Since Sep 17, 2004

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I am a 38 year old conservative man, who lives near Cincinnati, Ohio. I have been involved with things political since I have been 16, including handing out pro-life ballots when I was 18, during the congressional elections that year. I am an electronics technician, and my screenname comes from a VERY rare television set I acquired,and had loooong sought after, made in 1969, and about 10 years ahead of its time, the Rca2000. In recent years, I have developed a little bit of a talent for writing and poetry. (I also collect old tv's and radios, hi-fi items, etc).At this moment in time, I am still single. My name Is Jack S. Image hosted by Photobucket.com I am the last one on the right, in the "branson" shirt, behind an RCA2000 Tv set, with 3 other guys from AK.