Since Mar 18, 2005

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Daily we hear of unrest, famine, riots and upheavals everywhere. People are trying to make sense of all these events. The world has a problem. The United States has a problem. You have a problem. That problem is called sin. Sin separates us from God. Here is the solution.

Future Tense, a short film about what will happen soon to Christians who have placed their hope in Jesus. Its called the Blessed Hope. Watch on Vimeo: Future Tense

Prophecy "Letter From Eternity

June 27,2020, my nephew fell 25 feet down a cliff. I told him God was looking after him. It was a miracle he wasn't seriously hurt. I asked him if he had died, where would he go? He honestly answered "I don't know."

The short film called "without Reservation answers that question.Make sure your reservation is assured. Watch here on Vimeo: Without Reservation

For more information on upcoming world events that will affect your life and the lives of your loved ones and family, go here:

God loves you and has provided a way of escape from the coming troubles. Don't miss out my FRiend.