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Since Feb 21, 2005

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A lurker throughout 2004 during the Presidential election year, I made my first posts in early 2005 while watching in disbelief the public murder of Terri Schiavo.

“I don’t want anyone trying to feed that girl... the law of the case is that she is going to die”
— pseudo judge George W. Greer from the bench in 2001.

Isn’t it ironic that the Florida Supreme Court uses a separation of powers argument to strike down Terri’s Law? Talk about a violation of separation of powers! It is intentional that there are three branches so that two can overcome the one when it has clearly failed. And yet here we have the one tyrannical Judiciary branch having the last word ... again. [and this was one single judge (Greer) who had significant ties to the vultures in the assisted suicide movement - an incredible conflict of interest that was not addressed!]

"What better proof of what Terri really wants than the fact that she is still alive 14 years later! If Terri really wanted to die , she would have, on her own (edit: with God's assent of course ), long ago." ... 2/21/2005 Servant of the Cross

RE: my screenname - when I joined, the only thing I thought I would ever post about was Terri Schiavo. Silly me. Politics brings out the little devil in me I guess. I did ask the Mods to change it to Iseektobeaservantofthecrossbutfaildaily. Still waiting.

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