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"Courage" - Margaret Thatcher's thoughts on Ronald Reagan

"Does Scripture Allow for Self-Defense?"

"We Found Out The Truth About the Serbs...When We Were Shot Down"<

A Few of FR's Finest....Every Day....01-21-03...The American Idea

A GREAT GERMAN WORD--Schadenfreude

Anatomy of a Photograph (more media bias and omission)

Andrew Sullivan: Now they recognise Reagan's greatness

AP Mis-identifies Random Black Dude As Obama

Archaeologist believes Jesus was a stone mason

Asking for firearm advice/suggestions - Shotgun?

Avian Flu Preparedness Project

Avian Flu Surveillance Project

Clinton: The First American President to Commit Genocide in Europe


Dance-off Led to Rumble

David Bowie fine after heart op

David Bowie Gets Lolipop Thrown In Eye During Concert (Gotta See This)

David Bowie names FreeRepublic as Site of the Week

David Bowie's bonds hit low note (Credit Rating Now Only One Grade Above "Junk")

david Bowie: I Won't Live in Britain Again

Emergency Preparedness (year's supply of food, 72 hour kit)

Freepers Protest CBS

Hasselhoff claims he had hand in Berlin Wall falling

Henry VII's chapel found at Greenwich (England)

Iran to Bush: 'Return to Christianity'

Karl Roves's Man in the DNC (humor)

Kosovo - Rough Links, Names

Looking for advice on a gun for self defense in the case of roaming gangs of looters.

McCartney, Jagger, Bowie, The Who Come To NY's Aid

Nato 'deliberately attacked civilians in Serbia'

NATO Finally Admits Serbs Did Not Commit Genocide Killings

Need some advice buying a used car

Noonan: When character was king: David Limbaugh celebrates the irrepressible Ronald Reagan

Overexposed! A photo of Dick Cheney is unexpectedly revealing. (Help find the pic!)

Plane Crashes into World Trade Center

Post your Girlyman Kerry Photos Here

Raise a toast to marital bliss, and its price tag of $26,000

Reagan essays reveal his intellect

Reagan's Son Marks Reagan Revolution...

Ronald Reagan: A Time For Choosing

Shroud of Turin Looking More Genuine, Researcher Contends.

So Your Computer is Running Slow - Here's your fix

Stop the presses! Jesus didn't really die on the cross!

Survey: Homeowners don't believe in real estate bubble

Teaching Women About Safety, Firearms

The Ebay Haunted Painting (Mass hysteria/hoax/sales scam or not, the painting is creepy)

The Finns give us what might be the worst music video EVER

The Other Shroud of Christ.

The Reagan Years: Your Favorite Photos

The real Reagan: Joseph Farah on best biography ever written of former president

The Serbs Chose War

Top 10: Roadside Americana

Top 10: Rock Myths

Vast Right Wing Knitting and Needleworkers Circle: Friday Stitch and....

Vindicating the Serbian People: An 'Aerial' Counter-Attack

What Is the Greatest Musical Work of All Time?

Work Hard, Earn Less?

Would like freeper help

Yale Students Perform Prank of the Century, Almost