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Sadly it seems that he has developed a secondary tumor in his proximal femur. I am out of options beyond palliative care.

I am just broken now.

The stereotactic radiation failed, and he had a pathological fracture in August.

We had no choice left but amputation of his right leg.

The biopsy of the leg showed live cancer cells still there, although supposedly a "small" amount.

He's a big, wild boy and and twirls madly when I take him out on a leash and sometimes yelps, which rips my heart out and show it to me, still beating. :(

I can take anything but HIS pain.

We start chemo AGAIN November 9.

On top of all that sorrow, my 17 year old Podengo Gypsy died in her sleep October 12 and November 7 was the one year anniversary of my sweet girl Seven dropping dead.

I feel cursed.

All that I love, I am losing.


I’ve been here a very long time and consider FReepers that family that I chose.
I love all of you and I know you understand how much my dogs mean to me.

Since the Obama reign of error, we’ve had very little business and that was the only thing that made “extras” possible, like meat, cellphones and gas.

My beloved PTSD dog Hrafi has osteosarcoma and is undergoing expensive treatments to try and keep him around long enough that I can find a way to come to terms with the day he will leave me.

I’m hoping someday that day will not utterly destroy me so I’m doing everything I can to make sure he has as much quality time left as veterinarians can provide.

As such, I need money to pay his copays, as he has good insurance that covers most of his needs, with the exceptions of office visit fees and “consultations”, wich are quite pricey.

And now, to throw even more obstacles in his path, gas prices are going wild and every trip to the vet is $50 now $80 [thanks to Brandon] worth of gas in the only vehicle I have, which is not even close to ‘fuel efficient’.

I have sold just about everything I have of value in the last few years, trying to keep things together but this sudden horror has blind sided me.
On top of it all, my other Dobe, his half sister, dropped dead in the yard November 7th and I’m just about beaten down.

So now you all understand why I’m not posting like I used to and not feeling very witty at all.

Please, if you can spare anything at all, nothing is too small, for the gas, at least, please donate here, for both his sake and mine.

Thank you all and God bless,

Shari and Hrafi May 19, 2022, 5:43 pm Tuesday, May 17, Hrafi went for his chemo and lung x-rays to see if his cancer has spread. THE XRAYS WERE CLEAR!!!!!! God bless each and every one of you for your prayers and support and praise God and thank Jesus!!!!!

July update: Hrafi has completed his chemotherapy and will still be going for the bone strengthening infusions every 3 the terror inducing 3 month x-rays to check for metastasis.

Please pray that his lungs and the rest of his body stay clear. Then we had the house fire in January and I’m terrified he won’t get to pass away in the home he loves so much. Today (April 16) is his 6th birthday. That alone was more than I ever hoped for and is a miracle.