Since Jan 21, 2006

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I am a NYC taxi driver and do that for a living 7 days a week (which includes a 24 hour shift on Saturday if I feel nuts enough) to help pay for the $630k that was given to Tom Cruise by New York City Council member Margarita Lopez for Toms $cientology 911 fireman detox center. Yes I am very sarcastic.

My favorite station is WABC 770 AM here in NYC.. Curtis and Kuby in the morning, then 1010 WINS, then I tune in when Rush comes on then the Rush repeater Sean Hannity. It drives my liberal passengers crazy and I love it. I call in quite a few times while on the road.

Ask me anything about NYC and I will know the answer, from the people to the locations. I know where all the famous live or lived (for example Bob Dylan lived at 161 W. 4th street when he first came to NYC from Minn. in 1961 for $60 bucks a month! 9 months later he had a 5 year record deal with Columbia which was amazing considering back then he only sang other peoples songs and had not yet written any of his own)

My least favorite spot in NYC is 27th and 10th ave, you will find the worst drunks, the biggest liberal a-holes there every single time..Most people think the biggest liberals are from the west side, but it isn`t true. From about 23th to 28th on 10th avenue you will get physically threatened if you reveal yourself as a conservative EVERY single time! Why? Because all the liberals are busy in that area doing thier cocaine and drugs and Yo!, conservatives bring their heads down man! (For all you NYC people who don`t believe me, try wearing a Bush/Cheney tee shirt in that location)

My favorite spot is General Grants aka Hiram Ulysses Grant tomb (yes he is buried there.."entombed" is a better word) on 122th and Riverside drive where I eat lunch every day and make sure he is OK.

It is the most peaceful spot in all of New York and is holy to me.

Here is some pics of the Great General who saved the Union...Yeah ok, so his Presidency was corrupt..I don`t care about that..If it wasnt for this guy we`d be like Korea now, part liberals/communism/slavery and part freedom. Of course Hollywood would live in the freedom part while dictating about the greatness of the slavery part...

Is that an awesome pic or what? He has been laying there this coming April 106 years.

Is this the biggest mutha-f-en "headstone" you ever seen in your life or what? And the thing is, it is rarely ever visited by tourists or anybody for that matter. You could go there anytime anyday of the week and you will almost always find yourself alone with the Great General except for one lone fat underpaid security guard (named Glen) who is usually sitting at the desk reading. Never mind this picture, you will never find that many people on the steps like that, not even on July 4th (I checked)

This is my war..Turning liberals conservative in NYC which is like turning straw into gold. I feel best when I debate liberals in my cab into non-speaking entities, meaning they become speechless, I get them to face and question their idiocy. I always find it curious that the poor illegals are the most conservative, while the rich liberals are the ones who are most for Communism and tyranny.

My favorite video....

As you can tell I am a Shatner fan...William Shatner is the greatest actor who ever lived. My proof? Imagine Brando or DeNiro doing this video. They couldn`t.

Also I think 1974 was the greatest year for music ever. Back then (when I was 14) you could listen to the radio all day without hearing one bad song. This was way before the advent of the MTV music holocaust and the lying we see today for what is #1 and waht is not.

Some 1974 videos:

George mcCrae - Rock your baby (by God, I love love this song)

Love's Theme, Love Unlimited Orchestra (pure musical genius in my opinion)


Sideshow- Blue Magic (The most heart breaking song ever written)


Some of the famous I drove...

Drew Barrymore


Anthony Michael Hall

Julia Roberts

John C. McGinley - The guy who played "Red" in Platoon.

David Blaine

Mike Tyson

Tom Clancy

Tatum O`Neil

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (he had to sit sideways in the seat)

Bruce Cutler (John Gottis lawyer)