Since Sep 14, 2000

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Born: July 29, 1952, Cookeville, TN. Career: Computer Scientist Job Title: Senior Systems Engineer Military: SGT. USAF SAC 1972-1976 Politics: Conservative...."Consitutional Republic" Religion: Christian..."Non-Denominational" Other Interests: Hunting, fishing, martial arts, Physical fitness, sculpture, music (vocalist...minor guitar..country/gospel/roll & rock). Wife: Born January 11, 1951, Phoenix, AZ. Career: Accountant Job Title: Accountant IV "State of Florida...DEP" Politics: Moderate/conservative Religion: Christian..."Catholic" Military: None Other Interests: Published Poet, Dancing, Physical fitness, Fishing, youth counseling. Children: (1) Daughter age (22), (3) Sons eldest (26), youngest (24). Grand Children: (1) Grandson age (1) Born May 31, 2001 to eldest Son and wife. I have a very good life and I have been blessed richly and I thank GOD for it everyday that I wake to see a new day and prepare to do my morning workout. I also thank my Parents for raising me to be the person that I am and I will always thank GOD for them and for the values that they taught me. I have a practise of sending Flowers to my Mother on my birthday to thank Her for my life and bringing me into this world and giving me a set of values worth having. If it were not for Her, I would not ever have experienced the life that I have to know all these years. I do not mean to leave my Father out of the picture here as he certainly was a fine Hero type figure and did take a great part in forming my person as I am this day. He was a very good and hard working man and a veteran of WWII. SGT. US Army, (BIG RED ONE) on his "IKE" Jacket so that should say enough about his character.*S* He was a fine Christian man and raised us that way and I thank GOD for letting him be my Father.