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2002- fraud Voting fraud is alleged in East St. Louis election

WMD - 2004 - Dot Commies Latest Impeachment Joke

1960-Orgins of Modern Democrat FRAUD

1996-LA-They're Stealing the Election Did voter fraud swing [1996] closest Senate race?

2000 - How to Answer the (Bush) AWOL Accusation

2001 - fraud - Louisiana Supreme Court Removes Judge

2002 - "Republicans say 16,000 registered Hidalgo County voters are ineligible or dead"

2002 - Congressmen want paper ballots in Broward...(Florida Dems cry for PAPER BALLOTS!)

2002 - DEMOCRATS PLANT "Republican" Candidate..

2002 - Fears of Massive Illegal Ballots in Fla. - Again!

2002 - FL- Voters Accused of Double-Voting Attempt

2002 - FRAUD - Arkansas GOP charges vote fraud

2002 - fraud - CASTING BALLOTS: GOP to have hundreds of spotters at polling sites

2002 - fraud - Daschle accuses Republicans of voter harassment (Dashole Barf Alert!)

2002 - fraud - Democratic Vote Fraud in Wisconsin Gov. Race

2002 - fraud - Democrats paying people to walk precincts(MICHIGAN)

2002 - fraud - Democrats sue over alleged GOP stacking of poll watchers

2002 - fraud - Detroit's voter rolls in question - Mayor's office says total too high by 150,000

2002 - fraud - Fraud a Part of Demos' Senate Strategy?

2002 - fraud - Maryland: Polls Good for Ehrlich, Dem. Party Disenfranchises GOP Absentee Voters

2002 - fraud - McBride Campaigns In Black Church -- IRS Violation?

2002 - fraud - Penn Researchers Document Large-Scale Voter Registration Problem

2002 - fraud - The Mondale Mistake: Former VP Linked to Corrupt Deals

2002 - fraud - Vote Fraud South Dakota Style - indian registration

2002 - fraud Maryland: 10,000 Republican Absentee Ballot ApplicationsTossed Out

2002 - KS - Democrats Urge Kansans to Vote Illegally

2002 - SD- South Dakota Suspicions

2002 - The Latest Democrat Dirty Trick


2002- fraud - Nicole Parra ("Queen of Voter Fraud") 30th District, Avenal, CA

2002- fraud - U.S. SENATE RACE: 'Catholics for Coleman' signs creating controversy

2002- Saga Continues- Broward County "Finds" 104,000 Votes, Oliphant, "Only A Small Problem"

2002-(Arkansas DNC intimidation FReep Report)

2002-A Poll Watchers Tale - Vote Fraud in Houston, Texas

2002-AL-Statement by Alabama GOVERNOR-ELECT BOB RILEY (my title - Pound Sand Seigelman!)

2002-al-Statement by Alabama GOVERNOR-ELECT BOB RILEY (my title - Pound Sand Seigelman!)

2002-AL-Top House Democratsdon't want to settle election dispute (Alabama Governor)

2002-Anti-fraud reform: Simultaneous release of county vote totals (so Dems can't manufacture votes)

2002-AR - Democratic Party seeking injuction to keep polls open until 10:00 p.m. tonight

2002-AR-example- Democrat Judge Grants Democrats Request for Late Polls

2002-AR-Vote Fraud Arkansas

2002-Arizona's Corrupt Demo. Party: How 1 Democrat is controlling state's politics with his wallet

2002-CA-DemocRATS Trying to Steal Another Election

2002-ca-Pelosi's PAC Stirs Questions

2002-CA-State Assembly Race Still Too Close to Call and What's Up With Those MILITARY ballots?

2002-Citizens Group Alleges Elections Fraud - Group Says Non-Citizens & Illegal Aliens Can Vote

2002-Damn Dirty Democrats

2002-FL-Audit of Broward elections chief prompts ethics complaint

2002-FL-Dozen Palm Beach County Residents voted twice in November Elections

2002-fraud-Businessman wants donation evidence thrown out [illegal donations to Democrat Stabenow]

2002-fraud-How to find a Democrat and how to spot a liberal

2002-GOP to ask for probe of Phillips Co. voting

2002-IA-Absentee Ballots Found After Election [At Rat Party Headquarters!]

2002-LA-Hypocritical (Black Chuches+Democrats+Race=OK) Allies Helped Landrieu Win

2002-LA-Voter Fraud In Louisiana!

2002-MA-More Dem Fraud


2002-Maine-Stealing an election in Maine

2002-MDAs Voters Head to Polls, Montgomery(MD) Sees GlitchesProblems Voting Machines

2002-MN-Dispute over burned ballots headed to court

2002-NC-Martin Cty (NC) elections board to discuss vote buying ($225 for Demo ticket)

2002-NJ-Flap Over Release of Bergen Student Info [to Democrat candidate]

2002-NJ-Former Democratic committee treasurer charged (New Jersey)

2002-Romney (R) Complains Of Voter Irregularities In Boston

2002-Scandal: Postal Exec Caught Using USPS Budget to Unseat GOP Senator

2002-Scandal: Postal Exec Caught Using USPS Budget to Unseat GOP Senator [Tim Hutchinson]


2002-SD-An election scam (Thune - Johnson SD Senate Race)

2002-SD-The New Democrat Plantation: A FR Roundup of Vote Fraud In South Dakota

2002-SD-The Oglala Sioux's Democrat Vote Fraud Scheme Has A Familiar Ring

2002-Senate-Democrats say "NO" after vote. (the rats!)

2002-State attorney probes ballots (FL-where else)

2002-The Other New Jersey: Why did Maryland Democrats suddenly hire 1,000 "poll-watchers"?

2002-TX-Chip glitch hands victory to wrong candidate

2002-TX-exas Democrats suing group - Asso. denies using illegal donations to fund GOP

2002-Voter fraud that's legal (MICHELLE MALKIN)

2003 - fraud - Politics by other means: Era of hanging chad offers preview of what to expect in 2004

2003 - fraud MO - replace faulty punch card machines. Or I can't read.. to vote democratic.

2003 - Top 10 Democratic Lies (15!)

2004 - Fraud - PA - Sneak Peek: Obama (only)Up 2 in PA (New Poll)

2004 - funds-George Soros is using Foreign Funds to influence a US Election!

2004 - The truth about the Democrats running for President,

2004 - Vote fraud becoming too easy

2004-fraud-California Voter Fraud Handbook ( Major Laugh of the coming California elections)


2008 - All States - The Vote Fraud Continues

2008 - fraud - MI - Bad voter applications found (ACORN, Obama's community organizers)

2008 - MT- Democrat voter fraud in Montana?

2008-IN-County rejects large number of invalid voter registrations (ACORN)

A real Vietnam Vet on Al Gore : Al Gore Lies AGAIN

A Spot Check of Global Warming: Stopped in1998

Abortion Is Four Times Deadlier Than Childbirth

AC bias-2004-A Blue City (Disconsolate, Even) Bewildered by a Red America

AGW - References - The Deceit Behind Global Warming

AGW- World's coal dependency hits environment (The "Dark side" of the world's growing use of coal)

Al Gore was a Flop in School: This guy's an Idiot!

Ancient Navigators Could Have Measured Longitude -- in Egypt in 232 B.C. !

Army War College: Clark/Kosovo Air Campaign Failure!

ATTRITION: combat/accident deaths,The Iraq Casualties Tell a Curious Story

bias - cbs - experts - Last remaining CBS document expert says "CBS is wrong"

bias - 1927-2007 Beauchamp Recants (List of false journalism stories)

bias - 1968 - The Press and the TET Offensive (long but worth reading)

bias - 2000 - Clinton to Undergo Bypass Surgery (PEOPLE, THE AP BOOING LIE IS SPREADING!!)

bias - 2004 - A New Kerry 527? (Now we know who the AP associates with)


bias - 2004 - AP Bias strikes again (Free Republic is cited for finding bias)

bias - 2004 - AP Flat out lied about booing Clintons health (Audio of cheers!)

bias - 2004 - Booing the AP(AP reporter ID'ed using Lexis-Nexis)

bias - 2004 - Cowardice in the Newsroom (crusading reporters bullied by Right-Wing extremists)

bias - 2004 - Globe Story on Bush Guard Service shown wrong on KLIF (Write up of Interview)

bias - 2004 - Mapes Wished to "Save the World from a Bush Presidency"

bias - 2004 - no coverage: Vet: Kerry coerced me to testify of atrocities...

bias - 2004 - Reporter question to Kerry at today's press conference. Evidence of a hate Bush media

bias - 2004 - Reuters Editor Blasts Pro-Life Advocates, President Bush in Hostile Email

bias - 2004 - Reuters: New Questions Raised on Bush Military Record

bias - 2004 - Woman at CBS Just Yelled at me and hung up! (212) 975 3691

Bias - 2004 Many in Crowd Boo (AP HAS CHANGED THE STORY AGAIN!!!))

bias - 2004 The AP Changes "Boos" to "Ooohs" (Finally getting the truth out)

bias - 2004's ''Cleland Myth'': Liberal Press Settles On Excuse For Kerry loss

Bias - 2008 - Gwen Ifill's VP Debate Bias

bias - 2008 - Swiftboat THIS

bias - cbs - AP Results U.S. Servicemen React to Bush Guard Memos (spreading the lie)

bias - cbs - Hodges says he didn't validate memos

bias - cbs - The Bush "Guard memos" are forgeries! (Nonpartisan printing expert weighs in)

bias - cbs- The AP: At It Again

bias - Discredited Myths About Partial-Birth Abortion - -

Bias - Giving Thomas Jefferson the Business:The Jefferson-Hemings Hoax

bias - liberal lessons - HOW THE ANTI-WAR MOVEMENT IS BLOWING IT

bias - rather - 60 Minutes to Infamy- those forged memos and The Shot Heard Round the World

Bias - Should This Pulitzer be Pulled? (New York Times)

bias -2004 - AP Retracts 'Clinton Booed' Story

bias -2004 - Late Atlanta news ignores controvery over documents... Reports about Bush AWOL only...

Bias-2004- Insurer donated after Kerry kept AIG loophole open

bias-2004- Liberal and Conservative as Defined by the Media

bias-2004--ABC News President David Westin Blasts Opinion in Media , Ignores Step.

bias-2004-278th Tennessee N.G. Reponse on Questions to Secretary Rumsfeld

bias-2004-A Measure of Media Bias

bias-2004-A Shoddy October Surprise (another indictment of Bush)

bias-2004-At Finish Line, a Bit Late ('quickly dialed ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC' to stop them)

bias-2004-cbs Mirror Image (Josh Marshallcollaberating with 60 Minutes on the Niger/uranium story)

bias-2004-CNN still doesn't get it. Just aired biased piece. (Vanity)

bias-2004-Democrat Memogate: the beginning of Political Scandal,Have you seen this??

bias-2004-Dick Morris is really going after the exit poll scandal with a vengance!!


bias-2004-JOHN KERRY: "I Can't Believe I'm Losing To This Idiot"

bias-2004-Kerry "Ads" for journalists only

bias-2004-MSM Ignores Another documentties Kerry to Hanoi

bias-2004-NBC News edits Kerrymilitary comment

bias-2004-NY Times Iraqi arms story based on a false letter! (HERE WE GO AGAIN!)

bias-2004-NYT's October Surprise Collapses

bias-2004-Peter Jennings Admits He Doesn't Require Reporters To Be "Objective."

bias-2004-Reuters Photographer sending a not-so subliminal message? You be the judge.

bias-2004-Reuters Photographer sending a not-so subliminal message? You be the judge.

bias-2004-Scribes groan as Kerry rants

bias-2004-Tsunami-My personal notice of media bias

bias-2006-soros-strong-Martin's secret agenda agent (Maurice Strong)



bias-cbs-Conservatives Should Stop 'Intimidating' the Media, Newsweek Editor Says

Bias-MSM Makeover: Condi Rice (photo that USA Today wanted to use discovered) (way too Funny alert!)

bias-NYTimes-Airstrike by U.S. Draws Protests From Pakistanis [Good info inside...]


CA October 7 - Civil rights groups ask appeals court to delay Oct. 7 election

Chelsea Lies - The "Detriments of the Bush Tax Cut ," & Reaction to the WTC Attacks

Clark: The Democrats' Idea of a General - Ann Coulter

Climate - 2006 - Gorey Truths : 25 Invonvenient Truths for Al Gore

Clinton Undead Haunting Pentagon

Clinton- blood - RCMP's tainted-blood probe enters `final phases':

Clinton-Press lies

corrup-2004-NJ-PA-Philly corruption verdict rattles Jersey (GOV) landscape

corruption - clinton admin + enron specifics

corruption - enron - clintons

corruption - links to Clinton files

corruption - McCauliffe 100,000.00 - Clinton house

corruption - Press Ignores Gore Scandal

Corruption: Clinton-briber Peregrine Systems reported losses of $4 billion, not 1.0 B

Danger From Depleted Uranium Is Found Low in Pentagon Study

democrat lies - Top Ten Fiscal Myths of Sens. Kennedy and Daschle

Did an accused criminal buy our Strategic Petroleum Reserve? (Freeper help needed)

email - Missing E-MailGate: Northrop Grumman Lawyer Earl Silbert is Peter Knight's and James Riady's Lawyer

email - More White House E-Mail Not Archived

Enron: Senate probe(d) Clintonloans for Enron deals (Senators' wives as lobbyists)

Enviro-Which kills more: ideology or religion? (ref: DDT)

Farud - 2008 - ACORN Watch: The community organizing fraud continues

farud-2006-Voter ID: A “Who’s Who” Of The Electorate

FBI Hits Back at Trulock(DOE Security Chief Whistleblower)

FL-2002-Prosecutors find 100 uncounted ballots in Oliphant's office

Fla. Times-Union (Jacksonville) more ballots cast than voters,Democrat fraud much higher than GOP !

Fraud - (Houston) Election Judge on Fraud (double punching in FL)

fraud - 1,700 Dade Voters Mispunched Chads (proof of voting machine ballot stuffing by Dems.?-mine)

fraud - 11/18/mods Palm Beach County "massive voter fraud is now evident"

fraud - 2,000 Floridians Voted Illegally Nov. 7

fraud - 2000 - Broward Cty FL - A reminder of what the Democrats are capable.

fraud - 2000 - Fund-Raiser for Hillary Clinton Gala Probed (organizer a charity fraudster)

Fraud - 2002 FL democratic fraud?

Fraud - 2002, 2004, 2006 NM - Bush’s Concerns Over Voter Fraud Led to Iglesias’s Firing

fRAUD - 2002-OH- Sampling of entire state refutes selective error-data (blacks)

fraud - 2004 - ca - A new try to tighten county law on voter ID

fraud - 2004 - JACOBY: How to steal an election

fraud - 2004 - KY - Lawsuit seeks to ban GOP poll monitors in black districts

fraud - 2004 - NM - Kids Find Themselves Registered to Vote in Bernalillo County

fraud - 2004 - OH - Officials: Man Dead For 20 Years Registers To Vote

fraud - 2004 - Thousands Registered to Vote in 2 States-Report (NY/Fla.)

fraud - 2004 - [HUGE POSSIBLE SCANDAL] 1,000 cases of suspicious voter registrations

fraud - 2006 - MO - More bogus election forms found

fraud - 2008 - ACORN, Fannie Mae and Motor Voter

fraud - 2008 - ALL - Voter Fraud Expected to Be Rampant

fraud - 2008 - CT - Thousands Of Dead People On Connecticut's Voter Rolls

Fraud - 2008 - Gaza - Obama and the left cranking up the vote fraud machine

fraud - 2008 - MI - GOP Says Voter Registration Groups Employed Felons (ACORN, Of Course!)

fraud - 2008 - OH - Boon for voter fraud, bust for democracy

Fraud - 2008 - OH - Ohio Vote Fraud Staeling The Election

Fraud - 2008 - OH - Ohio's Election Being Stolen---Video Evidence (VANITY)

fraud - 2008 - OH -Republicans sue Brunner over voting observers (Ohio's Stolen Election, 2008)

fraud - uncovers voter fraud in NM. DNC delegate from California votes

fraud - AL- 2003-Voters Will Have To Show ID On Sept 9

Fraud - all - FReepers Against Voter Fraud - (Thread 2)

fraud - Ballot, machine problems to blame for uncounted votes in 2000 election

fraud - Black Republicans Suffered Worst in Florida Vote Count

Fraud - Broward County, absentee ballots don't match


fraud - Bush Team Debunks Gore 'Myths' about Florida Election

Fraud - Can I accuse Gore of speeding if I don't have a radar gun?

Fraud - Chicago, FL double punch counts

fraud - Clinton-Gore campaign chicanery

fraud - Congress to establish voter-fraud task force: Nationwide investigation will 'put people in jail

fraud - demo excuse - Now They Are Stealing the Truth

fRAUD - Dimpled Chads Under The Microscope

fraud - edited - Errors only Occurred in Presidential Races?

Fraud - Election Reforms Loom On Horizon [Chris Cox (R)

fraud - Evidence shows HOW the Palm Beach Democrats voided 15,000 Bush ballots, 3,400 Buchanan Ballots.

fraud - Felon For Gore: 2,000 Felons Voted for Gore in Florida alone.

fraud - final Study of Disputed Florida Ballots Finds Justices Did Not Cast the Deciding Vote

fraud - Fla. by County:Republicans support GW, Dems support BOTH Gore and GW

fraud - Florida Recounts

fraud - GOP Was the Real Victim in Fla. Vote

fraud - Gore Apearing Votes...Mystery Solved ?(+19,000)

fraud - graphes - Why Broward and Palm Beach are now being recounted

Fraud - history & quotes & factoids - THE RECOUNT to 12/2/00 (Caution: Large)

fraud - Indict Katherine Harris, Democrats Urge

Fraud - Judge in Seminole Case is not letting Bush lawyers finish sentences

fraud - Knock and Drag: Ryan Lizza reveals how Dems got out the black vote

fraud - Larry Klayman said Tuesday that reviewers will be looking for evidence of fraud

fraud - lawyer data - FLATUS (Jeffrey Toobin Says Wrong Man Inaugurated)

fraud - Local (San Diego) figure on double voting only .3%; Haas sees red flag in Florida totals

fraud - Lost Votes? merge of blank + doubled votes

fraud - Mangled Ballots Resurrected

fraud - Mary Jo White's Tenure in the Southern District of New York ~ Capital Research Center

Fraud - Maybe the 19,000 Double-Punched Ballots were Bush's

fraud - mil ballot 1000's of absentee ballots rejected!

fraud - Most (Almost All) of the 3,000 registration cards turned in for next month's primary were fraudulent

fraud - NV- 2008 - ACORN hired inmates, some experts at identity theft

fraud - Over 3500 Voted Twice in 2000 Pres. Election (316,000 people are registered twice)

fraud - Over Votes Taken to SCOFL

fraud - PBC ballots - LePore Doubts Accuracy of Hand Recounts (my tile)

fraud - previous handcountsWND: 'How Democrats steal elections'

fraud - recount in PBC: Gore gained 250 to Bush's 11 on Automatic Recount

fraud - Recount Observers Tell of Democrat Fraud

fraud - Reform Election Process with Technology, Campaign Finance Reform

Fraud - Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart: eye-witness account of Miami-Dade ballot fraud

fraud - Rush proves you can't make a Dimpled Chad , except when committing fraud


Fraud - Salon, Horowitz = Democrats: Party Without a Conscience

fraud - Saul Alinsky and DNC Corruption

fraud - senate races - The Permanent Campaign

FRAUD - SUMMARIES - Now he wants to invent votes...

fraud - The Election Fraud Theory (Summary)

fraud - The Great Florida Disenfranchisement Hoax

fraud - Too Easy to Steal: Why don't liberals want to stop voter fraud?

Fraud - update12/09 - Explicit statistical evidence of massive ballot tampering in Palm Beach, Fl"

Fraud - Voting Irregularities in Duval County

fraud - WA- Charges Filed in Washington Voter Fraud Case-(ACORN, Worst Fraud Ever)

fraud - What Happened to W's 50,000 Vote Lead in Florida on Election Night?

fraud -2002 - Get ready for another Senate election scandal (South Dakota)

fraud -2008 -NM- ACORN 1,100 Voter Cards Suspect (New Mexico-ACORN)

fraud -2008-OH-Voter-registration can't be totally fraud-free, group says

fraud 2006, ALL, Voting Fraud is Mostly a Myth

fraud Open Letter To Mark Levin - Statistical Proof Of Election Fraud

fraud reforms - links, sites - Congress to establish voter-fraud task force

fraud Thread 2 - Evidence Shows How the Palm Beach Democrats Voided Bush and Buchanan Ballots

fraud- 2008-ACORN-Mass Fraud Fears In US Election (Obama's ACORN)

fraud-2000-Palm Beach: Registered Voters vs. General Election Returns

fraud-2004--MA-The art of stealing elections (Boston Globe "story")

fraud-2004-2000-All-Election Day: Rigged Polls, Rigged Networks

fraud-2004-all-Dick Morris is really going after the exit poll scandal with a vengance!!

fraud-2004-all-McCullough: DEMS ARE READY TO LIE CHEAT STEAL

fraud-2004-All-Screwtape #21: Your Fraud Matters

fraud-2004-ALL-What is preventing U.S. from making sensible election reforms?

fraud-2004-AR-Pulaski County among federal vote monitoring sights (prevented!)

fraud-2004-AR-Suit Delays Ballots To 39th - getting GIs' votes back in time to count

fraud-2004-AZ-Vote fraud by illegal immigrants very rare, officials say

fraud-2004-CA-I witnessed a Democrat voter registrar try to disefranchise a black voter

fraud-2004-CA-San Joaquin voter fraud at record levels

Fraud-2004-CA-Voter Fraud in California destroyed my Constitutional Right to Vote !

fraud-2004-CO-13,000 absentee ballots delayed [CO: ballots not mailed]

fraud-2004-Disqualified Applicants Say They Were Misled

fraud-2004-FL Supreme Court Rejects Democrats' Vote Fraud Scheme (Take that you thieving libs)

fraud-2004-FL+OH=Voters double-dip in Ohio, Fla.

fraud-2004-FL-18 new voting machines go missing in Broward

fraud-2004-FL-ACLU Files Lawsuit in FL

fraud-2004-FL-Broward machines count backward

fraud-2004-FL-Dem voter intimidation in FL (Michael Graham)

fraud-2004-FL-Democrats Mad: Non-citizens Can't Vote in Florida

fraud-2004-FL-Early vote scam in progress in Dade County

fraud-2004-FL-Gov. Bush Calls Reports Of Voter Registration Fraud 'Bizarre'

fraud-2004-FL-Questions raised about double voting, student registrations

fraud-2004-FL-SC-(68,000) Double Votes Taint Florida Rolls

fraud-2004-FL-Still Raging Against the Machines

fraud-2004-FL-Supervisor Warns Of Fraudulent Vote Pickups( Pacso County, Florida )

fraud-2004-FNC - Noonan on Hannity & Colmes talking about massive fraud in the Battleground States

fraud-2004-GA-Bogus Voter Registration in Atlanta

fraud-2004-IA-Culver Puts Iowa on the Map First in the Nation, Last to be Counted

fraud-2004-IA-Republicans Say Democrats Influenced Voters [IA Dems campaigning inside polls]

fraud-2004-IL-(Republican voter) Blackfive's Vote Is Disenfranchised

fraud-2004-IL-Five charged with vote fraud in East St. Louis (Update - Dims caught)

fraud-2004-LA-Trucker Details Vote Machine Delivery Woes

FRAUD-2004-MI-Judge in MI Gives Democrats Another Coup for Vote Fraud

fraud-2004-MI-Man charged with voting three times

fraud-2004-MI-Reports of Democrat Illegalities in Michigan (BREAKING!!!)

fraud-2004-MI-Voters complain of discrimination at polls

fraud-2004-Milwaukee Election & Voter Fraud [Journal Sentinel article & editorial]

fraud-2004-MN-10,000 same-day registrations in Milwaukee illegible

fraud-2004-MN-Man Pleads Guilty To Voter Registration Scam

fraud-2004-MN-Probe finds evidence of election fraud (Milwaukee)

fraud-2004-MO-Dems use intimidation in North St. Louis (black community)

fraud-2004-MT-Montana Supreme Court Overturns Tie, Gives State House Race to Democrats

fraud-2004-NC State Board Of Elections Officially Removes Warren County Official [DEM]

fraud-2004-NJ-Illegal Poll Taker Voting Practices Reported in New Jersey

fraud-2004-NM stonewalling, count stopped in 1 county-workers go home("Will be a 'mini-Ohio'")

fraud-2004-NM-Vote fraud by illegal immigrants very rare, officials say

fraud-2004-NM-Voter fraud uncovered in New Mexico

fraud-2004-OH-(showing no fraud!) How Ohio pulled it off

fraud-2004-OH-8,099 of Cuyahoga County's (Cleveland) 24,472 provisional ballots ruled invalid

fraud-2004-OH-Ballot spoilage in Cuyahoga County -- map

fraud-2004-OH-Bobby Jindal defends Bush over Ohio vote count



fraud-2004-OH-How Ohio Voted (Ohio Red/Blue Map)

fraud-2004-OH-I Think I Just Prevented Voter Fraud

fraud-2004-OH-Judge rules in Ohio ballot-casting case

fraud-2004-OH-Mary Poppins prompts investigation (registration fraud)

FRAUD-2004-OH-Ohio GOP Loses Bid to Fight Registrations

fraud-2004-OH-Ohio GOP Pre-Challenges 35,000 Voters

fraud-2004-OH-Thousands of new-voter cards in Ohio undeliverable (fraud alert)

fraud-2004-OH-Vanity, Missouri has 4.1 million voters registered--more than eligible


fraud-2004-OH-Voting anomaly in Ohio results

fraud-2004-OH-What Didn't Happen In Ohio (Lefty Debunks Lefty Conspiracy Theories About Ohio)

fraud-2004-PA-Court allows poll watcher to do his job (Republican in Pennsylvania)

fraud-2004-PA-Election officials flooded by calls.

fraud-2004-PA-GOP attacks Rendell over military ballots

fraud-2004-PA-GOP condemns election monitors (RENDELL IS FOR KERRY!)

fraud-2004-PA-Kukovich camp paid for 'GOP' signs (PA)

fraud-2004-PA-Lawmaker Threatens Political Lawsuit


fraud-2004-PA-Philly Election Results By Ward, Montgomery and Delaware Eelctions Results by Township

fraud-2004-PA-VOTER FRAUD IN PHILADLEPHIA!!! (NationalReview-Battlegrounders)


fraud-2004-PA-Weldon spearheads absentee ballot battle(for Soldiers)

fraud-2004-PA-Will Philly Be Bought? (A post on NRO's Corner)

fraud-2004-SC-Katherine JENERETTE to Challenge Vote Count - SC SENATE District 28

fraud-2004-SD-Daschle Attorney Kicked Out of Polling Place

fraud-2004-SD-Early voting probe started (South Dakota voter fraud investigation)

fraud-2004-SD-Oglala order could prevent GOP poll watching on reservation (South Dakota Fraud Alert)

fraud-2004-TN-State investigates Metro voter fraud

fraud-2004-TX-6 accused of voting twice may face charges


fraud-2004-TX-The past taints Dist. 35 dispute (Texas)

fraud-2004-VA-Nader's chief in Virginia is indicted on election fraud

fraud-2004-Voter Fraud Repository

fraud-2004-Voter Frauds on the Left

fraud-2004-WA-98 Washington State Ballots found in Alaska (THIS IS GETTING TOTALLY ABSURD)

fraud-2004-WA-Deja vu, King County, Washington "discovers" new ballots

fraud-2004-WA-Democrats sue King County over disputed ballots

fraud-2004-WA-Election manager linked to false report - "FRAUD is FRAUD", I say

fraud-2004-WA-Florida With Rain (Voter Fraud Coming to your neighborhood?)

fraud-2004-WA-Governor's race recount: Votes by county

fraud-2004-WA-Gregoire & The Memo: Attorney General Claims Ignorance


fraud-2004-WA-Hundreds of bogus registrations found in Seattle

fraud-2004-WA-More evidence King Co knew about No Signature On File ballots

fraud-2004-WA-More evidence of Democrat Voter fraud in Washington State (Seattle Precinct 1823)


fraud-2004-WA-Republicans allege 737 illegal votes in governor's election

fraud-2004-WA-Rossi given fresh hope as 'mystery voters' grow

fraud-2004-WA-Rossi Pads Slim Lead for Governor's Race

fraud-2004-WA-Sims Defends Election System (KING COUNTY SHENANIGANS)

fraud-2004-WA-STATEMENT BY DINO ROSSI Dec. 23, 2004

fraud-2004-WA-Tally Of Mishandled Ballots Grows (WA GUBERNATORIAL ELECTION)

fraud-2004-WA-Total Meltdown in King County Voter List

fraud-2004-WA-WA Gov. Race: Fatal Blow

fraud-2004-WA-WA Gov. Race: Omerta Breaks

fraud-2004-WA-Washington Governor Results: Gregoire 1367400 Rossi 1367464

fraud-2004-WA-Washington State: Scores of felons voted illegally

fraud-2004-WA-White House Wants Military Votes Counted in Washington State

fraud-2004-WI Absentee FRAUD: Callers Report Receiving Ballots PRE-Marked for Kerry

fraud-2004-WI-Democratic Party Chief Arrested

fraud-2004-WI-Double trouble in voter inquiry (Milwaukee,WI Voter fraud uncovered)


fraud-2004-WI-GOP leader seeks emergency rules on handling voter registrations (fraud)

fraud-2004-WI-GOP wants to tighten voting laws

fraud-2004-WI-Judge says Michigan must count provisional ballots in wrong precincts (Klinton hack)

fraud-2004-WI-Kids Vote drive draws fire; Coalition says effort is non-partisan; Republicans dispute

fraud-2004-WI-More WISCONSIN DEMOCRAT VOTE FRAUD Voter registration drive comes under scrutiny

fraud-2005-LA-New Orleans Voters Go To Court Over Elections Delay, GOP Chair Threatens Recall

fraud-2005-MI-FBI Goes To Court Over Detroit Ballots

fraud-2005-MI-Grave Matter: Detroit Paper Says Dead People Voted in Election

fraud-2005-NM-Goddard: Voters need not show ID

fraud-2005-TN-Thirteen more votes may be illegal (TN D-Ford's at it again)

fraud-2005-TX-Kindness cloaked scheme to steal votes on border

fraud-2005-WA-3 King County Election Workers Suspended

fraud-2005-WA-More problems in Valley vote (Washington)

fraud-2005-WA-Problems in 2005 Election already evident (Seattle corruption)

fraud-2005-WA-Voter registration inquiry pledged(King County, Wa)

fraud-2006-Connect the Wrong Dots (voter fraud)

fraud-2006-CT-Republicans file elections complaint against Bysiewicz (CT)

fraud-2006-IL-Ballot chaos mars Cook president race (YA GOTTA LOVE CHICAGO !!!)

Fraud-2006-IN-Many Marion County Votes Still Not Counted- 66++ Voting MAchines MISSING!

fraud-2006-MD-Question: If your last name were Abortion would you name your child Alternative?

fraud-2006-MI-Detroit clerk to purge 55,000 names from voter rolls

fraud-2006-NY-Shocker At the Polls: A Republican

fraud-2006-TX-Some say voting law being used to scare minorities [TX]

fraud-2006-US-Liberals Would Let Dogs Vote

fraud-2006-WA-Back to the “Honor System”: Judge Deals Major Blow to Election Security

fraud-2006-WI-City's vote recount ends (Milwaukee)

fraud-2006-WI-Manual Recount Begins in Milwaukee (Post Recent Primary Voting)

fraud-2007-NY-'This Will Make Voter Fraud Easier'

fraud-2007-PA-Ghost Voters Cast Ballots In Pittsburgh Elections

Fraud-2007-US-Ellison (Muslim Congressman) bill would outlaw photo ID requirements)

fraud-2008 - VA-Arlington County. Population 200,000; has 146,000 registered to Vote?

fraud-2008- IN- ACORN Submits 2,000 to 5,000 Fake Registration Forms in Indiana?

fraud-2008-ACORN- CRC’s 2 Major Exposes of ACORN Coming Today!

fraud-2008-ACORN-ACORN fires 2 who were probing embezzlement allegations

fraud-2008-ACORN-ALL--Breaking on Fox: Investigations for Voter Fraud in 10 States

fraud-2008-ACORN-FBI Probe into ACORN, Voter Registrations [Fictitious, 25% Duplicates]

Fraud-2008-ACORN-IN-Fox: ACORN has registered more people in one IN county than there are people

fraud-2008-ACORN-Ohio Secretary of State Linked to ACORN, Project Vote

fraud-2008-ACORN-Swing State Voter Fraud Crosses Country

fraud-2008-AR-Secure Arkansas Concerned About Illegal Alien Voter Fraud- Matricular Cards

fraud-2008-CA-Breaking - McClintock Campaign Declares Victory

fraud-2008-CA-Electoral College scam: Where dead people vote

fraud-2008-DE-Delaware County board address state memo that OKs voters without proper verification

fraud-2008-FL-Many Convicted Felons on Voter Rolls, Sun Sentinel Investigation [3rd Degree Felonies]

fraud-2008-IL-BREAKING: Word in Chicago: Patrick Fitzgerald heading RICO investigation of ACORN

fraud-2008-IN-Delaware County Poll Books Found In Dumpster Behind Democrat HQ in Muncie

fraud-2008-MI-Man and Woman from Grand Rapids Charged with Voter Registration Fraud

fraud-2008-MN-171 uncounted ballots turn up; gain for Franken (37 extra ballots!)

fraud-2008-MN-ACORN voter fraud allegation surfaces in Minnesota

fraud-2008-MN-An Update On The Great Minnesota Recount

fraud-2008-MN-Inconsistencies In Allocation Of [Coleman and Franken] Ballots

fraud-2008-MN-Media Ignore Fact that Minn. Recount Boss Mark Ritchie an ACORN Ally

fraud-2008-MN-New wrinkle in recount: missing ballots

fraud-2008-MN-The Democrats’ SoS Project and ACORN Own the Man in Charge of Minnesota Recount

fraud-2008-MN-Why Is Norm Coleman's Lead Slipping?

fraud-2008-MO-Fraud: Voter Allowed to Vote Twice in Philadelphia from

fraud-2008-NC-Clary, Floyd cement wins following provisional ballot count (GOP actually wins)

fraud-2008-NM-New Mexico, We Have A Problem

fraud-2008-NV-ACORN Vegas Office Raided in Voter Fraud Investigation

fraud-2008-OH-200,000 voting registrations in doubt (Ohio)

fraud-2008-OH-Congressman's adviser fired, linked to fraud probe

fraud-2008-OH-Get Out The Vote organizers voting illegally in Ohio

fraud-2008-OH-Ohio high court orders 1,000 ballots thrown out

Fraud-2008-OH-Strange Happenings During Ohio Early Voting Period

fraud-2008-Organization accused of illegally registering voters on campus (University of New Mexico)

fraud-2008-PA-CNN-Philly Man says he is voted a couple of times (Youtube video)

fraud-2008-PA-Fraud: Voter Allowed to Vote Twice in Philadelphia from

Fraud-2008-PA-Penna. GOP Claims Group Threatens Election Integrity

fraud-2008-PA-Stealing Pennsylvania: Judge says "Massive Fraud" (ACORN at it again)

fraud-2008-TX-4,000 Dead people found on voter rolls in Houston

fraud-2008-TX-ACORN sign-ups in Harris seem legitimate[14,000 rejected in Texas county!]

fraud-2008-WI-Wisconsin rampant fraud occurring!

fraud-acorn investments-2008-Acorn Tree

fraud-ACORN-PA-Pittsburgh-area DA probing ACORN voter sign-ups

FRAUD-BIAS-2004-FL-Now coming out - No missing Fl ballots

fraud-CA-2008-Voters beware: you may have been declared dead and removed from the voter rolls

fraud-TX-2006-Voting Fraud Alleged In Duval County, Texas

fraud-WA-2007-Three plead guilty in fake voter scheme

Fraud: FreeRepublic references Involved In Analysis

FRAUD? List by counties (Volusia, etc.)

fraud_2004_nj_Votes can be cast in netherworld (NJ waking up to rat fraud))

fruad summary - Voter Fraud! It Doesn’t Get Any More Blatant Than This !

global ancient warming (So now you're saying the planet solved global warming before?)

global warming - Little Ice Age (Solar Influence)

global warming - Who Is In Denial? (Global Warming - whose Fault?)

global warming-Greenhouse theory smashed by biggest stone

Gore - Al Gore's 21 Lies


Gore's Latest Greatest Lie

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guns - 40 Reasons For Gun Control

guns - Every Day 10 Children Die From Guns

guns - Gun Control Science Misfires

guns - Misguided Legislators Who Think Pilots Should Not Be Armed

guns - OF HOLOCAUSTS AND GUN CONTROL ( Cite as 75 Wash. U. L.Q. 1237 )


Hidden Tax Under the Income Tax?

Hillary - St. Hillary of Hell (Historical comparison)

hillary - The Senator & the Chief Justice (Hillary wanted Ginsburg)

Hillary's Crimes and Outrages

Hillary's faults

homosexuals and pedophilia reserach

How many Al Gores does it take to change a light bulb?

Hypocrisy_UN: The Beneficiaries of Saddam's Oil Vouchers

IRAQ/WMD: What did Clinton & Senate Dems know & when(HYPOCRISY=DEMS; SEE FOR YOURSELF)

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Kerry - Lies - Kerry .... (Kerry's childhood: "lived on a farm" "explained")

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Kerry - Vietnam - draft evasion, Big Lies For Bush


Kerry - VN - Error in "Unfit for Command" Gridley Timeline

Kerry - VN - John O'Neill and John Kerry (by a Vietnam Vet who knew O'Neill in 1971)

Kerry - VVAW - One historical fact about Kerry has been overlooked or intentionally ignored

Kerry and his anti-American IPS (Central American) playmates

Kerry's "Early Out" - To Run For Congress

Kerry's Purple Hearts And Reassignment

Kerry's XO on the Gridley on Kerry

Kerry-VN-Another little John Kerry Vietnam story. See if you can detect why it's another Kerry lie.

Kerry: Medical records, question for all you FReepers about Kerry wounds


Kosovo-Hillary Convinced Bill to Bomb Serbia

Laughing at the Contradictions of Socialism in America [Old Soviet-era jokes work now in the U.S.]

Liberal thoughts - RNC HACKED!!!!!!

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media bias - Preening, Flat-Gutted George W. Puts Hand on the Bobble

media bias - Preening, Flat-Gutted George W. Puts Hand on the Bobble

Meet Hillary Rodham Clinton: The Salad Days

Michelle Malkin: Starvation nation

Most companies supporting Scouts/Misleading media reports reflected homosexual-activist press relea

Move Along, No Bush Victory to See Here, Folks

New Orleans Levee Failure Assessment

Palin- 2008-The Swift-Skirting of Sarah Palin

Popup Ads - Ding-Dong, the Wicked Pop-Under Company Is Dead

power - 'Hostile climate' means power plant on hold

power - Californians campaign against new power lines

power - State reveals high-priced power deals

raud-2004-MN-State hits national Democratic group with big fine (Minnesota)


Scientific Creationism and Error, Stumper Questions for Creationists, and Creationist Whoppers

solar - Ithaca Library turns on solar panels

Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens our Democracy ~ John Fund

Surgeon Destroys Myth: ‘If Masks Don’t Work, Why Do Surgeons Wear Them?’

The Clinton Bubble: Buying Binge Could Cost Corporate America $1T

The little fish were 'threatened'... and the bureaucrats killed them all

The man who knew too much (Interesting Reno dirt, from down under!)

U.S. Unleashes Biggest Bomb on Al Qaeda Caves

Unhinged And Creepy Lunacy From The Left

USS Cole - Diagram of a Disaster

Vote fraud - 2000 - 2004. Vanity: My opus on combating vote fraud

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What operating system do I get tomorrow??

When The UN and French are In Charge

Windows: Index.dat, the hidden history file...