Since Mar 26, 1998

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"There are some who call me.... Tim??" Not my real name... if you understand this, then..... we are kindred spirits. It's my test.

Been here since '98. Found FR during the breaking news of the Lewinsky scandal. Have been hooked ever since.

Ronald Reagan is my hero... Before RR, I was a cynical youth who believed government was completely evil and could do NO good. When Reagan convinced Congress to index income taxes to inflation, I realized that, no matter how screwed up things are... GOOD people, in government CAN DO good things; ie; it DOES matter who we elect.

I'm a native Texan... Longhorn grad... but, now live in Kentucky. It's not Texas, but... the weather's better!

I am a Chemical Engineer by training... now, a Global Sales Manager. In the past 19 years, have logged more than 3 Million flight miles visiting more than 60 different countries.

All I can say is... God Bless America. :-)

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