Since Nov 28, 2001

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I really need to edit this page one of these days. I'm in Washington now!

I'm not very good with HTML yet, so this page is a work in progress...

I'm a long time lurker who finally got up the courage to sign up. Part of what took me so long is deciding on a screen name. About the one I picked: Rosie Cotton is Samwise Gamgee's sweetheart in the Lord of the Rings. After he returns home, get married, settle down, and have a house full of kids. In the books, at least, Sam is about my favorite character - possibly tied with Faramir, but Eowyn was taken as a screenname...

As for me, I'm a 31 year old single Catholic gal, an ex-homeschooler (if there is such a thing!), a USAF veteran ('94-'99), and a computer geek by trade. I don't post much on the news side, but FR is pretty much my only news source! Politically, I guess I'd call myself Republican with some libertarian leanings.

I like music and play guitar and mandolin, and I'm learning fiddle (it just might be my favorite instrument, if I can ever get past the squeaking, off-key stage...).

I also enjoy outdoor activities...I love biking and hiking.

I have two kitties:

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Halvah's on the left, and the one on the right is Tamino - Tam for short.

Warning: Do not release Tam for great justice unless you know what you doing!

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Tam on da 'nip...

I also have a psycho Border Collie / lab mix named Cisco. I think he got the brains of a lab and the energy of a Border Collie, and it's a bit scary at times.

He's also a lousy retriever. Tam, on the other hand, does play fetch (he'd play all day if I didn't get tired of it and hide the ball), so there's that!

I do most of my posting here:

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