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Senate: No Prewar Saddam-al-Qaida Ties(MSM Alert)

The betrayal of America

How to post a thread and other interesting facts. (Welcome Newbies)

Howie and Harry (Dean gunning for Dem Leaders?) Reid worse then Abramoff

New Orleans mayor blasts federal response

The Plague of Success (Victor Davis Hanson)


The OFFICIAL weekly "24" Season 5 Live thread!

Osama and Saddam Worked Together for Years

"Voices of Iraq" preview(150 DV cameras distributed in Iraq)

'Never enough, you always want more'


* * Florida Judges / Election 2004 Discussion Thread

* * Way too many duplicates and vanities. Please read - again. (Welcome Newbies)


*What I Really Said About Iraq (Bremer)

. Top 10 Most Ridiculous Quotes by Hillary Clinton

..A Freeper Vet goes to the Vietnam Wall..

5 Empty Suitcases Found In NYC In 5 Different Locations/Also Missing Fuel Tanker Truck

@ Why Is Gasoline So Expensive? Price of Crude Oil Is Biggest Cost

Al Qaeda-Iraqi relationship proven beyond any doubt.

An Interview with Scott Swett - Director of the Free Republic Network

Apologize, George W. Bush!

Bush Can Count On the Right

Bush fell short on duty at GuardRecords show pledges unmet

Bush pauses to comfort teen

Bush's tax cuts coming back to haunt us.

Cheney blasts Kerry record


Clinton aides had hand in Dubai deal

Clinton FBI Rejected Would-Be 9/11 Hijacker's Confession Before Attack

Clinton Justice Dept. linked Iraq to Al Qaeda


Clinton Nixed OBL Indictment for Black Hawk Down

Consumer confidence, existing home sales soar past expectations

Death in the Ia Drang Valley

Deficit declines $100 billion

Democrats are skewing federal jobless figures (my letter to the editor - vanity)

Did Gorelick's infamous memo provide the missing link between Chinagate and 9/11?

Did Ron Brown die for Enron's sins?

Did Saddam Bribe the United Nations?

DVD to web video help needed

Exploring Probable Links Between 9/11 and Saddam Hussein

Florida unemployment rate of 3.3 percent lowest in 30 years (fastest job growth, too)

FR Exclusive Photos: Swift Boat Vets for Truth

Free Republic and Immigration - Jimrob

Free Republic Coast to Coast Freedom Tour ~ 2004 ~ Pacific States Division

Freeh: Gorelick Ignored Terror Warnings

Getting a Grip on the Iraqi Prison Scandal

Gorelick commented PUBLICLY on Bojinka!

GORELICK GATE: Developing...

Group Says Kerry Released Edited Version of Military Records

Have War Critics Even Read the Duelfer Report? The Saddam regime was an imminent threat

Heart patient outruns ambulance chaser

Hillary's Vaccine Shortage


How ChinaGate Led to 9/11

How Have We Become a Nation of Dumbies? (FR's best thread. Ever)

How I fed Sean Hannity (Vantiy)

How Many Liberals Does It Take To Screw In A Light Bulb?

How the left debased the 9-11 tragedy and turned it into a Bush-bashing media carnival

HTML Sandbox

Inmate freed from Baghdad jail DENIES tales of torture

Investigator or obstructionist? (Gorelick)

IRAQ link to AlQuaida

IRAQ- some links to terror

Jamie Gorelick Authored Conflict of Interest Booklet

Jamie Gorelick's law firm represents Fannie Mae, which cooked books, gave Gorelick big bonus

John Kerry's Christmas in Cambodia

John Kerry’s Claim of 3 Million Jobs Lost is False: McMahon Disproves Kerry’s Lost Jobs Claim

John McCain, you treasonous bastard, I challenge you or any of your traitorous cohorts...

Kansas City Kerry- "The Phoenix Project"

Kerry 'Unfit to be Commander-in-Chief', Say Former Military Colleagues

Kerry 'Unfit to be Commander-in-Chief,' Say Former Military Colleagues

Kerry AWOL


Kerry has shrapnel in left thigh from Vietnam War injury

Kerry Purple Heart Doc Speaks Out

Kerry smeared a hero: my dad (The Story of Carol Crowley)

Kerry Taking Campaign Contributions From Pro-Iranian Group

Kerry's C.O. Says First P.H. Was Not Authorized by Him

Kerry's Real Gaffe

Kerry's Voting Record on Defense

Krekar group planned Bush assassination

Kwanzaa: holiday from the FBI

Leaked Internal Senate Report: Senate Budget Committee Report Blasts Kerry's Budget Proposals

LEHR is a DNC shill who has given his TV program's donor list to the DNC for fundraising!!

Links to information on Iraqi Nuclear Weapons Systems and Design (VERY Scary!)

LIVE THREAD: CSPAN 2 - The Saddam Tapes and WMD translations NOW (12:20pm PST)

Live Video Feeds

Lowbridge scams the Nigerian 419 Email Scammers

Master list FR posted articles on UN Food for Oil program

Meet the Clintons in and out of the UAE


Money trail behind Kerry's Iran stance

Murder, Inc. [repost]

Names, Stories, and Pictures of the Fallen Heroes of Operation Iraqi Freedom


Navy Stripped Kerry Of Security Clearance!!!!!! Unauthorized Contacts With Enemy Agents!

NBC: Worst Abuse at Al Ghraib Done by Iraqi Recruits

Need Help From Freeper Females (vanity)

Nicholas Berg: The Dots Do Not Connect

No Comparison: Bush Poll Numbers Beat Bill Clinton’s

Noonan: Why Democrats Become Republicans

NYC Freepers meet with Ann Coulter after Geraldo Appearance

Oil Prices (My First Vanity)

Osama Bin Laden May Be Dead, Says Pak Minister

Outline of Clinton Scandals

Photo of Troops "Terrorizing" Iraqis (#128 is a must see!)

Police Call on Kerry to Stop Misrepresenting Their Support

Possible Evidence Clinton Intends to Remain in Office past January 2001 *Toilet Man*

President Bush in Daytona 10/17/04 after-action report

Prospects of Terror: An Inquiry into Jihadi Alternatives (2) Must Read)

Prospects of Terror: An Inquiry into Jihadi Alternatives (I)

Putin: Russia Gave Bush Info on Terrorism (Putin warned Bush of Iraq terror plot against U.S.)

RAT OUT A CHURCH dot ORG (Report liberal politicans using the pulpit for votes)

Raw data : Pentagon Report on Abuse

Rebuttal for DNC Talking Points Needed

Report: Iraq Planned to Attack U.S.

Ronald Reagan Passes - some links...

Rush Limbaugh: The Most Amazing John Kerry Quote

Saddam Knew 9/11 Was Coming and Colluded with OBL for a Decade

Saddam's Man Takes Over In Fallujah

Saddam's WMD Have Been Found

Sayin' Bye Bye

See? John was right!

Sen. Bill Frist on Kerry's Health Plan

September 12 - Event to counter the lies John Kerry told about Vietnam Vets

So They Call you a NAZI?

Some dare call it treason (Ron Brown)

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth Press Conference on Sen. John Kerry - 05/04/2004 - Video - Real Player

Swift Boat vets criticize new Kerry ads (John O'Neill on Linda Chavez radio show at 10:30am)

Thank You President Clinton

That's no bug! That's a demon!

The Clark Effect- another Leftover from The Decade of Frauds

The Connection - Iraq and 9-11

The Da Vinci Code Plagiarism Case

THE ECONOMY: "Ten Bullets" To Shoot Down The Democrats' Big Lie

The game has not changed, we face the same enemy, same challenges. The Beast never dies!

The Ghost(s) in the New Machine- Gorelick, old Clinton "stuff," and more-

The New Free Republic Bloggers and Personal Web Sites Forum (DUh posts allowed)

The Saddam-9/11 Link Confirmed

The Web of Terror

Time to decide who we want to be

Transcript of Senator Zell Millers speech prior to the GA GOP Convention


UN inspectors: Saddam shipped out WMD before war and after

Unfairenheit 9/11

Update on Iraq...(some are not in media yet)

Updated FR Excerpt and Link Only or Deny Posting List due to Copyright Complaints

Updated FR Excerpt and Link Only or Deny Posting List due to Copyright Complaints

US diplomats launch Bush attack

Vanity Help identify this snake found in my bedroom! Please!!

Vanity Post on Vanity Posts, Duplicate Posts, Trash Posts, Commie Propaganda, etc., Vol V, No. 1

Very Awkward Facts

Very funny opportunity to fill in your own sign.

Veteran John O'Neill on CSPAN--LIVE THREAD

Vietnam Vets Organization Blasts Kerry in New TV Ad

Volusia, Flagler jobless rates fall to historic lows (Florida Counties)

WARNING: Gathering WMD storm a crock. See what Clinton told nation in 1998...

Was Ron Brown Assasinated? Take Two....

Whatever Happened to Iraqgate?

Who Is Jeremiah Denton?

Who, or What, Grants Us Our Rights?

Why do leftists hate Bush so much? Here are three reasons...

Why Vietnam Veterans are lining up Against John Kerry

Why We Will Never Abandon Iraq (This is a repost - for those who missed it)

WSJ: Saddam's Files Show 'Direct' 9/11 Link (Salman Pak)