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Does Rob from Twitter rob from Twitter?

You decide.

I’ve already said a LOT in Twitter.

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Rob on Politics.

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1. Nine scotus judges Senator Biden voted on.


Okay, about me.

I’m more active in Twitter. People are less friendly there unless you are a celebrity, and, lol, celebrities are too swamped to be friendly back.

I’m not a celebrity yet. I’m something of a sensation at a hook-up site. I don’t know why. I’m not freakish or anything. I’m 55 and overweight, but young hotties are crazy about me. And I’m not surprised that STDs are on the rise even now.

So I’m sorry, can’t say too much.

I live in the woods and love it but miss the ocean.

Most of the time I like zero ego music, such as instrumentals that help me think. One selection I call ‘Prosperity’. Another I use for sleep. A third I use for writing action scenes or war. Working on a horror track as well. But I’m weak on zero ego comedy music. Need more of that because i write a LOT of comedy.

But during romance I want more Moroccan style music, or classic Hawaiian drums, the kind when they dance in grass skirts, or certain kinds of Carribean style or Cameltoe, belly dancer music.

I love a vigorous Spanish guitar and wish I could dance like a matador. But with Mexican music, even harmonizing sometimes irritates me if it’s too dominating. I normally love harmonizing, but in Mexico the ego of harmonizing feels communal most of the time. Not into bugles anymore than I ‘like’ traffic jam solos by sax players or Dean Martin. Wow, what a hideous singer!

I love good dancers. I want to learn. If I make a fool of myself, by all means laugh.

And I love to cuddle with a good movie.

On the road or while doing chores I don’t mind attention grabbing music though. One of my favorites is Weird Al.

As for country music, too much ego most of the time. Jenny Rogers had heart, and that’s rare without harmonizing. In Walmart I hear some modern country singer with a simplistic rhythm that I can’t stand. It’s like a clunky machine sound. Synthetic. The polyester of country.

Billy Ray Cyrus made a good song, but darn was it hard to escape from when it hit. Yikes! I hear he’s a great guy. So sorry but I like Weird Al’s satire of “Achy Breaky Heart”. That is the path to healing, maybe thirty years from now.

Love Weird Al! I wish I could write to his music. But he pokes fun at egos. So I might as well be trying to write to a Broadway musical.

Speaking of musicals, why people like lame music baffles me. As for rap and hip hop, it’s weird because females can be good at it while the male ego seems to skyrocket into a vile orbit.

A few exceptions.

MC Hammer’s ‘Cant tough This’, THAT was hard to touch. And that’s because the guy who said ‘cant touch this’ offset his ego along with stepping back a lot to clear the deck for the awesome instrumental. That was teamwork, my man! And that was the secret of CC Music Factory.

But normally it is bizarre how those amazing instrumentals get so butchered by the rapper’s intrusion. But bless the upstanding role model hip-hop artists. (I probably don’t want to hear them myself though. Too many pavlovian zaps, just like Billy Ray and Dean Martin album comnercials and ‘New York, New York’, and so much other noise pollution rattling in my brain back when I was a captive audience.)

You want to punish a kid? Make him listen to Dean Martin sing for an hour.

Okay, hope this sheds at least a little light. Now, let’s beat these rioting cop killers with the biggest political backlash in history!