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Osama and Saddam Connection

***Libya Expected To Announce in September Report That Iraqi WMD DID Exist And Were Develped THERE**

20 Great Google Secrets

9/11 Widow Finds 'Beauty Beyond the Ashes'

Babylons Fallen Tyrant

Credit Where Credit Is Due: The Republicans Passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act

Diagnostic criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder (Fits Kerry PERFECTLY)

Double Standard Confusion...

Edward Feser: Why Are Universities Dominated by the Left?

Evidence Against Rather: FR Forgery Fact Sheet (draft final) For Review

Ex-POWs slam Kerry's war-protest activities [New UPI article]

Fahrenheit''s Embedded Cameraman Revealed

FOR THE RECORD: CBS Memos Controversy on Free Republic

Here is what I have found in FBI files re: VVAW and John Kerry


Iraq is about Sex

John Kerry has his own Watergate, it's called Lowellgate

John Kerry's leadership - FOUR bills passed in 19 years. (4 resolutions as well)

Kerry's Cast of Thousands

Kerry's wounds self-inflicted? More blockbuster charges leaked from new book by Vietnam comrades

Kerry: strange, stuck-up... and stupid By Mark Steyn

Microsoft Releases IE Security Update (URL spoofing finally patched)

Mohammed and Mohammedanism (An oldie but a goodie!)

My favorite quotes

PestPatrol Shares Spyware Lessons ( Company will offer database of known... free.)

Pilot's widow praises President's leadership (Flight 11 - WTC Plane)

Plot Thickens After Checking Records (Kerry Silver Star V Device Questioned by Chi. Sun-Times)

Question: Libya / Iraq Relationship?

Quick Report from John O'Neill-Swift Boat Veteran Press Conference

Ruckus at the Republican Convention

Saddam and Osama Bin Laden Worked Together for Over a Decade


Sick of Spam? Prepare for Adware

Summertime, and Living Is Not Easy for French Racked with Self-Doubt

Taliban 'Billy The Kid' Killed

The Foe

The Koran’s 111 Jihad Verses

What Kerry Said and What You Need to Know ("MUST READ")

What the war in Chechnya is all about

Withdrawal of support for the Shah of Iran: Carter's Nobel Legacy