Since Nov 3, 2004

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The greatest commandment is to love one another. I always want justice here and now, and have to draw closer to God to strenghten my faith when it seems that evil is prospering over goodness.

Strong supporter of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth - thank you for coming forward despite the personal attacks that were made against you.

Our military men and women are my heroes.

Trying to be a follower. Mother of four. Married 41 years so far. Grandmother of 5. ICU Nurse.
Proud of my country and its heritage.

I thought I was a tree hugging, liberal-leaning Independent until Bill Clinton showed me I was really quite conservative.

My gratitude to my dad and his great generation. They served honorably, some giving all, for our freedom.

Thank you Jim Robinson. I now have met some of the finest FReeper friends.