Since Mar 26, 2007

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For those of you who still don't know who the real McCain is, just follow the links below if you need reminding or enlightening:

 Military and Related Foreign Policy Issues

1. Agrees with Democrats that our Foreign Policy has been arrogant and we need to be more humble.
2. Voted against bill that would impose sanctions against foreign governments and companies that invest more than $20 million in Iran's energy sector until the president certified to Congress that Iran had dismantled its weapons of mass destruction Here and Here
3. McCain graduates from Annapolis, 894th out of a class of 898.  McCain had conflicts with higher-ups, and he was disinclined to obey every rule.
4. McCain loses the first of five aircraft he will lose over the period of his career as a Naval Pilot, contributing to him becoming a reverse Ace.  Poore states circa 1960.  Article here states 1958.  Ace McCain 
5. McCain graduates from flight training.  He is required to do six arrested landings aboard the Training Aircraft Carrier, the USS Antietam, in the Gulf of Mexico to be certified.  He completes two.
6. McCain joins 26 other Republicans to vote with the Majority Party Congressional Democrats to demand U.S. Troops exit Lebanon, winds up on the losing side.
7. McCain co-sponsors an unsuccessful bill to cut off funding of United States troops in Somalia
8. McCain and John Kerry release the Select Committee report urging the MIA issue be put to rest so that Vietnam could be granted normalized relations with the U.S., over objections by MIA family and veterans groups. 
8. McCain announces he deplores the Swift Boat adds against Senator John Kerry, and asks the White House to refute them.
9. McCain declares, "I want us in the ICC (International Criminal Court)", but I would like to see more safeguards first
10. McCain joins Dole to write op-ed for the Washington Post, states in part, "We should publicly remind Khartoum that the International Criminal Court has jurisdiction to prosecute war crimes...
11. McCain states he will close Guantanamo Bay terrorist detainment center on his first day in office
12. McCain's Gitmo problem, close the base, grant Geneva Convention status, stop water boarding...
13. McCains speech to the World Affairs Council, Europe may get veto power over some of our foreign policy...
14. McCain announces support for severe cutbacks on our nuclear weapons, withdrawing battlefield nukes from Europe and giving our nuclear waste to an international body
15. McCain states, "I disagreed strongly with the Bush administration's mismanagement of the war in Iraq.
16. McCain still wants us to sign the L.O.S.T. treaty in time, but does have concerns over sovereignty issues.
17. McCain Defends John Kerry on Defense matters
18. Wants to close Guantanamo and give Terrorists modified military trials with some of the same rights as our civil court system.
19. March 13, 2000 - Declare he would do the following on his first day in office: "The first thing I would do," the candidate answered, "is call in John Kerry, Bob Kerrey, Joe Biden, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger, Dick Lugar, Chuck Hagel and several others and say we've got to get foreign-policy, national-security issues back on track."

 Moral and Social Issues and Positions

1. Support for embryonic stem cell research (Murder of unborn babies).
2. Wants to moderate or soften the Pro-Life plank of the GOP Platform. See Here and Here and Here.
3. Has flip-flopped on overturning Roe vs. Wade.
4. Divorced his wife after he got back from Vietnam. The same woman who remained true to him and raised his kids while he was imprisoned.
5. Strongly against Same Sex Marriage Ban Constitutional Amendment
6. McCain leads the opposition to the Coats Amendment, preventing government funded fetal tissue research ( derived from "a legal act" [abortion] )  Amendment defeated!
7. 1999/08/19 - McCain stated, ""Certainly in the short term, or even the long term, I would not support repeal of Roe vs. Wade,"
8. 2007/06/00 - McCain joins Baldwin, Shays and Meehan to file an amicus brief against the Wisconsin Right to Life organization  brief  The wrong side of a pro-life issue, helping pro-abort Feingold
9. 2004/06/04 - McCain signs letter with 58 Senators, "We write to urge you (President Bush) to expand the current federal policy concerning embryonic stem cell research
10. Considers a Pro-Choice position on Abortion OK for likely candidates (Tom Ridge) for Vice-President in his Administration. How can anyone think he will keep his promise to nominate Pro-Life Supreme Court Justices if he thinks so little of the Pro-Life cause to even consider a Pro-Death VP?

 Fiscal Issues

1. Socialist Approach to Economics I.:  
Supports Windfall Profit Tax
2. Socialist Approach to Economics II.:  Will Regulate CEO Pay
3. Socialist Approach to Economics III.:  Wants to bail out sub-prime losers (many of which are either illegal aliens or lied on thier applications) with US tax money.
4. Socialist Approach to Economics IV.:  Wants to implement a socialist Health Care proposal that includes providing tax-coffer monies (your tax dollars) to the states to provide Health Care Insurance for those who either refuse to pay for it, or are unable to afford it (mostly illegal aliens).
5. Socialist Approach to Economics V.:  Thinks and states that Pharmaceutical companies are evil
6. Voted against President Bush’s tax cuts (called them tax-cuts for the rich)
7. Voted against repealing the death tax.
8. John McCain's Top 10 Class-Warfare Arguments Against Tax Cuts
9. Total support for global warming scam, including the Carbon Cap-and-Trade system. See Here


1. Gang of Fourteen (Kept some of President Bush’s best judges from being presented for a vote) See here and here
2. McCain tells Clinton supporters they should back him because he voted for Ginsberg and Breyer
3. 1988/02/11 - McCain votes to affirm Anthony Kennedy as a justice for the SCOTUS
4. 1990/10/02 - McCain votes to Confirm Justice David H. Souter from New Hampshire to be an Associate Justice on the SCOTUS Court
5. 1993/08/10 - McCain joins the Democrats and most Republicans voting to confirm Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the worst justice on the court today.  Three Republicans vote Nay.
6. 1994/07/24 - McCain joins with the Democrats to confirm nominee Stephen Breyer to be an Associate Justice on the SCOTUS.  Nine Senators voted Nay...

 Legislation Fathered by McCain

1. McCain-Fiengold (Assault on Free Speech, Gun Groups and Pro-Life Groups)
2. McCain-Kennedy (Amnesty for criminal Illegal Aliens)
3. McCain-Lieberman (50 cents a gallon tax)
4. McCain-Edwards-Kennedy    (Many Democrat inspired bad rules included in this monstrosity)

 Gun-Rights - 2nd Amendment Issues

1. F grade from Gun-Owners of America.
2. C grade from NRA.
3. 2000/11/20 - McCain participates in the production of a gun control spot for Oregon's Proposition Five.  (Circa this date, prior to the November election.)
4. 2001/05/15 - McCain introduces the Gun Show Loophole bill S890, with Carper, Lieberman, DeWine, Clinton, and Schumer co/sponsoring.

 General All-Around Unreliability on Conservative and GOP issues

1. 65% score from American Conservative Union in 2006
2. Flirted with the idea of crossing over to the Dems in 2004.
3. Refuses to drill in ANWR. See here and here
4. Has accepted funding from Soros and Teresa Heinz-Kerry for his institute
5. "I think the Democrat Party is a fine and I have no problems with it, in their views and philosophy"
6. Missed 60.8 % of all votes. Most of any Senate Member
7. The list of shame: John McCain's votes against the GOP and conservatism in general. Read them and weep Freepers!