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"It's Not Racial Barriers That Keep Blacks From Prospering."

"The British Record on Partition" [And journalistic honesty]

<Islam> Resentment as a religion

A Brief History of the US-Korea Relations Prior to 1945

A Burial at Arlington

A club for whites? William Rusher tells why 15-year-old high-school student is upsetting NAACP

A Few of FR's Finest....Every Day....10-01-03....Muscle Car Mania!

A LOOK INTO THE ABYSS/What Elian Tells Us About Ourselves

A Negotiation with Islamo-Fascism (RUSH)

AAI Mourns Edward Said

Agreement BETWEEN the ARAB STATE and PALESTINE; 1919

An American in Africa (Do yourself a

An apology to Jim Robinson and Free Republic

An L.A. Dad Discovers Idaho Fatherhood (Enjoy)

Another day on the illegal alien trails

Arafat's Answer--Israel is once again burying its dead.

Arafat's Last Threat to Israel?

Are lunatics runningthe Arab asylum?

Army Used Speed and Might, Plus Cash, Against Shiite Rebel [Sadr]

Berlin: A tenant had to leave his home because he flew the Israeli flag (Translation)

Bill of Non Rights

Bush Photo With Teen Becomes Internet Phenomenon

Bush: We can't let a few terrorists prevent Mideast peace deal

Cable speeds outpace DSL

China ties (Pentagon to Chinese PLA defense chief: Here’s our military secrets…Help yourself!)

Climate is changing, but not just because of humans. Here's why that matters.

Clinton Let Bin Laden Slip Away and Metastasize - By Mansoor Ijaz

Comcast's two-tier pricing angers broadband-only customers

Double Crossing at the Rio Grande

Electoral College

Enough [excellent editorial]

Establishment clause

Facing reality at the DMV

Female Desirer and Islamic Trauma

Five Palestinian area churches attacked

Fugitive Slaves and Northern Racism

Google cache raises copyright concerns

How To Ace An Intervention

How To Field Strip A 1911

I Still Think of Elian

Illegal Alien Sanctuary

In Defense of Intolerance

In defense of Islam

India Gets First 'Stealth' Warship

Israel and the Vulture

Israel could just say no

Israel’s Crisis Isn’t Made In America

It's no holiday without the cheese grits

Jackpot Winner's Granddaughter Is Found Dead in West Virginia

Jihad, Suicide, Murder & Lies

Knesset To Debate Road Map - And The 14 Points

L.I. Clash on Immigrants Is Gaining Political Force [NY]


Magical Mystery Tour, Minneapolis Version (Somalis)

Middle Eastern Oil: An Historical Perspective and Outlook

Muslim Leaders Assail Pope’s Speech on Islam

On Hamas, Arafat, Borders and "The Right of Return"

On the road in Israel (A recent visit)

Our New Dictator May Be In Deep Trouble with SCOTUS

Palestinian Arab Violations of President Bush's "Road Map" Plan A Survey of Week #9

Palestinian Liberal Columnist On: The Palestinian 'All or Nothing' Policy

Palestinians Transferring Arafat's Financial Power

Police salutes at airport gain world attention (Excellent Story)

Political Islam. A Conversation with Gilles Kepel and Jeffrey Goldberg (Long read)

Pope is right on Islam (A Hindu View)

Portrait of a Wahhabi: My encounters with Randall Royer…and the “usual suspects.”

Reagan's lessons for Islamism

Rice calls for outlawing of Hamas [Same logic for Fatah?]

Righteous Brother Bobby Hatfield Dies

Rolling Back Radical Islam (long read)

Sarah and the Saudis-Despite Prince Bandar's assurances, another American woman trapped in kingdom

Sarah defies Saudi thugs, won't leave without kids!

Sarah's Choice (more on the Sarah Saga saga)

Scorecard on the War on Terrorism

Seeds of North Korea's Contentiousness

Sharon meets the 'West Bank' -and- Netanyahu - Let's give road map a careful chance

Sharon presents two disengagement scenarios many friends of Bill W are on this board?


Super-Rich Propel Custom Jet Industry to New Heights

Text of Israel's 14 comments on the road map

The 1967 Six-Day War

The Big Arab Lie-The political abuse of the refugee issue.

The climate is changing, but not just because of humans. Here's why that matters.

The Falseness of Anti-Americanism by Faoud Ajami

The Fruits of Appeasement

The Ground Zero mosque - what US could learn from Israel

The Patton Legend: How It Started and Grew

The Qana Conspiracy Theory

The Refugee Rape Gangs of Sweden

The softer side has the bigger kick

The state of the Palestinian state-They should follow Israel's footsteps.

The World’s Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society (Released April 30, 2013)

The “withdrawal from Gaza” myth//Our own self-deception

Their Arabian Nightmare

They Already Got Their "Right of Return"

Thomas Sowell: Suicidal Hand-Wringing

Three Palestinian children killed in botched IAF missile strike in Gaza

Unanswered Questions: What Type of Cease-fire, and With Whom?

US Forces May Fight HAMAS?!

VDH - My Bizarre Libyan Holiday

Violent Islam, cowardly Europe: from the cartoons to Regensburg

Wahhabi Islam – the Real Enemy of the WestWahhabi Islam – the Real Enemy of the West

Washington and the Way Station to Peace-Only hope to make the Palestinians take responsibility

What Are You Cooking Today? (Share your special recipes, tips, anecdotes)

Who's to blame for Palestinian suffering?

Why Amnesty for Illegals is Bad Idea

Why I Love Australia (Krauthammer)

‘The Real Deal’ on women in Saudi