Since Jan 25, 2004

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Southern, California. Inland Empire.

Started lurking in 2001 thanks to tip from LucyT about Free Republic. Became a member on my 57th birthday in 2004. Currently 75.

Husband, Father, Veteran (Korea '66-'68), Conservative, member NRA.

Rockin' QS Ranch for 35 Years (as of 2022) a small horse, and donkey ranch in Western Riverside County.

Taglines of Yore: This is my first, and almost always tagline here at Free Republic: "Dems, Libs, Socialists Call 'em what you will, they all have fairies livin' in their trees".

"Dems, Libs, Socialists: but for the grace of GOD go I".

"Conservatives seek the truth. Democrats seek the power to dictate what truth is".

"Democratic" party sold out to the ICP. It is now the Communist Party USA".

"Everyone needs a home. The free, and the brave. The stupid find home in the Democrat party."

Just a thought: It's a damned shame we will have to leave California to be able to live the American dream.

It's after mid term elections, and the last comment of this page is now It's a damned shame we will have to leave America to be able to live the American dream.

Socialism ISN'T JUST OPM (Other People's Money), it's Other People's Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

And now the boat. Just bought a beautiful classic fiberglass Grand Banks 42 ft Trawler, a lot of anxiety, and at least know where every nickel heretofore will be going.

So we bought the boat last year, and OF COURSE I all of a sudden had health problems. Your prayers are needed. Thank You.

Now Jan. 2022 started the Chemo Therapy. I've had five Chemo sessions so far, and there are promising signs. I'll blame your prayers, thank you so very much.