Since Oct 29, 1998

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I was born in Hollywood, Ca. 12th of August 1963. The oldest of 5 boys. Was raised in Southern California. Went to St. John Bosco H.S., I then went off to the Navy where I spent almost 16 years maintaining everything from flight simulators to crypto-equipment. I lived in Europe for just over 8 years. Four in Spain and four in Scotland, and saw quite a bit of Europe. I hurt my back during the Gulf War so I was kindly given the “boot”;-) I am a disabled Vet now and self-employed (only because no one would take me) I have a degree in Economics.

I am very Catholic and a Secular Franciscan, and have been blessed with many graces and miracles from God. I am the vice-minister of my fraternity in Watts (L.A.), St. Lawrence of Brindisi. I am also an extraordinary minister and my mission is to the sick and dying at convalescent homes, I also spend my Tuesday mornings feeding the poor at our Church pantry. I have been married to my lovely wife Monica for over 28 years. I have 2 boys and a lovely daughter. My sons are both in the Army, both have been to Iraq and back. My oldest lives and goes to school in San Diego. My other son and daughter are at Dominguez Hills College.

My four brothers include a private investigator, an electronics engineer/Navy officer (CDR), an endodontist, and a mechanical engineer.

My parents worked hard all their lives for us and were never a burden on anyone. My dad started working at age 9 when his father died suddenly . He worked for the Santa Fe RR in Texas, Max Factor in Hollywood, Ca. for many years. Retired from the Miller Brewing Company in Irwindale, Ca. and Johnson & Johnson. My parents struggled to put us through private schools. They are both retired now and living peacefully in Whittier, Ca. They enjoy their 10 grand-kids and their (well deserved) vacations 2-3 times a year.

I have been a Freeper for more than 13 years. I love this country and it saddens me when I see corruption, communists and other misfits destroying what brave men and women have built for so long, a wonderful nation.