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2/7/1998 : Arab media: Clinton will strike due to sex scandal (&links to tons of arab news on clint

2002 top ten campus follies

A difficult lesson (Must read)

ABC - The Path to 9/11 - Trailers and excerpts from various sources

Abraham Lincoln on Habeas Corpus

Al-Qaeda faces rebellion from the ranks

Barak began referring to the `Holy of Holies'

Between Two Eras

Bill Clinton's Unfunded Mandates Reform Act Of 1995 Could Pose Significant Problems For ObamaCare

Bin Laden Blasts Clinton for Oval Office Sexcapades

Carve-up of oil riches begins: US plans to ditch industry rivals and force end of Opec

China bought bomber secrets

Clinton's Dec 16, 1998 Speech, US Military Force to attack Iraq's Nuclear, Chemical, Bio Weapons

Clinton, Gore rally domestic support for strike at Iraq, "unholy axis" (1998 Must read)

Clinton-Approved Computer Exports Help China Build Atomic Bombs

Confessions of a Traitor

Dem pledges: I'll 'rip apart' child-rape victims on stand

Diplomatic and Legal Aspects of the Settlement Issue

Ebonics Slang No Substitute for Standard English


Florida recount study: Bush still wins

Franciscan Says Most Tense Moment Came When Gunmen Entered Nativity.

Franklin Raines [cached version of Wikepedia entry before changes]

Fritz Mondale Book Request (Please Read)


Gore repeats that Saddam MUST GO - June 2000

Gray Davis and Legislature are warned: budget bonds must be approved by voters -- or expect lawsuit

How to save youtube videos (and upload them elsewhere)

How to stop jihad against America? Bury the enemy in pigskin coffins


I bet they can get the Chuy's shut down in no time.

Islam Permits Killing of Prisoners (Chechen website via MEMRI)

It's Official - America Now Enforces Capital Controls (The Obama Fascists destroy Investing)

Keanu Reeves Gives 50 Million Pounds to Unsung Heroes of The Matrix

Loughner "Republican" Voter Registration faked. Three points that demonstrate that.

Man Fired By American Red Cross For Not Celebrating Homosexuality

NJ Supreme Court Hearing Live Thread

Nuclear materials found in Libya (UN on defensive)

Prayer Request for my daughter

Q: Which party took Social Security from an independent fund...

Researchers: What are your favorite research sites?

Russia projects Middle East war within six months

Saddam Abused His Last Chance, Clinton -clear and present danger to safety of people everywhere 1998

Seen any strange or funny websites lately? (VANITY)

Sen. Johnson Suffers Possible Stroke

Straight Talk About The Straight-Talker

Suddenly, it becomes imminently clear

Taxes, Spending, and Deficits for Dummies

The Democrats' Case Against Saddam Hussein (Dems nailed, yet again)

The New Democrat Plantation: A FR Roundup of Vote Fraud In South Dakota

The New Democrat Plantation: A FR Roundup of Vote Fraud In South Dakota

Thune holds off on recount(chad checking a possibility)

U.S. attorney probes Rich pardon - Clinton: ‘I look forward to cooperating’

Was Hillary Clinton Advisor Strobe Talbott Manipulated By Soviet Intelligence?

What Does The G-d Of The Bible Say About "Jewish Settlers"?

What the democrats want you to forget

Who's who in al-Qaeda

Why Dan Rather and CBS Limited Coverage of Levy Case

Why the GOP Should Win: Even if they haven't totally convinced everyone