Since Feb 9, 2005

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Hmmm what to say.... First the name says it all. I am from the state of Florida and I am stuck up in this cold and forbidding place called New Jersey. Experiences so far in this wretched state are that folks around here are generally rude and ill mannered. Not all of course, that would be to big of a generalization. God but I don't want to stay here long....
Any way the job is the reason I am here. Just wish I could find a comparable paying job some where south of Maryland.

Now on to the list of my favorites:

Favorite president: Reagan (who else?)
Favorite Food: Seafood Gumbo (mmmmmm good stuff!)
Favorite Movie: (This is a tough one) True Grit.
Favorite Animal: Wolves. (yes there is a reason)
Favorite Song: "I am your gun" by Jethro Tull. Below Are the lyrics:

Blew my smoke on a sunny day,
when the first black powder came my way.
Hot lead ball from a muzzle cold
to win fair lady and take your gold.
I know it hardly seems the time
(I am your gun)
to talk of blue steel so sublime.
(I am your gun)
I can understand your point of view.
(I am your gun)
To tell the truth I'd scare me too.

Matchwheel and flintlock,
they all caught your eye.
Pearl-handled ladies' models, scaled down to size.
I am the peacemaker, so the theory goes.
But I don't choose the company I keep and it shows.
I am your gun.
Love me, I'm your gun.

Maxim and Browning, they helped me along.
Stoner, Kalashnikov thrilled to my song.
Now one of me exists, for each one of you,
So how can you blame me for the things that I do?

Now I take second place to the motor car
(I am your gun)
in the score of killing kept thus far.
(I am your gun)
And just remember, if you don't mind
(I am your gun)
it's not the gun that kills but the man behind.

I guess I should post a pic of my ugly old self....Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Alfred E