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A Day in the Life of President Bush (10-07-06): Christening of the USS George H. W. Bush

A Day in the Life of President Bush (10-14-06): Dedication of the U.S. Air Force Memorial

A Day in the Life of President Bush (8-20-06): Tribute to the First Lady

A Day in the Life of President Bush (First Anni. of Hurricane Katrina—many photos): 8-29-06

A historic day in the life of President Bush (9/10/06): photographic remembrance of 9/11/06

American Idol 2005--Live Thread

American Idol 2006--Live Thread

American Idol 2006--Live Thread (Part II)

American Idol 2006--Live Thread (Part III)

American Idol 2007--Live Thread (Part I)

American Idol 2007--Live Thread (Part II)

Are We In A World War? You Be The Judge ... (great resource!)

Elmo 1 (These are funnier if you view them consecutively :)

Elmo 2

Elmo 3

Elmo 4

Elmo--The Story Continues!

Fox Forces Climate Crap on "24" (Rush: "that dunce Chloe")

Katrina, a photographic timeline: Powerful proof that federals response was NOT slow

Katrina: A timeline -- proof the Federal response was NOT SLOW

Live Commentary Of The Barbara Walters Interview with George & Laura Bush (1-14-05)

My obsession with The Andy Griffith Show

Paul Newman Winding Down Acting Career (denies he'll run for Senate/bashes Bush)

Rush Talks 24 ("I didn't like the last three minutes of the final episode")

Rush Talks 24 ("I have got to slap you people back to reality!")

Rush Talks 24 (Chloe "was fabulous!", compares 24's wimpy president to John Kerry)

Rush Visits Set Of 24 ("Folks, it was a huge shock ... I had so much fun.")

So You Think You Can Dance -- Live Thread (yeah, yeah, I know :)

The 2005 CMA Awards--Live Thread

The Amazing Race IX: Official Thread

The Amazing Race X: Official Thread

The Amazing Race--All Stars: Official Thread

The Amazing Race: Family Edition--Live Thread

The Cindy Sheehan Quiz :)

Wise Advice From Retrokitten (and it's funny, too :)