San Jacinto
Since Jul 26, 2000

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---------------The Battle of San Jacinto----------

In April, 1836 there rose a battlecry
from a band of ragged Texians with blood in their eye.

Remember the men of Goliad!
Remember the Alamo!

The words echoed into history
from the field of San Jacinto.

Remember the men of Goliad
and those at the Alamo.
For tho' they died,
they inspired the cry
that struck a mighty blow.

Through the darkest night
with no victory in sight
God was there to protect us.
Be sure you're right,
then be ready to fight,and
there will always be a Texas.

General Sam told his men,
"This will be the day-
Texas will have her liberty,
Santa Ana will have hell to pay."

So Vince's bridge was taken down
to cut off any retreat.
There would be no second chances-
only victory or defeat.

Remember the men of Goliad.
Remember the Alamo.
'Cause after they died
came the battle cry heard at San Jacinto.

The Raven said:"Keep you spirits high
and your powder dry.
Take strength in the bond that connects us.
Think 'Do or die',and
give that battlecry,and
there will always be a Texas.

"Then Houston mounted Saracen
and rode to his finest hour.
The men formed up, and
as they advanced,
a drum and fife played "Come to the Bower."

High up in the Texas sky,a lone eagle soared
Houston made a sign toward the Mexican line, and
the Twin Sisters roared:

"Remember the men of Goliad.
Remember the Alamo."
For when they died,
they inspired a pride
all Texans have come to know.

You can knock us down,
you can't knock us out.
No mortal man can deflect us.
When you hear the shout
it leaves no doubt:
There's gonna always be a Texas.

The fight was quickly decided.
The outcome was never in doubt.
Fired by passions un abided,
the battle was a rout.

a once proud army was broken
and they ran through the muck and the mud.
Tho' pleas for mercy were spoken,
the ground was red with the enemy's blood.

They walked the road to Goliad.
They fell at the Alamo.
By their sacrifice
they paid the price
for victory at San Jacinto.

No matter what the future may bring,
the past is there to direct us.
And as long as freedom means a thing,
there will always be a Texas.

Even today, there is a Texas way
and there is no way to fake it.
Like when those boys held on to that Gonzales gun,
and said, "Well just COME AND TAKE IT!"

You can bet we will never forget
those heroes who history beckoned,
'cause their spirit is still strong and it forever lives on
in the soul of every Texan.

We remember Goliad!
We remember the Alamo!
It's Texas pride we cannot hide.
It is always gonna show.

And we don't need any lace-panty breed
to come down to try to correct us.
So if you think you must, just stay on the bus
And get the hell out of Texas!