. These people are not qualified for the higher paying construction jobs.

There is a big demand for people willing and able to work in Atlanta, and apparently in most of the US. How will the demand for workers be filled? Should we repeal the law of supply and demand? Should we restrict the availability of people willing to work and kill Trump's economic boom becuae we don't like the law of supply and demand?