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"Explicit statistical evidence of massive ballot tampering in Palm Beach, Fl"

'Jihad in America': Author explains how he made video, lived to tell about it

A Funny Sort of Empire (Long read, but worth it)

A Whiff of Rot & Corruption

Al Gore Reviews "The Two Towers" (Featuring The Gorrem)

Al Qaeda nukes are reality, intelligence says

Alan Greenspan, The Founding Fathers, and Gold

America's Dirge (or: Is It Really Too Late? Sobering Thoughts from Vin Suprynowicz)

American Fascism

Anthrax Sent Through Mail Gained Potency by the Letter

Battlefield Middle Earth -- by Elrond Hubbard

Big Discovery Will Rock Hawaii's Environmental Community

Business As Usual?

Bye-bye Bismarck

CA: Bay Area job losses are largest in nation

Case Closed

Collusion Memos

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFRs)


Crouching Gollum, Hidden Balrog

Davy Crocket: Congress Has No Power To Give To Charity

Democrat Vote Fraud - A Short History

Dems coiling to strike again: Neal Boortz advises Republicans against becoming arrogant

Denmark: A Case Study in Social Democracy

Disarming America

Does a Falling Money Stock Cause Economic Depression?

Downside Legacy on THE RECOUNT

Earnings Deflation -- Economic Commentary by John Mauldin

Economic Profit vs. Accounting Profit

Economic Statistics

Economy is set on idle: Nation's use of capacity is nearing a modern low

Ethics from the Barrel of a Gun: What Bearing Weapons Teaches About the Good Life

Evolution through the Back Door

FBI let innocents get death sentences (to protect mafia links): report

Fifth Edition of the Lexicon of FreeRepublic * * A helpful FR dictionary for newcomers * *

Final Zogby poll numbers VS Results of Election Night (A FR Archive thread)

Forecasting Crashes and Recessions: What Macroeconomists Don't Know

FRAUD?: Summary of how the votes were altered in Florida

Frédéric Bastiat's Views on the Nature of Money

Gene Silencing

Gentlemen of the Jury


Government Terrorism

Great Myths of the Great Depression

Gun Control's Twisted Outcome

Gun Control: A Realistic Assessment

Historical Party Strength in Congress 1789-2005 (reference)

How many Freepers does it take to change a lightbulb?

How Recessions Become Depressions

How the British broke the Thugs of India and how to apply those methods against terrorists

HTML Bootcamp (or how did they make that cool post/reply?)

HUMOR BREAK: Two Cows (very funny, with great anti-Hillary joke at end)

Ignorant About the American Constitution?

Inflation and the American Revolution

Inflation, Disinflation and Deflation

IRS - so that's what it feels like to be completely screwed!


It's not the President, stupid (EXCELLENT!!)

It's time for a posting refresher course (Welcome Newbies)

Jail 4 Judges

Join the FReeper Coalition to Expose Election Rigging

Kennedy?s Libertarian Revolution. Lawrence?s reach.

Limits of the Power of Congress to Criminalize (Thomas Jefferson)

Living in post-constitutional America

Lying Scholars Fuel Anti-Gun Court Verdicts

Macro Seduction

Madison on the "General Welfare" of America: His Consistent Constitutional Vision

Mandatory Libertarianism

Moral Stupidity by Orson Scott Card (OSC)

Morality Requires God ... or Does It?

Morality Requires God...Or Does It? [Thread Two]

Mussolini: The Doctrine of Fascism

New Rules On Race

Newsweek's "Case"Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenball get the Osama-Saddam memo wrong.

Our scientists grow human body part

Pacific Coin: The Untold Story (Must read; no comfort for the Davis campaign).

PATRIOT Act Ctitique

Polar Ice Sheets and Global Sea Level: How Well Can We Predict the Future?

Political Systems explained, from communism to capitalism

Predictions of Federal Tyranny


Propaganda Techniques [Free Republic]

Reference For Excerpting Articles - Please Read And Bookmark.

Regulatory Law-Making

Related Publications in the LAT/WP vs Free Republic Settlement Agreement

Republics and Democracies

Restroom Signs (18 and over language)

Ron Paul - What Happened to Conservatives?

Secret Foster Case Witness Speaks Out After Seven Year Silence

Staring into the Singularity

STATE OF IDAHO v. HORIUCHI: Read the Dissenting Opinion

Statistics point to more than random error in Florida vote

Taxation is Theft

Th Infamous "Disputed Election" of 1876

The "General Welfare" Clause. What Does It Really Mean?

The Armed Defense of Liberty

The Commerce Clause: Route to Omnipotent Government

The Commons and the Tragedy of Banking

The Dollar Crisis: An interview with Richard Duncan

The Election Fraud Theory

The Embarrassing Second Ammendment

The Emerson Decision (federal trial court)

The Free Republic FAQ

The Greatest Depression Is Coming

The importance of speaking English

The New "Sons of Liberty"

The Original Meaning of the Commerce Clause

The Politics of Groping

The RIAA Succeeds Where the Cypherpunks Failed

The Role of Spending on Deficits

The Sign of the Bear Points to Trouble Ahead

The Sophistries of Capitalism

THE TRIUMPH OF MENDACITY/ A Country Governed By Lies (long read)

They call this a consensus? - Part XXV

Thread 2 - Evidence Shows How the Palm Beach Democrats Voided Bush and Buchanan Ballots

TOLERANCE: The Enlightenment Vs Multi-Culturalism

Trust The People: The Case Against Gun Control

Unsafe at Any Speed

Vanity on Choosing Topics

Vanity: Why this Libertarian is voting for Bush

VIN SUPRYNOWICZ: 'They'll break into your house ... '

What U.S. spies would like to tell you

Why can't I own nuclear weapons? The Second Amendment guarantees it! [THREAD TWO]

Will Higher Money Supply Growth Help?

Will Spacecraft ever Go Faster than the speed of Light?

WILLIAM BANTING: The Father of the Low-Carbohydrate Diet

Wonderful world

WorldNetDaily Exclusive: 'How Democrats steal elections'

WTC: Great Picture Update