Since Oct 20, 1998

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A Political Force to be Reckoned With - Interview with Free Republic Founder Jim Robinson

ANASTASIS -- The Harrowing of Hell

Announcing the Catholic Freeper Locator List

ConSpiratio -- Request for Assistance


Does Divine Hiddenness Justify Atheism?

Emperor Clinton? A look into our future! (another Lazamataz moment)

English is language of today, Germans admit (France fumes, of course!)

Even Our Virtues Must Be Burned Away

Exorcismus in satanam

Faked Photo Quiz

HTML Bootcamp (or Wow, how did they do that?)

HTML Sandbox

Inside the Orthodox Psyche

Invitation to FR Catholics and Interested Friends

Liturgy Commission Plagued by Pederasty Problems

Liturgy of the Hours in Our Lives of Prayer


New Pictures (parodies)

Organizing for Power and Money ... [Blurring the Lines between Service and Activism]

Orthodox Akathist Hymn

Parish Shaken by Reports of Sexual and Financial Misdeeds

Pedo-Homo Priests and Bishops Form Mahony's Network

Pedo-Homo Priests and Bishops Form Mahony's Network

Personent Hodie (12th Century Christmas Hymn)

Pius XII and the Jews

Salinger's Daughter's Truths as Mesmerizing as His Fiction

St. Evelyn Waugh

Support for authenticity of book of Matthew comes from an unlikely place


The Confession Of Saint Patrick [IN HIS OWN WORDS]

The Reappearance of Natural Law

The Truth Doesn't Matter: The Real Meaning of the Clinton Presidency

Utopian Stumbling Blocks: Government & Property (... for OWK & Untenured)

What Scandalous Doin's in the Ruins of Pompeii

Where do I go for FR hazing and orientation?