Since Oct 10, 2003

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34 years old. Trapped in the Godforsaken liberal wasteland that is New Jersey.

My parents were both born in Cuba, and my ancestry is pureblood Spaniard (both Basque and southern) as far back as my brother has been able to dig, which is at least 6 generations.

Party at my house the day Cuba is finally liberated! Everyone's invited! ;)

Day By Day Cartoons rock!

My positions: Pro-life. Pro-Iraq war. Anti-Communist till the day I die. Agnostic, but VERY anti-secularist, and very much siding with Christianity (particularly conservative Catholicism) and conservative Judaism in the culture war.

Ann Coulter's premise in "Treason" is absolutely correct, when viewed without the intentional distortion that liberals try to overlay it with. She's not attacking every last liberal who ever lived, she's attacking the POPULAR LIBERAL POSITIONS of the last few decades. Not every liberal has adhered to those popular positions, so no, not ALL people who self-describe as liberal are traitors. But if she tried to include the names of every liberal who defended Alger Hiss in the face of mountains of evidence, showed more concern over inconvenienced Islamist terrorists than 3,000 dead Americans, and shrieked with outrage when Reagan called the Soviet Union an "Evil Empire" (among a thousand other wholesale anti-American positions), Treason would've needed to be accompanied by a 600 page companion compendium listing name after name after name of well-known liberals. Someone who has toed the liberal party line for the last 50 years would either be a traitor, or such a collosally useful idiot that it honestly doesn't make a whole lot of difference as far as I'm concerned. Still think it's wrong or impolite to make a blanket accusation against liberals as traitors? Fine. When liberals stop making blanket accusations against conservatives as racist fundamentalist extremists with no interest other than money and greed and a desire to dominate the planet, let me know, and maybe then I'll give a damn if I hurt their feelings.