Since Oct 11, 2001

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Proud to be quite possibly the first NEVADAN on FreeRepublic. When I first started, there was only some guy from Reno (I'm in Las Vegas, 447 miles away) on the board with me. I was LONELY back then.

Later, as I noticed more and more Nevadans on FR, I tried to organize a group of us to get together, but I'm justifiably suspicous enough of strangers and their motives, and add to that the fact that I'm a minor appointed public official, and I've decided to NOT form a meeting of Freepers down here. Not until I'm out of the public system, at least. Only then can my true persona be revealed. :) I'm a very private individual and generally don't care to meet other people...chalk it up to my line of work, which (hint) involves meeting several hundred people each week. And they're not all sweetness and light personalities, either.

I'm a lurker, for the most part. Been lurking here for YEARS before this persona; sometime in the mid-to-late 90's, I think. Check FR daily--right after Drudge, and along with other good conservative news sites.

Former Mac owner. Still have a bunch around the house. Tolkien nut. SF, horror nut. . Enjoy target shooting, camping, calligraphy, astronomy, maps, and old Avalon Hill hexagonal-based wargames. Also enjoy many computer games.

He who dies with the most fonts, wins.

Christian. Formerly Protestant, investigated Orthodox Christianity--and to my surprise--I am in that camp now, and was baptized Orthodox in 2008. Glad I had waited to be baptized. Have learned that, oddly--and I do mean oddly--the Protestant and Orthodox beliefs are not dissonant, though they sure seemed to be to me, at first. Took me 8 months to reconcile what I thought needed reconciliation. Glad, however, that I moved into Orthodoxy from an evangelical, conservative, Protestant background. It gives me certain advantages due to the weird ontological process. Believe there is no cognitive dissonance between Bible and science, we only possess an imperfect understanding of one or the other so that *temporarily* they seem to be at odds, just as they once did when to deny a universe-centered Earth was seen as a threat (but it turned out it never really was a threat). I believe it's very possible that Christians view evolution as a threat, when in fact it is not. (This is not to imply that I believe in abiogenesis.)

Studied hermeneutics, Pentateuch, ethics, and two semesters of Koine Greek (ancient Greek, the lingua franca in which the New Testament was written).

Know the mind of God: study quantum mechanics and cosmology. Come away very baffled. And with a headache.

I think the Intelligent Design movement is on to something. Don't believe those who dismiss it out of hand, without giving it it's due: there's more evidence for that than their sum-over-histories multiverse theory, and some other theories that they've concocted. I'm starting to keep a list of their theories that have gone BUST in the last 90 years alone, and it's odd how they throw mud at Christian theologian/physicists but don't apply the same rationale toward the atheists in their ranks who propose the must ridiculous of theories. Oh, like String Theory. (Get the book Not Even Wrong.) Or global warming. Or Ozone Hole, just to name a few. We're on solid ground, folks, when they're arguing out of emotion rather than reason against our position.

Served five years in Army National Guard, started out enlisted and finished as an lowly company-grade officer in an armor battalion. Incredible that they entrust such young men with so much equipment and human life; it was one hell of a responsibility being a platoon leader and then XO. Did it the hard way--Officer Candidate School.

Very concerned with the future of America. We're sleepwalking our way toward doom. Are there enough of us left to wake the nation up?

[this part is OLD, old, old!]----> We need a Southern Nevada FR chapter. Would be interested in discussing possibilities if anyone's interested. Btw, I have been registered as a DEMOCRAT (horrors!) since 1979. It's a long story how that happened...but I never vote that way. I abhor them. Just never got around to changing it. Let them be overconfident and count on my vote. Let them spend $ mailing useless stuff to me in a futile attempt to influence my vote! Heh, heh, my one vote is messing up their primary selections, influencing them to be more CONSERVATIVE...I wish.