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...There's no other explanation for some of the things the Communists did. Like the priest who had 8 nails driven into his skull...And there were the seven little boys and their teacher. They were praying the Our Father when soldiers came upon them. One soldier whipped out his bayonet and sliced off the teacher's tongue. The other took chop sticks and drove them into the ears of the seven little boys. How do you treat cases like that? Dr. Tom Dooley

kill a commie for mommy!

In early 1971, John Wayne went to Governor Reagan's second inaugural in Sacramento's Memorial Auditorium and served as master of ceremonies at the event, which featured such stars as Jack Benny, Buddy Ebsen, Dean Martin, James Stewart-and even a tranquil Frank Sinatra.
On leaving, it was John Wayne's turn to get hot under the collar.
He ran into a group of Viet-Nam war protesters outside who were waving Vietcong flags. When the Big Duke spotted them, he was so outraged that he charged into them with fists flailing. "You dirty no good bastards!" Wayne screamed at the protesters. Gregory Kirkwood, twenty-two, one of the protestors, filed a complaint with the police the next day seeking to have Wayne charged with disturbing the peace.
Nothing came of Kirkwood's charge, and the case was quickly dropped after DA John M. Price refused to prosecute Wayne. "Mr. Wayne," said Price, "was exercising free speech when he shouted at the demonstrators". It was a typical ending, in the traditions of a John Wayne movie. The Big Duke was the winner, as always!

I wish i'd have been there too!