Since Nov 7, 2005

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Mark 7/16/2020. Trump is losing right now. It's not acceptable to post warnings of this here. "Trump will win 2020 because he won in 2016" is what we read here. I really hope he wins, but right now it's looking real bad for us.

Americans want :
1) To be under home arrest, not allowed out of their homes
2) to be forced to wear a mask just to walk out to their mailbox
3) schools to remain closed indefinitely, kids home, public school teachers paid as if they were working
4) Big monthly stimulus checks to pay the bills

Americans are at heart totalitarians who don’t trust Americans, even themselves, to have any freedom of choice (except maybe abortion)

Till the next poll

Daily we are fed that those are what we need by the media (except anti-police BLM/Antifa protests/riots which are exempt), then they poll their viewers and guess what results?

Their viewers repeat it to the media pollsters and the same media report it to us daily , and eventually we agree too.

If everyone believes it then it must be we that are wrong

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